Sorry for the delay! Motivation was scarce. But any who, I know I said I do all the word prompts I got, and I will, but I'll start my comeback with a chapter all my own :)

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The reunion was surprisingly great. At least, the two camps didn't completely destroy one another. Still, it went better than expected. Though everyone agreed that the highlight of the day was when Annabeth, stepping tearfully and hopefully off the ship, was attacked with a ferocious hug from her long lost boyfriend, Percy.

The ride to Camp Jupiter was one of the most hectic, frightful and adrenaline rushed events of Camp Half-blood history—after the Titan War of course.

"W-what if Percy doesn't—"

"He will."

"What if he thinks we're—"

"He won't."

"What if he—"

Piper promptly cupped her hand over Annabeth's mouth. Annabeth's anxious chatter was driving Leo insane, and as much as she dreaded going to the Roman camp, dying was not on her to-do list.

And so, Annabeth sat, her head hung low, her eyes wet with hot tears that threatened to spill, and her mind heavy with all the "what ifs" attacking her thoughts.

... ... ...

Hazel was doing the best she could, patting his arm, telling him jokes, but nothing seemed to avert his thoughts from the ship that had just reached the shores of Camp Jupiter.

"She's on that ship, Annabeth's—"

"I know Percy."

"Shouldn't we go see everyone—"

"Just wait for Reyna's signal."


"Percy." Hazel interrupted, just as the ships hatch opened with an audible creak.

And then he saw her. She looked fierce, her hand resting on her dagger hilt just in case. His heart pounded, and for the first time, he felt as though he might cry, seeing her now.

... ... ...

Stepping off the ship, the Greeks were met with an eerie silence. Romans had gathered around them, watching them with warning eyes. Annabeth had wiped any fear she might have felt off her expression, flashing the romans the fiercest face she could.

It wasn't like those cheesy scenes. Where the couple runs in slow motion towards one another, arms outstretched. Percy flew into her, and she only had time to make a whimper of surprise before they had tumbled to the ground, knocking down statuettes and pottery.

"Percy?" Annabeth gasped, as tears fell down her cheeks. "Hi." He whispered, smiling. She kissed him, with all the desperation, and affection she'd been feeling in his absence. Camp Half-blood cheered, and even the Romans had to crack smiles.

Percy clutched her while she cried, and she just held him tighter, unsure if she was delusional.

Soon after, the crowds all left, and Percy and Jason had greeted all their friends. The pavilion was empty, and Percy and Annabeth sat there together, in the cool California evening.

Annabeth punched him in the arm. Hard. "Hey! What'd you do that for?" Percy asked, disgruntled.

"Don't ever leave me again, Seaweed Brain," She said, her voice clipped. He grinned, and laced his fingers with hers. "Never."

Well, as you can tell this will probably be AU. It's just my little version of Percy and Annabeth's reunion :) I definitely could've done better, but I couldn't think of a little punch-line or like, catchphrase like I usually do, so it feels lacking. But anyway, until next chapter!