This was written randomly in class, it just popped into my head.

I'm sure many of you have read many stories like this but this is just another Naruto is attack and beaten and raped.

It's only a one shot, and it's not really descriptive or anything, just a little scene...


I'm a Good Boy

Cerulean eyes widened in fear as the men stumbled closer, the smell of alcohol thick in the air, shadows shielding their faces from the view of the boy.

The faces smirked, eyes hidden but watching, always watching.

The boy backed into the wall, swiveling his head but seeing no escape, only watched as the men approached closer, stumbling and laughing, taunting the boy, always coming closer.

The boy slid to the floor, anticipating the pain, his small form curling in as he felt feet collide with into his gut.

This action constantly repeated, hands sometimes replacing the feet, picking him up only to have him thrown him back down.

He let a soft cry escape his lips, which only resulting in the men increasing their actions, each time a little harder than the last.

The men laughed, seeing the blonde boy scrunching his eyes as pain shot through him with every oncoming attack.

They sneered at the child, pulling at his hair, stripping him of his clothes, ripping them to rags as they littered them around the battered and bruised child.

Always whispering, always the same words;

'You monster, how dare you think you should live you piece of filth, murdering demon.'

He didn't understand. He never did, but he took the beatings nevertheless, just waiting till it ended.

He didn't understand how everyone hated him, how nobody would give him food or how people avoided him on the streets, parents forbidding their children from playing with him, he didn't know nor did he understand.

He cried silently as the men continued their beating, telling the child he should go and die, not caring that the boy was beaten and broken.

He didn't scream when they stepped on his wrists, easily snapping the bone beneath their shoes.

He didn't cry as they broke his fingers beneath the heel of their shoes.

He didn't yell for help either as they slowly all had him for their own, as they began to ram into him repeatedly, none noticing the tears which rolled down from those crystal blue eyes.

As they were satisfied, they all stumbled away, leaving the child bleeding and naked in the alley, crying as the throbbing his body never ceased to decrease, pain overloading his senses.

He curled in on himself, his body aching and protesting as he did, but he didn't notice nor care, this happened all the time now.

Nobody cared for him, and he knew that.

That's why he just let them do that to him, for they weren't seeing the child, no, they were seeing the monster which had tried to destroy their beloved home.

Not that he knew of course, he had no idea.

But the child lying on the floor shivering and bruised only repeatedly whispered to himself in a self insurance.

'I'm not a bad boy, Naruto is a good boy, Naruto is nearly four, I'm a big boy. I'm not a monster; I'm a good boy…'

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