Title: Rooftop Shenanigans

Prompt: Sleep

Author: Rokutagrl

Pairing/Characters: AbeMiha.

Notes: School starts in three hours, but since I can't sleep in my spiffy new dorm I decided to get some Oofuri pictures. Inspriation hit, and this—whatever it is—was born in five minutes. I was only writing down the idea…. Apologies if it makes no sense, like most of me!


Abe wanted to sleep.

The fact being: he hadn't been able to.

He thought snoozing through lunch was best the plan available at the time. He didn't feel like snoring in the classroom, where Mizutani could see him drooling and dreaming. The kid was bad enough when it came to passing away class time. As his some-what captain and role-model Abe felt un-obliged to show him that weakness in such plain sight.

So he opted the roof, where very little students ever wandered. The upperclassmen had told stories about escapades that went on up there during free hours—and even during classes. The catcher hadn't believed them.

Not until now. The sounds of excitement echoed off the cream colored building and into the sleep deprived teen. Sleep, he wished, but it would not come.

Other people were, loudly.

"A-Abe-kun!" Mihashi whispered at his side. The raven-haired boy wouldn't look at him. He wondered if Mihashi were turned on, aroused, by their surrounding. By female voices that could have belonged to porn stars and didn't care that impressionable freshman were not more than thirty feet and two stonewalls apart. They annoyed Abe, which had only perplexed him years ago. He accepted they would never turn him on…

"S-sleeping?" The stuttering blond continued, and Abe could feel his fingers tickle against his cheeks tentatively. He rolled his head in the opposite direction in order to hide the shivers the clumsy contact had aroused in him.

Aroused, like the girls could not do for him.

"G-guess s-s-sooo," Mihashi seemed to moan when his companion didn't listen to his questioning (as far as he was aware).

Why Abe was pretending to be asleep instead of saving his pitcher, the boy could not understand. Perhaps he didn't want to face the perverts in his vicinity. Perhaps he liked knowing Mihashi wouldn't leave him, even though the dark haired boy was slumped and sprawled out against the wall without having eaten his lunch.

Or that Mihashi listened and accented when he wondered if the other wanted to eat on the roof with him. As friends.

Though most people who hit the roof during breaks weren't friends, and whether Mihashi understood this or not (even as an audience to the procedure), remained a mystery.

"Abe-kun?" The shaky teen tried again with another soft touch to his shoulder. This time Abe didn't even bother to move, his breath solid in his lungs. After a short time, and a lack of moving from either boy, he allowed the air to move through his lungs and into the atmosphere.

Only to hold it in again.

"G-good!" Mihashi whispered, and the faint fingers slid from their friendly position on Abe's right, down his arm like a courteous spider, and finally finding homes in the space between his.

Abe didn't care if he Mihashi knew he were awake or not. He squeezed the digits and welcomed them.

Someday, he thought, they might be able to use the roof for more than naps and handholding.