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I'll Call You Leroy

By Gunnery Sergeant

An AU based on "Hiatus Part 1"

A/N: This is an unusual story by my standards, but I wrote it back in early 2007, before I fell sick with depression, and I think it might have influenced my writing. I have avoided it for a long time after recovering from depression, but now I've decided to post it. The quality of the writing might not be up par to my most recent works but I hope you'll enjoy it all the same.

WARNING: There are part of this story that could be considered non-consensual or, at least, not completely consensual. However, there are no violence or coercion involved...I really don't know how to classify the situation, but I thought it was best to put a warning, just in case.

Thanks to Finlaure for the beta reading! J


Anthony DiNozzo Jr. was aware he had made many a stupid choice in his life.

There had been times when he had let his curiosity win over his common sense, and ended up opening an anonymous letter that contained the plague virus.

There had been times he had let his libido dictate his actions and had ended up tonguing a transsexual killer like Commander Voss.

There had been times he had followed his feelings and did what his heart had told him was right, no matter the consequences…just like now.

Tony wondered what the consequences for him would be when the doctors in Bethesda and Jennifer Shepard discovered what he had done.

Getting attached to a murderer like Jeffrey White and feeling regret and pain at having to kill him was one thing, kidnapping your mentally impaired boss from a military hospital was a completely different matter!

Yet, as Tony looked at the silent man sitting in the passenger seat, it was the only thing he could have done.

It all had begun when Gibbs had boarded the Bakir Kamir, a Turkish ship, to have a secret meeting with an undercover NCIS agent, Abog Galib, who had infiltrated an Abu Sayyaf terrorist cell.

The plan had called for Gibbs to 'arrest' Galib on some technicality connected to his passport and take him to the HQ in order to 'question' him. It should have been an easy task that didn't require back up, thus Tony, Ziva and McGee hadn't boarded the ship but waited in the car, making jokes and talking about movies until…until an explosion had broken the stillness of the harbour.

Tony still remembered the terror that had gripped him as he ran toward the location of the explosion, praying Gibbs hadn't been involved in it. He still remembered how his heart had almost skipped a beat when he had seen his boss' bloody and still form lying among the blackened debris. He still remembered the relief washing over him when he had checked Gibbs' pulse and he had realized the older man was still alive.

Tony had thanked God when the doctors had said Gibbs hadn't suffered any lasting damages and that he should soon regain his senses.

However things hadn't gone as predicted. First Gibbs had taken days to wake up from his coma and when he had finally done it, he had been just a shadow of the man he used to be.

The doctors had called it a catatonic condition. Gibbs was awake, but almost completely unresponsive to outer stimuli. He stared blankly ahead, didn't answer to questions, didn't react to touches, and didn't recognize the people closer to him.

On Director Shepard's insistence Gibbs had been moved from the Portsmouth hospital where he had been first taken to Bethesda, in the hope the doctors there would be able to help him, but it had been useless.

Forty days after waking up, Gibbs was still prisoner inside his mind and the experts were no longer confident he would ever recover. The doctors said Gibbs' problems weren't physical – there was nothing wrong with his brain—but emotional. He had retreated inside himself for some reason nobody knew, and the longer he stayed like that, the lesser the chances he would snap out of it were.

As time passed, even Ducky and Abby, who had been the most optimistic among Gibbs' friends, began losing hope to ever see his eyes once again shine with his trademark sarcasm.

As for Tony, the sight of his iron-willed boss reduced to a shell of his former self was as painful as someone twisting a knife in an open wound, again and again. But not so painful to prevent Tony from visiting Gibbs every day…and from doing what he had just done.

Three days before, Tony had overheard the Bethesda's chief neurologist inform Ducky that Gibbs would soon be moved to another structure, a clinic for mentally ill people. There was nothing more the doctors in Bethesda could do for him and Gibbs required the assistance only a specialized clinic could give.

Tony had frozen in shock upon hearing the news. Aside the fact the place in question was so far away from Washington that it would be impossible for him to visit Gibbs more than once a month, he still remembered the time he had been in a psychiatric clinic to visit his mother after she had tried to kill herself during a bout of depression.

He had been only ten back then, but he still remembered the anguish that permeated that place. He remembered the impersonal, almost unfeeling way some of the nurses treated the patients, and the numbness he has seen in the eyes of people kept drugged all the time.

It still he made him shiver, even after so many years and he just knew he couldn't let Gibbs to be interned in such a place.

He had gone to talk with Director Shepard, hoping to find support, but she had dismissed him, telling him his concerns were exaggerated.

So Tony had made the decision to take the situation into his hands. He had withdraw all of his savings from his bank account, packed some clothes for himself and Gibbs, waited for the weekend when Bethesda was crowded with visitors, and quietly taken away his boss from the hospital and the fate awaiting him the following Monday.

Now Tony was driving to Connecticut, to a cottage in the countryside his maternal grandmother had left him years before. It was a quite isolated place, but it had everything he and Gibbs would need.

Tony knew he and his boss would be fine there. The money he had was much more than anyone at NCIS thought and he would use every cent to make sure Gibbs got every chance to recover.

Anthony DiNozzo Jr. was aware he had made many a stupid thing in his life and that many a people would classify what he had just done among them, but no matter how much it would cost him when he was caught – and he knew sooner or later he would be – he knew he had done the right thing.

For his boss and himself.

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