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Only a grunt escaped him when his body slammed into the dumpster before landing with a hard thud on the cold wet concrete of a dark alley. For a long moment he didn't move, couldn't. His breathing was raspy and just thinking about moving was painful. Precious blood poured freely from deep, life-threatening wounds and panic began to fill him. He had lost too much, his wounds were fatal…he was going to die.

Not like this.

He had only himself to blame for this. He had been told to wait for backup but he had gone ahead, thinking that the intruders were just common thugs of the Akatsuki clan. He had not expected Uchiha Madara, traitor and leader of said group, to be the one invading Uchiha territory with his top five warriors. He was dying but it had not been in vain; it would be a very long time before Madara contemplated invading their lands again – there were few individuals who could harm or even defeat one of the strongest vampires to ever exist. Three of Madara's men were dead, one would probably die if the hole he had ripped in the other's throat didn't get mended and Madara himself had ended up fleeing the scene once it had been obvious that his enemy wasn't going to go down without taking some folks with him.

I…I can't die like this.

Dying in an alley in the middle of downtown was not how he had envisioned his eventual death…especially when his safe house was only a few blocks away. How ironic, he was a stone's throw away from survival and he couldn't move. It wasn't even laughable.

'Thump thump'

He stiffens, head rising, normally dark grey eyes bright crimson at the sound of a heartbeat. His head tilts slightly, his predatory senses sharp due to his serious wounds and lack of precious life fluids. There was the faint scent of lilies and lilacs in the distance, he could hear faint footsteps. It was so late, probably close to midnight. More than likely it was a bum or some other individual doing things out here they probably shouldn't.

His clan did not take from the source, never had. For the Uchiha, taking from the source was a serious crime, punishable by death if severe enough. It was a law that Itachi had enforced strictly when he had ruled the clan and he had always believed very strongly in it, holding little sympathy for those who would slip up.

'Thump thump'

His incisors lengthened to sharp points and hunger beat heavily at him. He didn't want to die and he needed blood. Immediately. Somehow he was able to drag his body into a sit up position. His mind became hazy as hunger and fatigue hit him harder than anything he had ever felt before. The scent of flowers was getting stronger, the heart beat louder.

"Thump thump. Thump thump.'

"Help me." He was surprised he could even use his Voice, he felt so tired and drained. His rich voice carried through the alley and he heard the heartbeat jump a bit in its pace. A fang pricked his tongue and the taste of blood made him almost mad with hunger. Screw laws, screw rules, he needed blood and he needed it now. Such a strong heartbeat, such a pleasant scent…

He heard a gasp and almost smiled, realizing it was a woman. All logical thought had left him, he was little more than the beasts of legend at this point; those vampires that acted on basic instinct and little else, savages on a good day. He licked cracked lips and tried to ignore the roaring in his ears. His vision was hazy, almost red. Standing at the end of the alley was a young woman in her early twenties holding a small bag of groceries. With his senses on high alert he could almost see the vein in her neck just begging to be sucked dry. He welcomed the dark and twisted sensation filling him as he took in the young beauty.

Her hair was long and dark, perhaps even black. Her skin was pale and she was wearing some sort of waitress uniform. That explained why she was out so late. Her figure was slim and yet she had beautiful curves where they mattered. Her eyes seemed almost otherworldly, a pale lavender that seemed to almost glow like his crimson in the night.

Right now, the most beautiful thing about her to him was her neck.

He put more persuasion into his Voice "Help me…" it was soft and with him desperate, terrified of dying, it was more powerful than it should have been given the circumstances "Please…"

Without a second thought she put the bag off to the side against the wall, rushing over to him. He could only imagine how he looked; Madara's cronies had been vicious, his body was a mangled mess and he was still bleeding profusely from wide open wounds. Her hand flew to her mouth for only a moment before she began to rummage through her purse "Oh, o-oh my gosh I…I have a cell phone, I'll call for help…"

The moment she was within reach his hand snapped out, slapping the phone away. She cried out in alarm but then that same hand closed over her mouth hard and with strength and speed he hadn't known he still possessed, he yanked her down to him and fangs sank almost ruthlessly into tender flesh. Delicious blood flowed freely from the vicious bite and down his throat. He gulped greedily, ignoring her whimpers and her shivering. He could immediately feel his wounds beginning to heal now that his body was taking in fresh blood.

It's not enough.

Another whimper came from her just before she went limp. His strength returning, he moved into a kneeling position, wrapping his arms around her curvy body as he continued to drink from her. Blood did have a taste, depending on certain factors depended on how well it tasted to a vampire. In this case, her blood was perhaps the best thing he had ever tasted, but that could also be because he had been dying and anything could taste amazing when you were dying to have it…literally. A small noise came from his throat and he realized that it still wasn't enough. He was going to need more, much more, and…

Stop! Stop, she's going to die!

A hard gasp, similar to someone coming up from underwater, filled the air as he tore his mouth from her throat, his hand moving to his mouth as he licked his lips, breathing ragged. He was still seriously wounded but he'd be able to make it back to his apartment now. As he forced his breathing to calm and the fresh blood began to flow freely through him, sustaining his life, he looked down at the woman in his arms and started. Were he not already pale he would have blanched. A myriad of emotions filled him, the biggest one being complete and utter shame.

He…he had…

With a shaky hand, fingers brushed along her cold skin, trailing from her cheek to her bloodied neck where he had savagely bitten her in his bloodlust. Oh gods, he had…he killed this girl…


Immediately he bent his head, placing his ear against her chest. No, she wasn't dead. Her heart was beating, but faintly. If he didn't do something, she would die. He couldn't take her to a hospital; for one she wouldn't make it. She needed blood now, he had taken way too much. Even if it were possible to do a transfusion, it probably wouldn't matter. She was going to die…he had killed a human and a girl no less.

I'm a monster. He would never be able to forgive himself for this. He had killed vampires for such crimes, had thought them foolish and weak for being unable to control their inner beast. He, who had always been able to control his urges no matter what, he who had been the biggest enforcer of this particular law had broken it just like that. He was worse than a monster, much worse. She was so young and he had robbed her of her life.

He couldn't even apologize, what good would that do, saying 'I'm sorry?' Her breathing was becoming shallower and he realized he needed to make a decision. There was only one way to save her, but it meant breaking another law. A big one.

I must do it. There was no choice, he couldn't let her just die in his arms, it wasn't even an option. With a sigh he spoke to her again "Hinata," with her blood he was able to draw upon certain information, such as her name "Hinata, I need you to sit up for me."

Her eyes snapped open but her eyes were devoid of life. He resisted the urge to pull her close and offer her apologies that really wouldn't mean anything in light of the situation. With a grimace, he took his thumb and sliced his wrist, tilting her head back so that it dripped unhindered into her mouth "You must drink."

Slowly, her arms raised, hands gripping his forearms as she pulled his wrist to her mouth. She wasn't even conscious at the moment, he was using manipulation to force her body to move. When she had taken enough for a proper transformation he licked away the remaining blood, the wound already healing. He felt light headed and dizzy; he needed more blood and soon. He pulled her into his arms and with some effort he leaped into the air, landing on top of one of the roofs. Itachi staggered a bit and a curse left him.

There was only a fifty fifty chance that she would survive due to the amount of blood he had taken from her. He had never turned a human before, his clan did not believe in such practices, but he knew that much. If she didn't have a strong will to survive…

Forgive me, if you live through this…my life will be yours.

A life for a life. If she survived, her life would never be the same again.


The moment he had finished tying her down to the bed white eyes had snapped open, flashing crimson. Immediately he casted a silence spell in the apartment right as she let out a blood curdling scream.

Even though he had lived for centuries, he had never honestly seen a transformation and he had to admit that he never wanted to see it again. The human began to thrash around so much that he feared the bindings would only hurt her. He found himself eventually having to straddle her, keeping her arms firmly pinned to the bed. Her expressions looked so unnatural; the memories he had of her from taking her blood all consisted of a soft smile and gentle gazes. In fact if he thought about it, she actually looked rather pretty under normal circumstances.

Previous guilt returned with a vengeance as he watched her incisors shift and lengthen to small points. Her eyes kept flashing from white to red, the latter color tended to happen when a vampire was under emotional stress of any sort. Bones were hardening, muscles were strengthening, her insides were changing to suit her new life.

The screams and thrashing continued for almost an hour. Each breath she took to scream again stabbed at his heart, every tear she shed tore at his insides.

I did this to her. Was all he could think the entire time. He would never forgive himself for hurting her; for ruining her life.

The thrashing and screams abruptly stopped, her body going limp. When he noticed her chest wasn't moving he bent his head, placing his ear against her chest. Her heart wasn't beating.

She didn't make it.


Quickly, Itachi sliced through the cloth bindings and shifted his body so that he could pull her into his arms. She was limp and unmoving and he felt panic rising. She had to live, she had to. Lips slid over the transforming human as he transferred some of his energy to her. Then he put every ounce of power he could into his Voice and whispered against her lips.

"Hyuuga Hinata, you will breathe." It was not an option, she would not die by his hands...not this beautiful and innocent woman.

Pale eyes snapped open and she took in a hard gulp of air before going into a coughing fit. He held her close, inwardly breathing in a sigh of relief at the fact that he had saved her...even if her life was now ruined. She clung onto him helplessly, her body shaking, breathing uneven. He could hear her heart, however; solid and strong. Eventually the shaking stopped as her body finally settled and she drifted to sleep.

He had a lot of explaining to do when she awakened. He also had a lot of plans to make.


"Aniki, tell me you are joking." Sasuke's voice came in smooth but definitely held an upset tone to it "Or at the very least, tell me I'm hearing things; because the words you just spoke shouldn't even exist in the order you put them in." when there was silence Itachi's younger brother sighed over the phone line in frustration "This is the same thing you enforced with an iron fist –"

"I know, otouto." His sharp gaze shifted over to the young woman who was now lying down, back facing him, after their lengthy discussion. It was bad enough Hinata would not allow him to pursue the honorable path concerning her; now he had to deal with this. "I am prepared to face the consequences and I forbid you to make an exception for me because I am your brother. That was not how I raised you to run the clan."

Silence reigned for a long moment before the Uchiha clan head sighed "You don't run the clan anymore; I'll decide how to do this."

Itachi scowled "Sasuke –"

"I said, no." the other male snapped "You don't get it, do you? If you were anyone else I would order your death, you understand that? There would be no servitude to that girl, there wouldn't be her requesting your head because it'd already be gone. What you did..." he sighed, and the older brother could tell Sasuke was running a frustrated hand through his hair just by the shifting noises. More than likely, his eyes were probably crimson out of frustration.

He had told Hinata everything as he was currently doing with his brother, and the two of them weren't exactly seeing eye to eye. Itachi had expected her to reject his story about his race and about her new abilities. He had expected her to start screaming and try to escape. He had expected her to accuse him of ruining her life. She did none of those things; in fact she had seemed rather calm and understanding of that aspect of the story – something that had bothered him but he had decided to pursue it later. Not even the thought of taking blood had bothered her too much and she had refused mind control to make the transition easier. She had done well enough drinking blood from the thermos in the refrigerator and even politely declined taking directly from him although he had offered. No, the thing she was being disagreeable on was mind boggling to him.

He had offered her his death or eternal servitude for what he had done. A just and honorable solution.

She flat out rejected it. When he had insisted she eventually became so distraught she stopped speaking to him.

And now there was this.

He had known that the situation could have resulted in his death by the clan and would have been prepared for it as long as he could secure Hinata's future as a vampire. He had planned on having her be placed within the clan and asking Sasuke himself to look after her. While relieved that he would not be killed, he would not accept being completely let off the hook either. Not for this crime.

After a long moment of silence Sasuke spoke again "Alright, here's how we're going to do this. You said that the girl refused your efforts to atone for your actions?"

"Yes. She said she refused to have me submit to her as a slave or ask for my death. It unpleasant argument."

"Then you will be her protector, since you're so adamant about this." Sasuke wouldn't argue with his brother concerning anything involving the other man's honor, as brothers they had an understanding when it came to that "Watch over her and protect her. You might as well, since you turned her anyway." A pause "You said she didn't freak out when you told her about the clan and our race?"

"That is correct." He smiled slightly at the confused tone in Sasuke's voice "I was also confused; she seemed to accept everything so readily, claiming that based on everything that had happened and by my mannerisms that she didn't think I was lying to her. She is a strange human."

"Hn. You said the last name was Hyuuga?" he sounded thoughtful which piqued his curiosity.


"Nothing." He sighed "It's just...never mind. Listen, no human just accepts the truth unless they know something themselves. Either that or they're eccentric fanatics that believe we sparkle in the sunlight or some other dumb shit like that."

The older brother chuckled at Sasuke's disgusted tone and decided to ask later about the guarded note concerning the girl's name "I would think you would enjoy sparkling, Sasuke," he teased "you do enjoy being out in the lime light so to speak."

"Whatever." Itachi could practically hear his brother rolling his eyes before his tone turned serious "Bring her back to the estate. I'll personally look after her."

He didn't have to elaborate and inwardly Itachi was grateful. He would be punished, that was a given, but at least Sasuke would watch over her until he recovered. "Thank you, otouto."

"I'm only doing this because it's you, aniki." He reminded almost bitterly "I really hope this girl isn't a complete idiot or fangirl because if she is you and I are going to have a long talk about your tastes in victims." Itachi almost shook his head; that boy was incorrigible and his sense of humor borderline morbid.

Dark eyes glanced over, noticing that Hinata was sitting up and looking at him, her expression carefully blank. Well. "I do not believe she is that sort of person." He resisted the urge to sigh "I will return as soon as I am able." When he snapped the cell phone closed he began to move closer, stopping a respectful distance away.

"You heard the conversation."

White eyes blinked and then focused back on her lap, nodding "I...if you want to know the truth..." she sighed "I'm –"

"Do not force yourself to reveal things to me." He said, taking note of her discomfort. Kneeling, he made sure he had her attention before speaking again "I have a feeling there is a reason you have been so accepting of this, and I will not press it. However, there is the issue of resolving my debt to you. You will not allow me to become your servant or offer my life – would you accept me becoming your protector? This is a matter of honor, Hyuuga-san, I must repay my debt to you for almost taking your life. Although I admittedly have no real experience with humans I will teach you what you need to know concerning being a vampire of the Uchiha clan. You will want for nothing and while you will be unable to see your family again –" he paused as a sudden wave of sadness with a tint of bitterness washed over him. Those were not his feelings.

"I um...I don't really have a family." she whispered and her gaze dropped from his again. It seemed as if she wanted to say more but refrained "What are they going to do to you?"

She had heard even that much? "It is not your concern." Her eyes snapped to his but he refused to be swayed. "My brother is more in tune with the modern world than I and he is a man of his word. You will not be harmed and I will return to you when I am able. Before that, I must have your answer. I will understand if you feel apprehensive; I do not need to be within eyesight to protect you."

Dark hair shook and Hinata bit her lip "What you did, I don't um, I don't hate you for it. If you really meant to harm me you wouldn't be doing all of this so..." she trailed off for a moment before sighing "I don't want to call you my protector –" she looked at him "perhaps sensei? Since you'll be teaching me."

"Very well." She could call it whatever other title she wanted, as long as she agreed. Standing, he offered his hand to her "We will depart now for the estate. We can stop by your residence to retrieve anything you will absolutely need."

It took a lot to ignore the jolt that moved through him when her slender hand slid into his larger one. He felt a strong urge to pull her into his arms and realized that ever since he had regained his senses he had been having a rather strange reaction to this woman. He was sure it was not a good thing.

She blushed and he briefly wondered if she felt the same way he did. All he could currently sense from her was apprehension and confusion "W-what about my job, lease, and moving?"

"That will be taken care of." He assured her "We are an old and powerful clan. You will realize this as time progresses." Realizing he was still holding her hand he let it go, feeling slightly out of sorts. What was wrong with him? He could not entertain such feelings – he didn't have the right.

Whatever attraction or whatever this feeling was had to be discarded; the last thing she needed was unwelcome attention from a monster. The same monster who had almost shamelessly taken her life.