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Chapter 1: Intro

Auggie sat at his desk, his fingers laced between each other, cradling his head while he stared blankly at the computer screen. "It's been a year since she has joined. I know she will be fine but still..." He sighs out loud. "She has gotten through everything that has been thrown at her no matter what the price was. I'm grateful that she was able to get through the entire situation with Ben Mercer. Sadly, it feels like she is always going to have that sadness to her voice seeing as Jai killed him two months ago."

Auggie closes his eyes, trying to draw a mental picture of Annie in his mind. Tears come out of his eyes and slid down his cheeks. "Annie, just please come home safe. I vow that I will tell you the complete truth when you're back. My heart can't take much more."


Auggie opens his eyes and turns towards the door, wiping away the tears fast. "Joan. Have you heard from her?"

"I'm sorry, Auggie. All I know is that she is on her way home in some type of transportation. She never told me how she was getting home or when she would be home."

"I'll stay here to wait for her to come back if that is fine with you."

"Of course. Tell her that I will want to see her tomorrow in the afternoon. She may come in a few hours late. I know she will be tired."

"Thanks Joan."

Auggie hears Joan walking out of the room. "Wish I could come in late as well."

"You may come in late as well, Auggie, seeing as you're going to be staying to wait for her to arrive back safely." Joan calls back to him as though she read his mind.

Auggie smiles to himself for a short time then goes back to facing his computer. Next thing he knows, he is being shaken. He finds that he fell asleep, with his head resting on the back of his chair. He smells Jo Molane Grapefruit and his face lights up.

"Annie. You're home."

"You waited for me again. I told you before you didn't have to do that."

"And I told you that I would every time you go on a mission."

Auggie moves his chair to face her.

"You ready to go home?"

"Actually, I was wondering if I could come to your place for tonight. I don't want Danielle thinking weird things since it is 4 AM on a Saturday."

Auggie begins to smile, knowing this is finally his chance.

"Of course. Just as long as you drive." he says, starting to chuckle a bit. Annie laughs as well.

"Well I can't let you drive. I don't want to be hurt when I'm not actually on a mission."

Auggie puts on a fake hurt face. "Now what makes you think that I'll hurt you?" Both of them begin to laugh. Annie grabs Auggie's hand, helping him stand.

"Come on, driver. I'm all sweaty and dirty from riding that motorcycle back here. I need a shower ASAP."

Auggie walks along side Annie, still smiling to himself. "So now she is a motorcycle chick. No wonder why I fell for her the first day. Now what is she going to say when she finds out?"

Once at Auggie's apartment, Annie goes off to take a shower. "I'll bring you some of my clothes for you to wear. They will be outside the door"

A muffled reply of thanks comes from the other side of the closed bathroom door. Auggie goes off to his closet, going to the end that he knew that had plain shirts and sweatpants that he wore around the house on his days off. He gets what he is looking for and walks back over to the bathroom door, setting them on the floor. He knocks on the door. "Annie, they are here for you." he yells, hoping she can hear him over the shower.

He walks over to his couch, sitting down and turns on the news. Liza Hearn comes on, not to give the news, but in handcuffs. "Her trial will begin in two months. She is being tried on three accounts of treason. If she is found guilty of treason, she faces life in jail." says the woman reporter on the station.

"She will be found guilty for sure. I'm grateful that that issue was resolved four months ago." He mutters out loud, his eyes shutting.


Auggie once again opens his eyes, lying on the couch.

"Oh I'm sorry Annie. I fell asleep while watching the news."

"I noticed. I turned it off. You are really tired. I'll take the couch."

"Actually, I need to talk to you before we go to bed." Auggie says, sitting up. "Will you sit next to me?" He pats the space to his right on the couch. Auggie feels her shuffle and her weight pressing in on the cushion.

"What is it Auggie?"

Auggie turns to face her, hoping his eyes were looking at her face.

"It's been a year since you joined the CIA. Throughout that entire time, we have been there for each other. Our friendship is stronger than ever and I feel as though there might be something more going on. At least with me that is."


"Annie, I have fallen in love with you. I vowed to myself earlier today that I would tell you this once you were home safe and sound. It feels as though my heart is on this huge rollercoaster, wondering if I will ever be able to tell you. I don't know if you're going to get wounded on a mission or what would happen. I couldn't sit back and ignore my feelings anymore."

"Auggie, I'm glad that you think of me this way but I can't accept your feelings. I still care too much for Ben. I'm sorry."

"It's ok." Auggie says, sadness showing through his voice. He gets up and heads to his room. "Joan said we can come in late today so we should be up in about five hours in order to be there by noon. I'll see you in the morning." Auggie disappears from Annie's view. She lies down on the couch and starts to cry. "Auggie. I love you too but I can't face the pain that comes with relationships right now." she thinks.

Auggie hears her crying from his bedroom. He gets under his covers and falls asleep, crying as well knowing she needs to be healed.