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Chapter 1: It isn't easy!

Kahoko Hino wandered aimlessly around the house. Her brother returned the other day but hadn't bothered hanging around due to some "playing with the guys" thing. Shaking her head with disbelief at him, she let him leave.

Sighing with boredom, Kahoko slumped herself in the couch on front of the T.V and flicked the channels before settling herself on a music video of Amie Namuro.

Watching as the famous pop star sing and dance in her video, Kahoko thought numbly whether Len and the others where practicing their instruments. She hadn't practiced her violin lately and she felt her hands itch with wanting to touch it. Her mind went visually blank as she remembered the happy times she shared with her friends during the concourse.

It was a while before the ringing of the phone finally registered in her brain. Looking in surprise beside her, she picked up the phone and heard the familiar deep voice of Ryoutaro Tsuchiura.

"Hey there, Hino - chan!" Ryoutaro grinned on the other line.

"Good evening, Tsuchiura - kun!" he heard Kahoko's surprised voice.

"Are you doing anything at the moment?" Ryoutaro fiddled with the phone's cord, his other hand flicking a pair of tickets.

"Not really..." he heard a sudden silence, she must've turned off the t.v, he thought to himself.

"Is that so? I was wondering whether you would want to come with me to the museum later at around 3? I've got entrance tickets here and I don't know who to invite..." scratching his nose uncomfortably, he wondered whether Kahoko would think of this as a date. Because it is for ME!

But his thoughts seemed not to be shared by Kahoko as she happily exclaimed a, "I would love to, Tsuchiura - kun!"

"Okay then, let's meet at around 1 later so we can eat before we head off, 'kay? I'll see you at the park. Bye then!" he couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear as he heard Kahoko said goodbye to him too.

Oh this is going to be sweet! And Ryoutaro strode towards his wardrobe to pick what to wear for his date with Kahoko.

Pulling his lime-green hair in dismay, Kazuki let out a sigh as he faced the door of his wardrobe.

Azuma Yunoki had invited him yesterday to the museum at around 3 p.m today. He also invited Len Tsukimori.

What's up with that? Was all Kazuki thought as Azuma handed him his ticket and did the same to Len yesterday before they parted ways after class.

"Just be there at the time I asked you, okay?" Azuma waved goodbye as he strode off towards the black car waiting for him.

Turning to look at Len, all Kazuki got was a frown and a shake of a head as he too headed home.

"Since when did Yunoki - sama got interested in going to the museum with me?" Kazuki asked absent-mindedly to himself as he walked home yesterday.

Still staring at his wardrobe, Kazuki let out another disgruntled sigh of dismay.

I don't know what to wear!

Looking outside expectantly, Len heaved a sigh of distress as he ran a hand through his cerulean locks.

Just what you need to do. Go to a museum to see that weed headed soccer freak prance around with Kahoko.

Len wanted to place his hands gingerly around the pianist's neck ever since Azuma cornered him before classes started during lunch. He was about to decline such an ambitious offer when Azuma casually said the two names he so despise.


"Oh, I guess if you don't want to come, I can't blame you..." Azuma trailed on seductively, giving Len one of his tempting and insulting gazes.

It irked Len endlessly as to how it seemed like this particular senpai of his knows something HE doesn't!

"What do you want?" Len tried to keep his cool, and it seems like Azuma had guessed him right.

"Nothing, nothing..." Azuma brushed a strand of his elegant lavender hair from his face before giving out a dramatic sigh.

"I guess Hihara and I would be the only one's coming to the museum.. Such a pity... It would've been nice to see how a certain scarlet haired violinist's date would turn out.." Azuma gave Len a knowing look before plunging on.

"I guess Tsuchiura is much quicker to ask her out than I thought... Oh well, I guess he eliminated other oppositions for Kahoko's hands.. Such a pity..."

"What do you mean?" instantly, Len felt his eyes darken with the information.

"Nothing, nothing.. I guess I'll just traipse off and find Kaji Aoi instead, I believe he's much more interested in finding out how Kahoko's date with Tsuchiura would end..." Azuma turned around, intending to leave a now uprooted Len.

"Wait, I changed my mind." Len abruptly called out before his senpai could even take a step towards the flight of stairs.

"Really? Wonderful! I'll meet you in the fountain then, after class. I'll give you the tickets. My, my, my... This is interesting!" and with that, Azuma clapped his hands as if having seen an amusing act on stage before leaving.


And with that, I managed to lose another day of violin practice just to tail that irksome Ryoutaro! Len massaged his knuckles before settling down on his chair.

"Oh well, nothing wrong in visiting a museum is there?" Len murmured to himself as he closed his eyes.

Looking around aimlessly. Ryoutaro kept looking back and forth from his watch to his surroundings.

She's 10 minutes late already! He thought out exasperatedly as he scratched his head.

Suddenly, he saw the familiar scarlet head bobbing towards him, Ryoutaro broke into a smile which suddenly turned into a frown when he saw she wasn't alone.

"I'm so sorry I'm late, Tsuchiura - kun! I really am!" Kahoko kept bowing down in apology.

Covering his frown quickly, Ryoutaro smiled kindly at her as he cursed himself silently, Who the hell is HE?

"Oh! I forgot to introduce you to my brother!" Kahoko blurted out suddenly, as if she read Ryoutaro's mind.

"This is my brother, Yukito. He's the reason I'm late." Kahoko rolled her eyes as her brother punched her arm playfully.

"Sorry for that..." Yukito apologized to Ryoutaro who quickly turned red at his wrong assumption.

"Its okay.. I thought you overslept or something..." Ryoutaro scratched his head as he watched Kahoko turn two shades pinker than she originally was.

"Hahaha! If only you knew, Tsuchiura - kun!" Kahoko blushed deeper as both men laughed at her.

"You mean you really woke up late?" Ryoutaro looked down at Kahoko, flabbergasted, as they waved goodbye to Yukito.

"Hahaha~" Kahoko rolled her eyes as Ryoutaro burst out in mock laughter.

"Yukito asked me to do something..." she murmured in a low voice, her face turning red like a tomato.

"What something?" Ryoutaro wiped away his laughter as he led Kahoko to a nearby cozy restaurant.

"Just this and that.." Kahoko looked away as Ryoutaro looked more closely at her face.

"Hmmm..." glancing down at Kahoko thoughtfully, Can't be anything bad... He IS her brother...

"Seat for two please..."

Sitting on one of the chairs inside the museum's huge double doors, Len crossed his feet as he glanced impatiently around.

Looking down at his watch's face, it showed 2:55.

They're late! Len frowned.

He glanced coldly once more as a group of girls smiled nervously at him, but as soon as he did that, they cowered back and left him.

"You're early Tsukimori-kun.." a voice spoke behind him.

Turning around, he threw a distasteful look at his senpai before addressing him curtly.

"I'm never late."

"I know.. I was counting on that..." Azuma gave him a mocking look.

"THERE YOU ARE!" a loud voice echoed across the museum, making Len and Azuma flinch inwardly at Kazuki's loud voice.

"SSHHH! Young man! This is the museum!" a curator passing by admonished Kazuki.

"Sorryy.." Kazuki covered his mouth instantly.

"My, my my..." Azuma glanced at the entrance, making Len do the same and saw a giggling Kahoko being escorted by the pianist he was itching to strangle.

"Hihara - senpai! Yunoki - senpai! Tsukimori - kun?" Kahoko ended quizzically as she watched the three men approach her, not hearing Ryoutaro's muttered "preposterous" 's beside her.

"What a surprise! I can't believe you're here too!" Kahoko smiled delightedly at them, looking up at Ryoutaro's towering figure happily.

"Yeah.. What a surprise!" Ryoutaro sarcastically greeted them as he glared at Len.

"Who would've thought that the artic cube here's got interest in museum's?" Ryoutaro raised a mocking eyebrow at Len.

"Yunoki here told us-"

"That there would be a exhibition about classical music." Len butted in at Kazuki's sentence, knowing full well what he was about to say.

Thank God for that pamphlet!

"Huh?" Kahoko looked bewilderedly from Kazuki to Len.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I heard that there would be an exhibition of classical music, that's why I invited Kazuki." Azuma smiled serenely at Kahoko, making her cringe inwardly at the plasticity of it.

"And Len heard about it, so he tagged along?" Ryoutaro asked, not believing the lie for a second.

"Of course. Only a seaweed haired person would not understand my brain capacity!" Len argued back, practically baring his fangs at Ryoutaro.

"Stop it, both of you..." Kahoko giggled as she watched the two men look daggers at one another.

Walking around the museum's music collection, the four men watched as Kahoko glowed with pleasure at every instrument exhibited.

"I thought you saw these things before?" Len barely hid his impatience, I should be practicing my violin right now!

"Well, boo you!" Ryoutaro snapped at him instantly, his temper flaring at the slightest thing about Len.

"As you can see, this is an air instrument, the Oboe." a voice spoke nearby.

All four pair of ears perked up instantly as they recognized the person speaking.

"Aoi!" Kahoko smiles brilliantly as she walked towards him.

"Kahoko!" Kaji smiles from ear-to-ear, heralding the small children he was touring around.

Just great! all four guys groaned inwardly.

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