Not everything is as it appears

By: Chiabride

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***WARNINGS*** Implied Yaoi, Alcohol reference, Drunken horny man/men ***WARNINGS***

Chapter title: Starting point

Bold Italics mean: Thoughts

Plain Italics mean: Foreign Language

Matthew Williams is a woman and has been since the day she was born. She has lived her life with only a very few amount of people knowing. Kumajirou knew of course but he wasn't a person. No the first time she revealed herself as a woman was in 1982 when the Canada Act was passed, and it was to her Prime Minister. Explaining her situation to Pierre Trudeau had been hard but somehow he had been very understanding, secretly passing a law that would allow only Canada to reveal her own gender. When Kim Campbell entered office she'd convinced Matthew to change the way she dressed when she met with her. When the Canadian had to meet with other nations (like going to a G8 meeting for instance) she would keep the facade up that she was a man. But when it involved a meeting with her prime minister she was expected to wear ladies attire.

She'd been against it, even telling her Prime Minister that she did not know how to dress as a woman and showing all her insecurities through stuttering and fidgeting. Kim Campbell had just put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and spoke to her in a calm soft tone as if she were speaking to a frightened child. (Truth be told she had felt like one even if she was over a century old.) A few days later Matthew was outside with Kumajirou weeding the garden waiting for her "family" to wake up. Last night Francis, Arthur, and Alfred all showed up on her door step drunk. Very, very drunk.

+++++++Last Night++++++

It was two o'clock in the morning and Matthew awoke to loud banging, Kumajirou growled his displeasure and nipped his master's arm when she pushed him off her chest. Sliding out of bed she slipped a pair of house shoes on and, ignoring the fact that all she was wearing was a hockey jersey, made her way to the front door after whoever was there banged again. Looking through the peep hole she saw Alfred grinning back at her, or just the door in general. Fear crept into the pit of her stomach. 'Oh god, please don't let this be a repeat of 1812.' Matthew prayed as she opened her door, relief flooding her whole body as she saw Francis and Arthur with him. Of course they all seemed to be drunk and keeping each other from falling over. 'Barely!'

"Hey preddy lady! We are like three really hot guys in need of a place to shtay could you possibly allow us to use your couch or guestroom?" Alfred asked slurring (no her brother did not know she was a girl he just said that to her when he was drunk and needed a place to crash.) Arthur giggled at Alfred's question somehow finding it to be funny. 'Either that or Francis found out that Arthur has a ticklish ass, cause his hand is in the back of Arthur's pants.' Matthew observed with a groan, she of course let them in, knowing it was safer for her people if these drunken fools were in her house instead of out on the street. They hadn't even been in the house and on her couch two minutes before one of them had made a pass at her. The man had slung his arms around her shoulders as she had turned away from the three in the living room. Turning her face she glimpsed into unnaturally beautiful green eyes, tilting his head just enough so he took her ear into his mouth and lightly bit it. 'Arthur.' Canada thought blushing.

Wiggling out of his arms she moved him to her couch and pushing him down so that he was sitting on the middle seat right between America and France. Arthur's drinking buddies had promptly passed out as soon as they had sat down. 'At least if they are asleep they won't try anything with each other, let alone with me on my couch.' When they first started coming to her home drunk Alfred made passes at her but sometime later Francis started doing it too. A good threat about castrating them with her hockey stick would make the two stop, because apparently in their drunken minds they thought it was important to listen to her. Arthur on the other hand…

"OOF!" Matthew exclaimed as she was dragged down to the couch Arthur having wrapped his left arm around her waist and grabbing her left wrist while she was distracted. Matthew somehow ended up straddling Arthur's lap when he pulled her down, it was indecent in her mind and when she made a move to get off he held her there. "You smell good." Arthur said leaning forward and dipping his head to suck and lick on her neck, his breath hot against her skin. "You taste like nothing in this world." Were his next seductive words to come out of his mouth and as the English man's hand moved from her waist down her body, every place he touched became pleasantly warm. Suddenly he let go of her wrist only to grasp her by the back of the head ending his attentions to her neck by crashing her lips down to his. His kiss was like a drug and the longer their lips stayed connected the higher she felt, too bad they had to crash. Two things brought her back to her senses: her mind screaming 'NO! HE'S DRUNK YOU NEED TO STOP HIM/THIS!' and the feeling of his clothed erection straining to get out of his pants. Matthew ignored the fog in her head as she gathered her resolve pulling away just enough to end their kiss. His drunken eyes looked at her inquisitively and tried to pull her back down when she didn't budge he gave her an even more confused look as if he didn't understand. "I'm not Alfred…eh."

"Alfred?" He asked in a small confused voice it was then that said person groaned next to them and she pointed to her left. He let her go and she got up refusing to look at him, it was better that way, instead she left the room. Matthew entered her study/office instead of going back to bed she found Kumajirou there curled up in her reading chair almost as if he knew what was going on in the house and knew she'd come here. Picking up the bear and curling herself up in the chair she hugged him hard as if doing so would return her to the time of innocence and with her tears that she shed might wash away the evil that lingered from his touches.

So here she was outside her home a quarter past ten removing these evil little weeds from her garden. Of course what she was really doing was waiting for the inevitable yelling to start which signified the boys were up. They would then go through the motions: She would set out the medicine for their hangovers (they may have been nations but no one was immune to the consequences of binge drinking) then go into the kitchen and start breakfast with coffee and tea for them to drink. Not once would the boys acknowledge that she was there but focus more on their food, eating what she prepared without question and bicker between each other. Sometimes she wonders if it is because they are ashamed of how they act when they come over and so they can't face her, but that is only wishful thinking.

Matthew who was so focused on her own thoughts never heard the limo pull up, one of its doors being opened, and she definitely didn't notice the person behind her until that person tapped her on the shoulder; quickly standing up she turns around just as quickly removing her gloves. "Yes may I help you…eh?" Matthew asks. The person standing before her is a woman with an air about her that screams professional and her attire is very fashionable. "Yes. Hello I'm looking for a Matthew Williams, I was told that they live here you see I have an appointment."

Matthew blanched as she remembered the phone call the Prime Minister had personally made to her, informing the nation that she was sending someone over to help with her problem. 'Oh crap that was today!' With the unexpected arrival of her "family" last night she had completely forgotten and the next moment made her feel a whole lot worse.

"Hey lady who you lookin' for? Maybe a hero can help?" Alfred asked. Who had come out of the house…. In only his boxers. Matthew was mortified and looking over at the woman she expected to see a reaction similar but she saw the other woman holding an uninterested look. Then the woman just turned giving Matthew her full attention. "So I believe my question was…."


And as an enraged Arthur ran out of the house in nothing more than an apron Matthew covered her eyes wishing that she could die. Arthur seethed and after hearing Alfred laughing at him turned his anger towards the American. "What the bloody hell are you laughing at you git?"

"Francis pulled one over on you and stole Iggy's clothes." Alfred laughed. Arthur of course was about to punch the American when he noticed the woman standing in the yard was staring at him rather disapprovingly. Realizing that neither he nor Alfred were dressed appropriately he instead grabbed the boy by the arm and dragged him into the house intending to force the American into helping him locate their clothes. The last words you could hear before they disappeared into the house were of protest from Alfred. "Stop Iggy the lady said she was looking for someone and I as the hero need to help her."

Matthew for her part kept her eyes covered and closed for a few more minutes, part of her hoping that the woman had left to save herself. When Matthew opened her eyes and found the woman still standing there giving the Canadian a look of displeasure she just wanted to hide. "So I'm correct in assuming that you are Matthew Williams?" The woman asked and Matthew just nodded too exhausted from being embarrassed to say anything. This did not seem to faze the woman as she opened a folder that Matthew hadn't noticed was there before and pressed on. "I'm safe in assuming that those people in your house are also non-human and therefore a reason that we must have a proper talk in the limo on the way?"

"Yes… wait what…eh?" Before Matthew knew what hit her she was dragged into the limo and it sped away.

Note from Author: Alright kiddies that was the first chapter and so far it looks like Arthur could end up with sweet little Matthew. But it's only the first chapter so just about anyone could end up with her and if you are confused on why the almost smut happened in the first chapter well you can ask in a review or I can explain it through a future chapter. Just vote yes to it being a future chapter or no. I would like to thank Wikipedia because that is where I got my info from. BTW the next chapter is going to focus on Matthew shopping and I'm warning you all now that because I was checking out how big the real nation is I decided that her boobs are bigger then Ukraine's. If anyone wants to know what happened with the drunken trio while she was gone vote yes or no.

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People/Dates/ and other things mentioned all courtesy of Wikipedia:

1982 and the Canada act: 1982 is the year that Canada received full independence from England and the Canada act is an act of Parliament that ended all remaining dependence of Canada on the United Kingdom.

Pierre Trudeau: Was the 15th prime minister of Canada (reason for mentioning him is because of the before mentioned Canada act.)

Kim Campbell: Was the 19th prime minister of Canada being the first and as of to date only female prime minister of that nation also being the first baby boomer to hold that office and the first to be born in British Columbia (reason for mentioning her is because I needed a non-nation to start Matthew on the road to dressing as a woman.)

1812: As in the war of. America invaded Canada! Depending on what happens in this story and how you, the reviewers, take to it this might show up in flash back.