Spotted :Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass kissing in Italy.

I heard our resident bad-boy finally said the three little words, and to our very own spoiled princess.

I always knew Nate was too good for you, B. But C seems the perfect fit.

At least things are bound to be interesting around here.

Good luck to the happy couple. You'll need it.


Gossip Girl.

The blast went off around the courtyard of Constance Billard and St Judes, and everyone stared. There, plainly shown, was their Queen, Blair Waldorf, kissing Chuck Bass.

Some of them couldn't believe their eyes, other smiled, pleased for them.

Nate Archibald scowled at the post, but Serena Van Der Woodsen clapped her hands like a little girl, and couldn't keep the smile off her face.

But who had sent the picture to Gossip Girl? There were no followers in Italy, were there?

But Serena smiled, knowing that Blair had always loved to start the gossip about herself, herself.

Miles away, in Italy, Blair and Chuck stood together at the airport; hand in hand, neither of them speaking.

Chuck couldn't believe he was holding hands with Blair, and not feeling embarrassed.

Blair was smirking to herself at the look Francesca had given them as they had the three words to each other.

"Waldorf, please don't tell me your thinking about what I think your thinking about," Chuck said, raising his eyebrows.

Blair smiled in triumph, "Just because you love me, doesn't mean I can't be happy that that little slut got put in her place," she retorted, and Chuck rolled his eyes.

"She's not a slut; she's a good catholic girl. But I prefer my women cool on the outside, with a fire below," he whispered in her ear, and for once, she loved the butterflies that arose in her stomach.

"I love you," she whispered, looking into his eyes.

"I love you," he said back, kissing her, and murmuring into her lips.

"Mr Bass, your private jet is ready to depart," an airport official spoke to them, and Chuck led Blair by the hand through the gateway and into their private jet.

"I bet we're gonna have a lot of fun on this flight," he smirked at his girlfriend, and she smirked back.

And... finish.

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