"Get up lazy bones" a girl's voice pierced Harry's eardrums as he lay in bed that morning, "Hermione Granger have you no sense of respect of the sleeping patterns of the teenage boy?" he growled tearing open the hangings around his bed in the dormitory, he was a very grouchy riser.

"Oh get a grip and get up Harry, and the rest of you, we're getting a special visit from the students of the Hetalia Academy, they arrive today and they're staying for a year, as seventh years it's our duty to set an example to the younger students" she said as she dragged Ron out of bed by his feet. "What, the Hetalia Academy?" Harry chocked on his glass of water, Hermione and the others looked at him in surprise, she nodded.

Two hours later the students were gathered outside the castle, as the sun rose over the forbidden forest around forty brooms shot out of the clouds above them and landed in front of the castle, the riders dismounted and bowed politely to the Hogwarts students, an older man approached professor McGonagall and bent to kiss her hand "Captain Thomas Hetalia" (A/N I came up with the idea of the school being called the Hetalia academy because it was the head teacher's name rather than use the original explanation for the word 'Hetalia' because it made more sense for the school) he introduced himself. A boy with silver-white hair and red eyes was scanning the crowd, his ruby eyes met Harry's emerald ones for a second, "Harry?" he mouthed as Harry looked away, the albino boy looked stunned to see him there, a fact that Hermione (who could lip read) had noticed, "do you know that boy Harry?" she asked, he shook his head.

The students entered the castle, the albino made his way towards them, "I'll catch you later" Harry said before doing his usual vanishing act, the red eyed boy stopped a few feet away and sighed, "excuse me," Hermione called to him, "yes" he said coming over, "do you know my friend?" she asked him, he nodded "oh it's just he said he didn't know you" she said, "I guess he's just forgotten us all since then," he said, "oh damn, I'm sorry where are my manners?, I'm Prussia and this is Gilbird" he said pointing to the small yellow bird on his head, "I'm Hermione, this is Ron," she said, "what do you mean forgotten you all since then?" she asked, "he never mentioned it? He used to go to the academy" Prussia said, "but he's not a nation-tan" Hermione said with a gasp, "and you call yourself his friend, not knowing Ireland's true name" Prussia shook his head, "but he's not old enough to be Ireland" Ron said, "that's because he's the second Ireland, the first died in seventy nine, Harry was born as his replacement"(A/N I know nation-tans can't die but in this story they have an 'immortality point' an age at which they can only die if their country no longer exists, it's different for each of them and Ireland hadn't reached his yet and Harry will reach his on his nineteenth birthday. The others have all reached theirs) Prussia explained, just then a tall blonde boy appeared at Prussia's shoulder, "Gilbert don't run off like that you had me and Italy worried" he said, "sorry Germany" Prussia or Gilbert said. "We need to talk to Harry" Ron and Hermione said in unison.

When they arrived at Gryffindor tower Harry was sat in a chair by the fire they went over "hey Harry" Ron said putting his arm on the wing of the chair, "or should we call you 'Ireland'" Hermione said putting her arm on the other wing, "I'm gonna kill Prussia" Harry growled clenching his fist, "why didn't you tell us?" Hermione asked as she and Ron sat opposite him, "I didn't want to freak you out" he said looking down, "it doesn't bother us mate," Ron said sitting on the arm of the chair, "hey I never noticed that before" he said pointing at something on Harry's head, "what?" Hermione asked, "It's just a birthmark" Harry said pushing Ron's hand away, "funny birthmark, kinda looks like The Giant's Causeway" Ron laughed, Harry looked at him like he was an idiot, "wha, but, it's not?" he looked stunned, Harry nodded, "all the nations have them, China's got the great wall, it starts on his right shoulder, coils round his middle and ends on his left hip, they're called land marks" he explained, "wow" Hermione said, "yeah and some parts of a nations body are named for parts of its country, like America's glasses are Texas and his idiot hair; that's the random hair that sticks out, allot of nations have them, well America's is Nantucket" he said, "so what's Florida?" Hermione asked, Harry gave her a disgusted look and Ron said "Hermione!", "sorry" she said blushing.

That evening they went to the Great Hall for the welcoming feast, as they entered a small blue and white blur collided with Harry and they went tumbling to the floor, everyone laughed as Harry picked up the small blonde boy and sat him on his hip "hey Sealand" Harry grinned as three other young children came up to him, all blondes but one boy was older than the other two children who looked to be twins. "Hey Latvia" he said wrapping an arm around the older boy as he placed Sealand back on the floor and placing a kiss on each boys cheek and Latvia put his arms round Harry's neck before letting go to take Sealand's hand and they went off to the Gryffindor table where they joined several other countries. Harry smiled warmly at the two remaining children and held out his arms to hug the twins, "hello Jersey, Guernsey, how are my little angels today" he asked planting a kiss on each child's forehead, they giggled "fine", "and where's my little sister Seychelles then" Harry looked towards the table, "not so little no more, she got big" the little girl, Guernsey said, "Guernsey it's, she's not so little anymore" he corrected her, "oh yeah, sorry" she said, "that's ok, you're only little, you'll learn" he said giving her a squeeze as a girl in a blue dress came over, "Seychelles" Harry smiled at the dark skinned girl as she hugged him and kissed the top of his head, "well that's a shock, I used to be the one kissing you on top of the head" he laughed and tapped her on the nose. They each picked up a twin and led the way to the table. Another blonde boy shuffled up the bench to make room for them, "hey Wales" Harry smiled at his younger brother (A/N Ireland is the second oldest 'Brit Brother' the oldest being England, after Ireland is Scotland, then Wales, America and Canada are technically not 'Brit Brothers' but they are included because England adopted them as his baby brothers but they are next in the 'Brit Brothers' going from oldest to youngest and Sealand is the youngest, with Seychelles being younger than America and Canada but older than Sealand, so it's England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, America, Canada, Seychelles and Sealand, going from oldest to youngest) Scotland was opposite him with Sealand on his right, then a blonde girl who introduced herself as Belgium before giving Sealand a peck on the cheek, on her other side was Latvia and on his other side was a girl with a purple ribbon in her hair, who was introduced as Liechtenstein and a boy who refused to introduce himself was on her other side, "Switzerland" Harry said to the others. On Wales's other side was what at first appeared to be an empty seat before Harry sighed and said "Canada would you mind putting in an appearance?" and a boy with a polar bear appeared out of thin air and muttered "sorry, I'm Canada and this is Kumajirou" he pointed at the polar bear which said "who are you?", "I'm Canada" Canada said as the others rolled their eyes on Canada's other side was a boy who looked allot like him, "I'm America" he said through a mouthful of hamburger, which Ron and Hermione could not understand where he had got it from because there was no food on the plates yet, the boy on the end was reading a book, Harry coughed loudly but it seemed he couldn't hear him, Harry sighed and said "Seychelles could you please ask Wales to ask Canada to ask America to nudge England for me?" she nodded, "Wales, could you please ask Canada to ask America to nudge England for Ireland for me?" Wales nodded and said "Canada, could you please ask America to nudge England for Ireland for Seychelles for me?" Canada nodded and said "America could you please nudge England for Ireland for Seychelles for Wales for me?" America nodded and nudged England, "Ireland wants you" he said as England looked at him, "what does he want?" he asked, "what does he want?" America asked Canada "what does he want?" Canada asked Wales "what does he want?" Wales asked Seychelles "what do you want?" Seychelles asked Harry, who leant forwards and shouted down the table "for you to bloody well introduce yourself to Ron and Hermione you prick", "DON'T TALK ACROSS PEOPLE!" the other nations on the table shouted at him, "and don't swear" Guernsey said smacking his hand as you would a naughty child, Ron and Hermione laughed, England leant back and said "hello, I'm England" politely, "oh, Mary mother of God" Harry muttered in an Irish accent as Prussia came towards them, the nations looked round and all changed positions at the same time, taking on a defensive stance that seemed to keep their lower bodies as far away from him as possible. "Oh now that's not nice" Prussia said as the other nations glared at him and some even hissed, "what's going on mi amigo" an untidy brown head appeared at Prussia's shoulder (A/N I apologise for spelling mistakes in the non-English languages) "oh, hey Spain, hey Romano" Prussia said grinning at the boy that Spain had on a leash. "Mordere me" the boy spat at Prussia (A/N mordere me means bite me in Italian) just then a boy with silver hair and blue eyes came over and grabbed Prussia and Spain by their collars and dragged them away, the two boys looked at each other and, without warning, grabbed the other boy's ass, "AHH" he screamed, letting them go and spinning round, THWACK! He smacked them both round the head and said "touch my vital regions again and I will rip yours off and stuff them down your throats", a chocking, gasping noise alerted him to a slightly more pressing issue, "Oops! Sorry Romano!" he said undoing the leash that had dragged him by the neck, "that's alright" Romano coughed, "thanks Isaac," Harry called out to the silver haired boy, (A/N I know Isaac isn't really an Icelandic name but it's all I could think of) "Iceland" Harry explained to Ron and Hermione. Just then a girl in blue overalls and a white blouse entered the hall, "whoa" Ron and several other boys, Harry smacked Ron on the arm "you have a girlfriend remember?" he chastised while the other nations laughed as the girl came over.