The next day the nations, Ron and Hermione were sat at the table when Ron said "so Harry, what is it with you and Prussia anyway?"

"I don't want to talk about it" Harry said as he put his headphones in and began listening to belle of Belfast city.

England chuckled "Harry is to Prussia what Seychelles and Romano have always been to France and Spain. A forbidden fruit." He said.

"So if Prussia, France and Spain are the Bad Touch Trio, does that mean that Harry, Seychelles and Romano are the bad touch temptations?" Hermione said with a giggle, Harry removed his headphones and he, Seychelles and Romano gave her a look, she looked around, "I guess I'll shut up now" she said looking down at her plate. Suddenly the other nations on the table burst out laughing.

"You know, I never thought about it that way before" Australia gasped.

"Yeah she's right" Wales was grinning.


From that point on things were unbearable until the end of the year.

Yet at the moment of farewell Harry felt a sense of loss, "see you in September" he said hugging his little countries goodbye. He stood awkwardly before walking up to Prussia and giving him a small hug, at least it would have been small, had Prussia not held on as Harry tried to pull away, "Prussia" captain Hetalia said sternly and Prussia let go. "Hey why you cryin'?" Australia asked as Harry hugged him.

"Nothing, I'm just going to miss you guys this summer that's all" Harry said, rubbing his eyes.

"You'll see us at the start of fall semester though" said America grabbing his little brother round the shoulders and ruffling his hair.

"Au revoir, Irlande, mon petit frère" Canada said in his second official language.

"Miss you already" the Channel Islands chorused.


Author's note.

What the Brit siblings are talking about at the end is that after his final year at Hogwarts Harry still has a few years of non-magical education left and he has decided to complete them at The Hetalia Academy so when the autumn term (or fall semester) comes around Harry will be going back to the academy.

I may do a sequel or prequel story to this about Harry's life at the academy before or after Hogwarts. I will post a poll on my and deviantart profiles where you can vote for either his life before Hogwarts or his life after.