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I hoped out of my truck, slamming the door, only for more rust to fall off. I did love Charlie; I just wished he could have bought me a better car, like Emmett's, so people had one less thing to make fun of me about. It was a horrid, big square old rusty thing, that back fired about three times every mile and rust fell off even when you closed the door gently.

It was just my luck that today it had to rain in the night, then freeze as well. That really didn't help me, being as clumsy as I am. I had to hold onto the bed of the truck, to get to the pavement that had been covered in salt, so at least that might be a bit easier to walk on.

I walked slowly along the pavement, trying to get inside before I slipped. That was when I spotted Edward not five metres away. Not so far away from the entrance to the school. I sighed, knowing that when I walked past him, he would insult me in some way, either that or he would discreetly push me over, or hit me.

I was right, just as I was walking past him, he stuck out his foot and I fell face first in to the floor. Everyone around me laughed, but no one laughed as hard as Edward. Thankfully Emmett had been close by, so he helped me up and asked me if I was OK. He hadn't seen it was Edward, one of his best friends, who had tripped me.

"I'm fine, Emmett," I tried to reassure him. He was always worrying about me, he had an idea about someone bullying me, but he wasn't sure. If he had seen the bruises that covered most of my body, he would freak out. But Emmett didn't know, so he was happy to think that I was perfectly fine.

"Good, now I'll see you later, Bells." He smiled at me, Charlie had always used that nickname for me, and Emmett had picked it up in the past few years. He gave me a squeeze then walked away, whilst I hurried inside to go to the library and hide before school started.

I checked my watch to see that the bell was about to go, so I ran to my first class, English Lit, which was one of my favourite, I loved to read and write. I took my usual place, in the far back corner, being one of the first people to class had its advantages, I would always get hide in the corner, out of the way. The door opened and I looked up to see Angela walk in, her along with Emmett were about the only people who were nice to me in this hell hole that was high school. I smiled at Angela and she smiled back, when she came and took the seat next to mine.

Classes flew by after English. I didn't really pay attention, but soon the bell was sounding for lunchtime. As I grabbed a small, horrible off looking apple, I saw Emmett walk in hand in hand with his girlfriend, Rosalie. I smiled at him, and then hurried away to the small table I always sat at in the corner, by the window. No one usually sat with me, but it seemed today Emmett decided he would sit here. If you got Emmett you got Rosalie, and if you got Rosalie you got Alice, and she came with Jasper, and of course Edward just followed, not knowing where he was going because he was to busy making out with Tanya. Rosalie may have been Emmett's girlfriend, and she may have been over to our house a few times, but I only ever said hello to her. I never felt the need to talk to her, even if she was my brother's girlfriend.

"Hey Bells," Emmett practically shouted. I winced at the loudness of his voice, and scouted my chair further into the corner, hoping to get away from these people.

"Hmmm, Eddie," Tanya purred as she and Edward finally moved apart long enough for a quick breath. I sighed quietly to myself. I didn't want to sit and eat with these people; I found them terribly annoying. But it would be rude to just leave, so all I did was sit there picking at my apple, whilst Alice and Rosalie talked excitedly about some big shopping trip they were planning on going on this weekend, whilst Emmett and Jasper threw food at each other and talked about some cars or something. What made it even worse was that fact that over all there chatter, you could still hear Edward and Tanya sucking at each other's faces. Eventually I had enough, so I stood up and left. I went outside, and stood by the railing that was blocking off a steep hill and steps that led to the parking lot. Soon, I could hear footsteps behind me; I tensed up hoping it was just someone going to their car. Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky.

"Why did you run off ugly duckling? You should be happy that we could all sit there and not run away from your horrid smell. I guess it's a good job you left anyway, the place finally smelt a lot better once you went. Hello? Are you even listening to me?" Edward said. I tried to ignore him, but once I didn't turn around to face him, he started pushing at my shoulder. I was about to turn around and face him, as I had had enough of his hitting, when he pushed to hard and I fell down the steps towards the parking lot.

As soon as I hit the floor, I felt a terrible pain shoot up my leg, but it wasn't there for long as I soon blacked out.

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