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The next few days continued as normal, I would take Bella to biology, try and talk to her, but nothing would ever come out. I don't know what was the matter with me apart from the fact I couldn't admit it, but to me that felt like a stupid reason. Just like if I explained to Bella that I didn't really have a reason, would seem stupid. I hated how I didn't have a reason; I shouldn't have a reason. I shouldn't have done it in the first place, but what's done is done, and all for the pointless reason that I wanted to show off.

The past week or so had really been messing with my mind, confusing me beyond belief. I had so many conflicting thoughts and emotions, and I was seriously considering talking to a therapist. I obviously couldn't go the school consoler; they'd just take me to the principal for being the one that broke Bella's leg. I could see it on her face everyday. I could see how much it hurt and it always hurt me just a little bit. It caused me a little ache in my chest and I didn't know why. It was really starting to bug me; I didn't want to feel like this for Bella. I didn't want to feel bad for all the things I did to her. Yes I knew I'd feel bad about breaking her leg, but I wanted to put it behind me and stop mopping. That was all I seemed to do now. I barley ever talked to my old friends, let alone my family, who I seemed to sit with a lot more. I also started playing the piano more. I hadn't done that for over a year. I could tell my family was starting to worry about me and they didn't need to. There's nothing to worry about.

Hmm. I should invite s girl over. I could do with the distraction, and it would show my parents and sister that I'm completely fine.

I picked up my phone and scrolled through the contact list. Hmm, who should I invite over? Tanya? No, I was fed up of her voice. Jessica? No defiantly not. I did not want to spend an hour listening to her drone on and on about clothes and make up and shoes, just for a five-minute make out. Lauren? Well she was basically the same as Jessica, apart from her voice was more annoying, so that was a definite no. Why did I even go out with Lauren? She seems the most annoying of the lot.

I took another look through my phone and decided to call that Katherine girl from my English. She seemed nice, not annoying at all, and man was she hot.

"Hey Katherine, I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a bit?" I asked her in a husky voice, just so she knew what I wanted to do when she came over.

"Yeah, err, sure, I'll be there in a few minutes." She said, in a somewhat nervous voice. I grinned and thanked her, laying back on my bed looking foreword to a nice distraction.


7 Weeks later.

I stretched out in my small bed. My cast had come off a just two days ago and it still felt good to stretch it out and move it around. It was still a little sore, but I was just happy to be able to walk around normally. It felt good just to be able to do everything normal. Just being able to have a bath properly, or get up and get a drink with out someone fussing, it was great. Sadly I had to go through Christmas and New Year with my cast on, which made it slightly more difficult to buy presents but still, I had a good time, even if I couldn't help with dinner.

I jumped out of bed, feeling rather happy about today. Things were starting to look round. Edward had stopped with all his teasing and hitting. He was even starting to seem nice.

No Bella. Edward is not nice and he will never be. You can't think of him like that.

I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to start making some breakfast for Emmett knowing that Charlie will have already left for work.

Once the eggs and bacon got going, I could hear stomping up stairs, and soon after Emmett was stood in the doorway with a huge grin on his face.

"Ahh, Bells. I really did miss your cooking. Charlie ordering pizza, and me attempting to cook just isn't right."

I laughed at him. Emmett and dad were both pretty useless at cooking. It had been rather amusing to watch their attempts at cooking over the last few weeks. He sat down at the table as I laid out the food.

We ate in comfortable silence, as I thought about how it would be to go back to school for the first time in weeks without my cast. At least today I wouldn't have to walk to biology with Edward. I wouldn't have to listen to him mumble as he tried to think of something to say. I wouldn't have to walk with him for five minutes in that awkward silence. But best of all I wouldn't get the stares from all the jealous girls in my class who hated me for just getting to walk in with Edward. I wouldn't have to see them glare at me with pure hatred at the fact I was within touching distance of Edward. I also wouldn't have to listen to their quiet mummers, which I knew where about me.

I hopped up actually excited about maybe having a normal day. Or near to normal. I knew a few girls would still be glaring at me in jealously. I knew I would still be able to hear people whispering about me, but to me that was any normal day at Forks High.

I grabbed Emmett's and my plate quickly washing them whilst he put his shoes on, hurrying, as we were already late for school. I ran out to the car and waited for Emmett, hoping that today could be at least slightly normal.


I held the door open for Alice, and then ran around to the other side of the car so I could try and get to school on time. Alice had taken so much time getting ready we were almost twenty minutes late, and she was not happy.

"Hurry up Edward, we're already late, do not make us any later," Alice said glaring at me. I chuckled lightly to myself at how foolish she was being. It was her fault we were late anyway.

The rest of the car ride went by fast and quiet. After I ignore her first comment, Alice just huffed to her self and crossed her arms over her chest. Thankfully with me driving way over the speed limit I got to school just as the bell went.

The day passed slowly and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. I was the last one to enter the cafeteria, and again, just like the past few weeks, I went and sat with my family, barley talking and just listening.

When I sat down, there seemed to be a much happier atmosphere at the table then there normally was. I wondered to myself at what could have changed to make them all so much brighter. As I thought to myself I glanced at Bella's leg, to see that she had had her cast taken off. I looked up to see the brood smile on her face as she told Alice how it was done. I chuckled to myself as Alice crinkled her nose and turned slightly green at the procedure. I had to admit, it didn't sound very nice.

I laid back in my chair, relaxing so much I could have fallen asleep right there. I drifted in and out, not really listening to the conversation going on at the table. I thought of how I could try and talk to Bella again on the way to Biology.

No! Stupid! Its not like she's going to walk with you now she can carry her own books, and not slip on the ice. She wouldn't need me to carry her bag, or help her at all, which wouldn't give me any excuse for trying to talk to her. Maybe I could ask her for help in biology to get the conversation going. Hmm, that was okay. I would try that. I just had to get her talking to me first.

I hurried to biology in the hopes I could get there before Bella. I don't know why, but I wanted to be there first so I didn't have to awkwardly shove past her to get to my seat. I'm not sure why it mattered to me, but it did.

I sat down, thinking about how I could try and get a conversation going. There was a quiet thud that was the door closing, so I looked up to see Bella entering. I froze thinking of how awkward it could be when she sat down. She walked in front of the fan at the front, blowing her sweet scent towards me. I went rigid; I couldn't talk to her. She would think I was stupid.

No! I had to at least try. Try to apologise for my actions, and all the horrible things I had done to her. There was so much. I thought of all the times I had tripped her up, all the times I had shouted horrible things to her, pushed her books to the floor. The time I broke her leg. I had done so much, and there was no way I could ever apologise for that. There was no excuse for my actions. I had taken things too far, when I shouldn't have done anything to her in the first place. To Emmett's sister of all people as well.

I thought of the first time I saw her, the first day of junior year. The day Emmett brought her to school; he was smiling and laughing, whilst she had a sad smile on her face.

I stood leaned against my car, waiting for my friends. I had passed my driving test a few weeks earlier and I wanted to show Emmett and Jasper my new car. I was one of the first to start driving and I was really excited to take Emmett and Jasper to Seattle at the weekend.

I looked up as I heard a car horn, to see a police cruiser pulling into the parking lot. It was Emmett's dad's car. I stood up straighter, walking towards his car to greet Emmett.

When Emmett got out, he didn't walk over like he usually did, instead he went round to the other side of the car and let a brown haired girl out. Her hair was beautiful, long and wavy chestnut brown locks that went down to her waist. She smiled at him, but there was very little happiness in that smile.

Someone laughed quietly behind me, just before they nudged me lightly in the side.

"Hey, check out the new nerd," someone said behind me. I turned to see it was Mason, captain of the football team. I didn't think she looked like a nerd, but if I disagreed, he would think I was weird. He would tell people that I was a nerd too and everyone would whisper about me in the corridors. I knew how Mason worked, and if you disagreed with him, he'd make sure you regretted it. He was manipulative and mean to anyone different but he could be cool when he felt like it.

I laughed, but it sounded fake. "Yeah, total nerd," I said, and it felt good when Mason smiled at me. It felt good, even thought I was being mean about someone, it felt good that Mason liked it, and therefore liked me more for saying it. I hardly knew this girl, but already I was talking about her behind her back, and it felt good.

An hour later, I still hadn't said anything to her and the bell had rung for the end of school. I stood by my car waiting for Alice, so we could go home. I was tired, and fed up and I just wanted to go home and sleep all weekend.

Alice ran out of the building nearest to me, and after giving Jasper a quick kiss she climbed into the car. I got in a turned the engine on quickly, wanting to leave school.

I shoved the keys in the ignition, not really paying attention, and backed out quickly. I couldn't stop thinking about the first time I saw her at school. She looked so sad, and all I did was make it worse by talking about her, and making other people talk about her.

There was a sudden bump and the car shook. I turned the keys so the engine stopped and moved to looked out the window to see what it was, only to see a mass of brown hair sprawled across the floor.

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