Groggily, Draco opened one eye expecting pain to flare through his entire body. Yet, nothing niggled, there were no aches. He vaguely remembered Granger healing him the night before. Granger. He rolled over, finding nothing but a cold space beside him. He lay back heavily on the pillows, trying to recall what had happened in the early hours of the morning.

He remembered punching Jonathan, then everything went blurry. The last thing he could picture was rolling around on the bed with Granger. Merlin, he lifted the covers, finding himself naked as the day he was born. Did they? Could they have? Christ, he couldn't remember. Think you moron, did he finally bed the delectable Granger, then completely lose all memory of it.

Shutting his eyes, he tried thinking back. Yes, he did get into the bedroom with Granger and his butler Mason's help. Then Mason left. That's when Granger grabbed his own wand, healing him. Smirking, he remembered her grunt of frustration as he tried kissing her neck while she pulled off his shirt. She was fighting a losing battle, he wanted her; there was no escape. He'd pinned her to the bed assailing her with kisses, her breathless moans egged him on. Then, as his hands trailed down her body - nothing. He couldn't recall a single thing more. Had she Obliverated him? Was he that much of a dud, she had to erase his memory?

"Like hell I was a dud. More likely it was too intense." Draco hit his fist on the bed next to him. He needed to know what happened, he didn't finally get his own way - just to forget.

That's when he spied the breakfast tray. Mason must have left it a few moments before he awoke. The smell of coffee infiltrated his senses, and suddenly he needed the bitter taste more than anything. Getting up, he strode across the room to the small table set up near the window. He didn't care he was naked, his body was perfection; he was almost more at ease naked than dressed. Sitting down with a cat like grace, he picked up the latest edition of The Daily Prophet. And that's when he saw the note stuck to the front page. 'See you there tiger, and next time, bring your stamina; it's slightly disconcerting having a man fall asleep ten minutes into a supposed ravishing'. A smiley face followed the words.

"Oh Merlin, I fell asleep? No way, I would never, she's barmy. More likely she couldn't handle the greatness of my lovemaking." Draco fell silent as another memory returned. Of his eyes drooping and Granger whispering, 'it was alright, he'd had a huge day'. "Oh God. I fell asleep!"

Malfoy took a swig of scalding coffee to erase the memory. His pride was severely damaged, never had he once failed to follow through. He reread the note with growing embarrassment, finally noticing her words of 'see you there'. See her where? Then he read the front page of The Prophet properly. The headline screamed, 'Malfoy, Granger, Foil Attack On The Ministry Of Magic'. In smaller writing was an article on how they captured Jonathan and his partner in crime Herbert. They were being hailed heroes of a new age; Malfoy felt a distinct lump in his throat. Bollocks, why would he care what the wizarding world thought of him? Swallowing hard, he continued to read. On the next page was an article about a ball being held in honour for them the following week.

"Well, the ministry certainly works quickly. We only captured him a few hours ago. Any excuse for a damn cover up." It was then Malfoy realised that's when Granger wanted to see him. Did that mean she didn't want to see him for a whole week? Shit, he really screwed up by falling asleep, but in his defence he was beaten to a pulp. Then a grin replaced his look of disappointment. Oh, he would see her there alright, but she had better be prepared. She would not be escaping him with a note and a silly smiley face next time.

"I hope that smile is a practise apology, for standing me up." A sardonic voice drawled from behind him.

Draco's head snapped around and he saw Violet standing in his bedroom door. He hastily grabbed a robe which hung on the back of the chair, covering himself.

"Oh, Draco. It's not like I haven't seen it all before." Violets voice held a hint of anger amongst the teasing.

Draco's eyes narrowed. "That was many years ago, Violet. Why are you here?"

He watched as she mock pouted, and wondered why he had once found her so alluring. She was nothing compared with Granger. Maybe he was growing up. Violets shoulder length blonde hair, hung sleek and perfectly straight. Her small bow shaped lips would make most males look twice, and her cornflower blue eyes had made fools of many a man. But, looking at her now, Malfoy just didn't see the attraction. Sure, he did five years ago when they'd had a torrid affair. It was forbidden since she was his superior, which made the liaison all the more appealing. He had ended it a few months in, becoming bored with her insipid personality and borderline possessiveness.

"I sent you a note, and I expected obedience. Instead I got a half cocked agent running around ruining a perfectly good undercover operation." Violet strode over to him and slammed her hands onto the table top. "What the fuck were you thinking Draco? Reasoning with your dick again? Bloody typical, can't keep it in your pants; any little slut will do." Violet let out a hiss of breath. "Hermione, of all damn people."

Malfoy pushed her away, anger racing through him.

"Granger is not a slut. You're delusional, Violet. Shouldn't you be happy? We caught the bad guy; we did what you wanted. And what the hell happened? Why were there two operatives for the same mission; one for the kill and one for an arrest? I think you need to look in your own backyard before you come in here insulting me or Granger on our work ethics."

Violets eyes became slits, and Draco knew he'd crossed some kind of invisible line. Usually he would smile his wicked Malfoy grin, and all would be forgiven. But not today, today he was pissed off, today he needed bloody answers. What he didn't expect was Violet to lash out. She slapped him hard across the face, her nails dug in slightly, leaving a trail of burning pain. Draco jumped back in his chair, and it clattered loudly in the quiet room.

"What the fuck? What is wrong with you?" Draco wiped his cheek, noticing a smear of red. She was insane.

"Oh, what is wrong with me? I'm not the one who has trouble keeping it in my pants. I'm a consummate professional. I have a plan, Draco. And it involves both you, and that whore, Granger. My plans though have taken a recent blow, but I will get what I want. I always get what I want."

Draco couldn't help thinking her words were eerily like his when he wanted something. Violets eyes were dark blue in her anger. He had never seen her like this, so out of control, so emotional. He saw her glance at the paper quickly, noticing the way her lip curled as she read Grangers note. Shit. He was an idiot, it all fell into place.

"You're the mole at CMOA, aren't you? Fuck, how long have you been plotting against everyone. Hell, why would you? Killing all those people; a huge amount of Wizards and Witches would die. Why?"

Violet grabbed his wrist, and he was shocked to feel the power behind her small hand. She wasn't as weak as she seemed. There was much more to Violet than he'd realised.

"Why? Let's just say, being savage is in my nature, in my blood if you will." Her reply was ambiguous in the least.

Draco didn't understand, and tried shaking her hand off. She held firm, a gleam of satisfaction in her eyes. He wrenched again, and suddenly found himself against the far wall. She had managed to fling him five metres without even a hair being misplaced. He ignored the flare of pain in his shoulder, and went for her again; anger burning through his torso.

"Stop." Violets voice held a hint of magic, and he felt his body slow until it stopped completely. Merlin, she was a strong witch, she was using her own wand-less spell.

"Who are you?" Draco's voice started to crack, as he fought against her magic.

"Hmm, let's see. Do I tell you, and risk the chance you'll survive to tell somebody else? Or do I just leave you with no answers?"

Draco watched as she paced around the room, thinking. He knew she was mocking him, and his blood boiled. He had never been into hurting women, but right at this moment, he wanted to rip her limb from limb. He was just glad Granger wasn't here. He was only just figuring out how much the small witch meant to him. Was it love; no, not yet anyway. But he would be stupid to ignore the feelings he had churning inside of him. He'd never felt this way about anyone; protective and concerned. And being a curious person, he wanted to see where it led. Though working through his feelings for Granger, had to wait. The way things were going, he wouldn't be alive in ten minutes.

"I was always a drama queen, and I love those Muggle movies, you know, when the bad guys tell all the secrets. It makes it more satisfying, when the hero finally realises what is happening, and how they've been tricked." Violet stopped, and watched Draco with a critical eye.

"Yes, but don't the heroes always win? The bad guy always gets too cocky. Mason will alert someone what is going on if I don't call for him soon." Draco knew he was clutching at proverbial straws; Mason was seventy four.

"Oh don't worry about him; he has been taken care of. I'm not stupid, far from it, Draco. Plus it's about time the bad guy wins one, don't you think? And when I'm finished with you, I'm hunting down my other operative. Granger deserves to know the truth before she dies, doesn't she?"

Draco couldn't believe it, Violet was also Grangers handler. His eyes narrowed as he watched her prance around like an evil queen. The hatred burning in his chest was not natural, but he let it fester. It would give him strength.

"So, my sad tale starts many a year ago, with a man who was hoodwinked into marriage. Ah, I see confusion in your pretty grey eyes. I think you'll understand more, when I start using names. Once Tom Riddle Senior found out about Meropes betrayal and trickery, he left her alone and pregnant. As we all know, Voldemort was the offspring most recognised from their union. But, no one ever wondered what became of Tom Riddle Senior after he left her. Well, he went onto marry another young woman many years later, a sweet girl from a good solid wizarding family. Unfortunately, they had no idea what Tom Riddle Senior could become; he beat her to within an inch of her life when she told him she was with child." She paused and took a shaky breath in. Malfoy felt nothing for her plight, so he remained silent.

"He must have thought trickery was involved again; he was a twisted man by then. She barely managed to hide from him until she gave birth, fearful of what he would do to their child if he found them. She gave birth to a beautiful girl, at only seven and a half months. The baby survived, and was put up for adoption. My mother abandoned me, Draco. Then the fucking wizarding world turned their back on me, and left me to rot in the Muggle world. I had to learn every thing for myself. I was unwanted, and alone."

Draco was reeling from her story; and not because she was an abandoned baby. Fucking Violet was Voldemorts half sister? No wonder she was a psycho bint. Hell, did no one do background checks on prospective employees anymore? At least it explained why the Muggle ministry was going to be destroyed as well. Violets hatred for Muggles and Wizards obviously ran deep. He didn't want to know the details of what she went through. It didn't matter in the end, you either picked yourself up and did the right thing or you let hate and evil fester until you exploded. Draco knew which way Violet went. He'd been there before, having to make the choice himself. Draco felt her magic give slightly, the more anxious she got. He could almost move his arms now. It was only a matter of time.

"I found a willing wizard who taught me everything he knew; a Deatheater no less. He had a flair for wand-less spells and a gift with blood magic. Suddenly I had powers of unimaginable force, with a few dirty tricks thrown in for good measure. I infiltrated CMOA, and that's when I found you, arrogant Draco Malfoy. You were the one man who'd escaped controversy, and a tarnished reputation; after aligning with, then helping to defeat my half-brother. You were proud, and extremely conceited. But, you wouldn't play my game. You resisted my charms, rejecting me. I got to thinking that all the wizarding world was unworthy, my brother was correct in one sense. We need to rid the world of impurity. But not just the Mudbloods. We need to clean the slate of all corruption and begin again. What better place to start then wiping out both governments. Herbert was all too willing to help me, and it took nothing to sway Jonathan. I am irresistible after all."

Draco snorted; an instant later he regretted his small outburst. Violet spun on him, and all her fury was let out. He flew backwards, punching a hole straight through the wall into his walk-in wardrobe. He was thoroughly sick of being thrown into walls. It was getting old. Violet had officially lost it now; she was unstable and completely volatile. He wracked his brain for a plan to stop her.

"That's it. No more, Draco. It's time for you to be disposed of. Though, there is a very large dose of irony in this story. You and Granger were supposed to destroy each other, leaving Jonathan alive and a hero for surviving an assassination attempt. My plan was fool proof. That's why I organised for you to be working against the other. You'd always loathed each other in the past. But of course, my two most ruthless operatives decided to fall in lust instead of death. The Mudblood's death will just be sweeter now." Violet raised a hand against him.

"You will not touch Granger, you hear me, you crazy fucking witch?" Draco's voice wheezed slightly and his ribs hurt. Shit, did he break one?

"Oh my dear, Draco, you really have no say in the matter at all." Violet's eyes twinkled in mirth; she had finally managed to get a reaction from him. He was pissed off, and he'd let her see it.

"Do I get a say?"

Draco's eyes widened in horror as he sat up to see Granger standing in the doorway; wand drawn; anger etched on her face. Christ, she had to get away, she was in danger here. He had never felt so anxious; his stomach dropped, and his heart pounded. Why was she bloody here?

"Hello, Hermione. I have to say I'm not too surprised you came back. I mean I have had him in my bed, and he is scrumptious. I guess it's only fitting I share."

Hermione's eyes narrowed, then she let out a short bark of laughter. If she was surprised at the revelation she hid it well. Draco frowned, was she crazy? Merlin, just his luck, they were both touched in the brain.

"Violet, I know who you are, and who your family is. I don't care that you screwed Draco. Christ, look at him, you'd be mad if you turned that down. What might surprise you to know is; CMOA knew of your treachery the whole time. Why do you think I was transferred into your care two years ago? I was never following your orders, it just appeared that way. You really are a tragic witch, always wanting what you can't have."

"Enough!" Violets eyes sparkled in rage. Draco flinched from her murderous gaze; she turned completely around then to face Granger. Was what Granger said true? Christ, Granger had been holding out on him the whole time. Surprisingly he found he wasn't angry, just a little disappointed. He knew how CMOA operated, and knew she would have been ordered not to tell him anything. But, it still stung to be left out of the loop - again. Hell, he was turning into an understanding human being; he wasn't sure what to think about it. Malfoy – nice and understanding, it just didn't seem right. Suddenly, Draco found he could move. Violets anger made her forget to hold her spell. He felt a spike of fear slice through him; Hermione was the one in danger now. But, she stood her ground and continued her tirade.

"The truth hurts doesn't it? You're not a poor little lost girl, who was abandoned. You're a raving lunatic – one who shares the same chemical imbalance as your half brother. You're mad Violet, and should be locked away in St Mungo's, receiving treatment." Hermione's voice was icy, no emotion broke through. She was purposely being a cold hearted bitch to break through Violets rage. Hermione's brown eyes captured his for a second, and he knew exactly what that look meant.

He had done this many times in his life, it should be a cinch. But Granger was watching him; could he do it in-front of her? Would she ever be able to look him in the eye again? More importantly, would he ever be able to look her in the eye without remembering this moment. He didn't have time for any more contemplation, as Violet jumped on Hermione in a rage, clawing at her face.

Draco took three huge steps over to the two women struggling on the floor. Violet sensed nothing; her grip on reality was long gone. Just as she went to seize Granger's throat, he pulled Violet up to her knees by her hair. Before she could gasp in astonishment, he grabbed her head, snapping her neck cleanly. She dropped like a sack of flour; Draco looked down at his hands, just as three Aurors raced through the door.

Hermione smoothed down her silk dress, removing invisible wrinkles. She was nervous, and apprehensive. It had been almost a week to the day since Draco had killed Violet. And she hadn't heard a word from him, or seen him once. The Aurors had now taken over the investigation. Hermione tipped them off before going back to Draco's house, knowing Violet wouldn't be able to resist gloating to him. She was as predictable as she was mad.

She wondered whether Draco was annoyed at her deception. Though what she had lied about was technically no bigger than his fallacies. She had known Violet was the mastermind the whole time, but she was sworn to secrecy. Unfortunately the job came first, no matter how much she wanted to trust Draco. She gritted her teeth; they should have trusted him as well as her. But, she did see merit for only having the minimal amount of people involved. Christ, she didn't even know Draco worked for CMOA; they were the greatest secret keepers she'd ever known.

The plan played out almost perfectly. Herbert's betrayal though, she didn't see coming. Thank god he didn't know what her true mission was; he only thought they were after Jonathan. Also, Violet was not supposed to be killed, but it was a dire situation where only split second decisions could be made. A moment's longer hesitation may have seen Hermione in a body bag. Draco had saved her life.

"Hermione, are you ready for your award, the ceremony starts in half an hour?" The Minister of Magic stood in front of her, a look of pride on his face. She and Draco had saved his life, and the lives of thousands of his subjects. They were the new heroes every generation needed. But Hermione was sick of being a hero; she just wanted to live her secret life in, well, secret.

"Sure Minister, it's such an honour. I'll be in, in a moment."

He patted Hermione's back, leaving her standing in the hall of the largest, flashiest hotel she had ever seen. Looking down at herself, she wondered if her outfit was not too showy. She was wearing it purely for one person. A slit came from her thigh straight to the floor, and the bodice wrapped around her in folds of forest green silk. She liked silk against her body, it slid over her curves like a lovers caress. Her spiked heels made her a good six inches taller, and she left her hair loosely pinned from her face. But the one man she wanted to ogle her; was not there.

"Merlin, I need a stiff drink." She sighed exasperatedly, looking around for an escape.

Hermione made her way to the elevator, descending three floors to where she knew the bar was. Walking in, she saw it was almost empty except for one lone person sitting at the bar. Draco's white blonde head was bowed slightly; it looked like the weight of the world rested on his shoulders. Was he feeling guilt about what happened; the lies, the deceit, the killing? It was such an un-Draco like position to find him in, it hardened her resolve.

Hermione strode over, and leant against the bar a metre or so away from him. He didn't shift or look up at her. The barman came over immediately, his gaze showing how much he appreciated her dress. At least someone did.

"Scotch, on the rocks please."

"Sure thing, honey" The barman winked at her, lining up a glass. She heard a small growl next to her, and she turned slightly. Draco was glaring at the barman like a man possessed. The barman made himself scarce. She smiled secretly into her glass as she swallowed the lot down in one go.

"Merlin, I needed that," she rasped. Tilting her head back she enjoyed the burn of alcohol down her throat.

"What are you doing here?" Draco's voice was dangerously low; and somehow forlorn at the same time. He was staring at her like a starving man; she felt her arousal rear its head. Merlin, it took nothing for him to set her on edge. It was a god damn gift of his, she was certain. Draco abruptly turned around when he noticed she was watching him. He was so ridiculously unbendable. Yet, there was a vulnerability about him, which made something in her chest flip flop. She would have to work for this.

"I'm here to collect a pointless award, for just doing my job."

Draco's brow tightened. "That's not what I meant, Granger."

She knew that. But what could she say? I've missed you? We have unfinished business? Merlin, maybe she should just say - lets fuck. It was doing her head in how much she wanted him. He was a drug, she had a taste and now she wanted more, the whole Malfoy experience. Who cared if she got hurt in the end? With Draco, that was a very real possibility, actually almost a certainty. Life was about living, about taking chances. And she was willing to take one on him. So why was he being so fucking stubborn?

"Draco, you did what you had to, to save me. I don't think any less of you."

She saw him wince, and knew she had hit the nail on the head. He was feeling guilt. It was obviously an emotion he didn't understand. Hell, Malfoy had probably never felt guilt over anything. It made her stomach clench that he felt it over her. But, did he not realise she didn't care. Merlin, she had done worse on some of her missions. Though admittedly she had never killed anyone in-front of a witness before. Taking a life with an audience would bring in a whole new level of responsibility, something even she wouldn't know how to deal with.

"You don't understand, Granger. Leave me the fuck alone." Draco dismissed her; looking back into his glass.

She saw red; there was no way she was letting him get away with feeling sorry for himself. She needed a knee jerk reaction from him. And she knew exactly how to do it.

"Excuse me." She motioned for the barman with a flick of her wrist. "What time do you get off today? You see, I have this gala upstairs, and I need a partner. And well, to be honest you're very cute…"

She got no further; with a growl and a very loud 'leave her the fuck alone', Draco grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the bar.

"What are you playing at, Granger?" He demanded, his voice breaking a little.

She looked into his mercurial grey eyes, feeling herself get momentarily lost in their depths. He was so utterly gorgeous, Merlin, could she really keep someone like him interested?

"Nothing, Draco. I need a date since my last one stood me up. I can't see a problem with it, since you obviously aren't interested."

Draco pushed her against the wall, a hand either side of her head as he leant in menacingly. His breath ghosted across her lips, and she felt her stomach come alive with butterflies. He narrowed his eyes, taking in all her features. She felt on fire.

"Not interested, fuck. I can't get you out of my head. I'm completely under your influence. Somehow you have ensnared me. What is it about you, Hermione that I find so damn intoxicating?"

With those words, his lips came crashing down onto hers. And it was at that moment, Hermione became lost within the passion. Fire raced through her bloodstream, burning a path straight to her groin. She arched herself into his body, feeling his returning groan. One of Draco's arms came down from the wall, and he curved it around her waist to pull her in closer against his hardness. She felt secure, and crazy with lust. Her hand twirled through his hair noticing how soft it felt under her touch. His tongue danced with hers in a heat which was threatening to overtake her. Raggedly Draco leant away from her, she tried to follow his lips, but he held her still. She felt questions in her eyes, which he saw. He cocked his lips in a half smile which made her insides tighten. Then he had hold of her hand, dragging her down the hallway until they came across a door which said 'powder room'. Hermione's eyebrow rose in question.

"Maybe we better get back soon; they'll send a search party for us otherwise." Was that her voice all husky and full of unspent passion?

"Let them," was Draco's strangled reply.

They burst into the room; Draco flinging her onto a small cushioned daybed. Hermione quickly looked around, never having seen such a decadent room just for women to preen themselves in. There were two daybeds, and a mirror which ran around the room with a bench coming out, for placing makeup on Hermione surmised. A bathroom complete with toilets and showers were in a small room to the left. Chandeliers and ornate skirting boards gave the feeling they were in a palace, not a hotel. She saw Draco head back to the door, and watched as he locked it and used a silencing spell.

"Oh, Merlin," she breathed; her insides were running on hyper drive. Did he mean to do what she thought? He strode over to her; an intense look graced his features. His eyes were almost black in desire, a desire for her.

He was on her in seconds, kneeling on the ground in-front of her. Wrapping an arm around her, he pulled her to the edge of the seat. Hermione loved being manhandled; desire rose in her chest. He leant in close until their lips were only an inch apart. His eyes bored into hers as they soaked up the anticipation. Hermione's breath hitched when Draco grabbed her hand, pressing it to the front of his trousers.

"See what you do to me."

Hermione deftly unzipped his pants and slid her hand inside, grasping his length. He shuddered against her, closing his eyes. She had never seen a man look so mouth-watering. His grey eyes opened as she began to stroke him lightly, it was the most intense gaze she'd been on the receiving end of. She licked her lips nervously in expectation. He saw and lowered his lips to hers. The kiss started out slow and sweet, until she tightened her grip on him. He grunted into her mouth and his tongue slid in, hot and wilful.

"Granger, if you don't behave yourself, this interlude will be over sooner rather than later. Now lie back down."

Draco threw his jacket aside and unbuttoned his shirt to the waist. Oh, God, he was sculptured to perfection. Removing her hand, she trailed it down his chest slowly, he was solid and taut. Hermione positioned herself back against the cushions so she was half reclining. Draco grabbed one foot, leisurely unsnapping the strap of her heel. He was taking his time running his hand up her leg until it almost reached her upper thigh. The bastard was teasing her. Hermione moaned and wriggled in her seat. Draco's masculine chuckle sent tingles down her spine. There was nothing girly about this Adonis. He took the same considerations with her other leg. Hermione was ready to explode, and was certain the best had yet to come.

Draco gave her a wink and leant up to capture her lips in another blazing kiss. His hand roamed down her side, finding the zip to her dress. In one quick motion he had undone it to the waist. She sat forward for a second as he rolled it down her body. Helping her to shift her weight, he removed the garment completely. Draco's eyes feasted on her. Hermione would have blushed under any other circumstance, but there was something about Draco which made her inhibitions disappear.

"What's this called?" Draco's voice was low and wicked.

"A corset."

Hermione had brought it especially for the dress. It was black leather which covered her breasts, barely. She was wearing the matching thong; and judging by Malfoys inability to continue his caresses, it was doing the intended job.

"Lift your arms above your head."

Hermione smiled, he knew his underwear. She had no intentions of disobeying Draco, not now anyway. Languidly she stretched like a cat, raising her arms above her head then let them hang down the back of the daybed. This in turn let her breasts slide out the top of the corset. Draco spanned his hands on her waist and dipped his head down, capturing a tight nipple in his mouth.

"Christ, Malfoy."

Her throat was heady with emotion; she couldn't believe it was her voice which sounded so seductive. Malfoy lathed her nipple whilst tugging at it with his teeth gently, making her gasp in pleasure. His other hand explored the tautness of her leather thong. She moaned wantonly.

"Oh, yes, please…"

"What? What do you want, Granger?"

Hermione flung her head back against the cushion as Draco's touch found its way under the thong. His fingers stroked her pussy delicately, like she might break. Merlin, she couldn't form thoughts, she wanted rougher, harder. Before she could formulate the words, his hands left her.

"What. Do. You. Want?" He demanded again huskily.

Hermione opened her eyes and was caught in the snare of his; dark and piercing. He wasn't joking, he wanted an answer. She shuddered with longing. Christ, she wanted his cock; right where his fingers were. But would Hermione actually ask for it?

Yes, she could. Sitting up she reached out quickly, grabbing the front of his trousers. Hermione undid the clasp and grasped both his underwear and pants together and pulled them off his hips. Draco's cock bobbed out, rigid and wanting her attention; she now knew gods must have had something to do with his conception. He was perfect. He inhaled tightly as she grasped him fully with both hands and began to double stroke him. Staring Draco right in the eye she decided it was now or never.

"What I want is for you to fuck me, Draco. I want to forget my name, where I am and who I am. I want you to take me to the brink so many times I beg you for release. Yours is the only name I want to scream. And by Merlin, I want to scream it a thousand times."

Draco's eyes dilated as a mischievous smirk spread across his face. "As my lady wishes, it shall be done."

Draco grasped her wrist yanking her off the daybed. She tottered a moment, disorientated by the sharp movement. Stepping out of his trousers he pulled her towards one of the mirrored benches. He pressed her up against the surface; it came just below her waist. The hardness of the wood and the stiffness of Draco pushed up against her back made her whimper.

"Look." Draco's voice vibrated in her ear.

Hermione looked up seeing her own chocolate brown eyes dazed in lust staring back at her. Her mouth formed an 'o' as she dragged her eyes away from her dishevelled appearance to Draco. His blonde hair shone in the overhead light as his eyes pierced hers. The open shirt was the only piece of clothing he wore and he looked magnificent. The stark whiteness against her black leather made her think of good and evil. And she didn't care in the slightest as to who was who. He nudged up against her, his hard cock throbbing on her backside. She looked down and watched Draco's fingers hook themselves either side of her thong. One moment it was there, the next it was pulled to the ground. She shivered in anticipation.

Draco tilted her forward as his fingers delved into her slickness. Hermione cried out as he found her clit and tweaked it mercilessly. Two fingers slid inside of her and she groaned as he slowly began to fuck her. She wanted more than just his fingers though. She ground back against him, telling him with her body what she wanted. But of course it wasn't good enough for Draco.

"Tell me, ask for what you want."

"Draco, you're not stupid. I want you inside of me."

He laughed against her ear. "I am inside of you."

Growling, Hermione reached around and grabbed his dick tightly. "You know what I mean, smartarse. And you call me the cock tease."

Hermione looked back to the mirror, catching his gaze. He had a half smile in place and his eyes twinkled. Never had she seen him so at ease, it suited him. Then she lost all coherent thought as he pushed a third finger in, making her back arch in pleasure. If he continued, she would be screaming his name in no time. Hermione gave him yet another small tug to remind him what she wanted. His eyes turned serious and the smile slipped a little, she caught her breath.

Suddenly, Draco grabbed her right leg and raised it so her knee was resting on the bench. Her chest pulsed as her heart hammered in exhilaration. He pushed her forward and hammered his fingers in - hard. Hermione squealed as wave after wave of lust drove her to near insanity. She lifted her head and caught his eye. He gazed at her intently, almost as if asking permission. She let her eyes flutter shut in ecstasy as he flicked her clit again. Then his fingers were gone, she had a moment to moan at the loss, when Draco sheathed himself in her with one fluid motion.

"Oh. My. God." Hermione's breathless moan was lost, as the slap of flesh against flesh reverberated around the room. Draco's grunts mirrored her own whimpers exactly.

Draco had stretched her pussy until it burned with hurt. Nothing had ever felt so dizzyingly perfect. Hermione arched her back again, and Draco grasped her breast tweaking and pinching her nipple until she cried out. His other hand trailed down to her pussy, and just when she thought she couldn't take any more stimuli, he brushed against her nub. Hermione jerked, so Draco increased the pressure, all the while continuing his relentless pounding. Each thrust was punctuated by a groan from deep within his throat. It was the sexiest thing Hermione had ever heard. She watched their reflection as Draco tweaked her nipple and played with her clit. His face was buried in her neck and all she could see was the top of his white blonde head. Erotic didn't even begin to cover what her eyes were feasting on. She felt the familiar blinding heat begin in her pussy, and knew she was about to come.

"Draco, watch me come." Her voice was a lusty whisper. But he heard perfectly clear.

He raised his head; silver eyes hooded and barely in control met hers. His pace faltered for a second before he began to thump into her - long and deep. Her eyes fluttered shut until he pinched her nipple insistently. She opened them again and held his gaze. The heat which coiled inside of her spiralled out, encompassing her entire being. A flush of warmth spread through her groin as she began to whimper.

"Oh Merlin, Draco, I'm coming."

With her soft words, Draco let out a yell and began to shudder deep within her, twitching as he came. His roar of release drowned out her whimpers of fulfilment. Sated they both stood on shaky legs for a moment, just holding each others gaze. She was trembling uncontrollably, and could not tell if it was from the sex or Malfoy's intense stare. Hermione slowly lifted her leg down as he slid himself from her. Draco opened his mouth to say something, when a loud banging came from the door. Hermione jumped back and Draco caught her, pulling her into his warm embrace. His chest still rising and falling rapidly, it made her smile.

"Miss Granger, Mr Malfoy are you in there? The minister is looking everywhere. You're missing your ball."

Hermione twisted her head so she was looking up at Draco, he was smirking. She was mortified, what if they came in? She went to pick up her thong, but Draco held her tight against him.

"I like you there, don't move." His whispered taunt made her knees weak and a small grin spread over her face. Damn, she liked being told what to do.

"We have to face them sometime." She sighed back. "We can't stay here forever."

Draco licked the shell of her ear, making her shudder. "I'm a Malfoy. I can stay where ever I like, forever if need be."

The loud knocking came again, this time with a murmured 'I don't think they are here, maybe the barman was wrong'. Hermione stifled a small laugh. Merlin, they had blown off their own presentation, for a quick shag in a powder room. So where did this leave them now? She wasn't too inclined to ask, she didn't want the content feeling inside of her be ruined. Draco must have sensed the change in her mood, because he looked down at her quizzically. She mustered up a smile, and went to pick up her underwear for the second time.

"I said, don't move, Granger. We have things to be discussed."

Hermione sighed in defeat. His voice was all business like. This was probably the moment he told her, 'thanks for the shag; I'd always wanted to nail a Gryffindor to the wall', or something along those lines. Instead he surprised her when he spun her to face him. Tilting her chin up, he looked into her eyes. They were depthless; she was a hundred percent certain of it. Draco descended slowly and softly licked her lips until she parted them on a sigh. Then he drew back, confusing her even more.

"I have an extremely lucrative proposition for you, Granger."

She just raised an eyebrow in response. He smirked at her, she felt her insides melt. Christ, where was your resolve girl?

"A partnership, freelancers if you please. No CMOA, no Violets, Jonathans or traitorous creeps. Just you and I working together, for whomever or whichever cause we like. Together."

Hermione looked up into his eyes and waited for the punch-line. Nothing came out, he was bloody serious. He continued to watch her closely. Well, whatever the future held, it would sure be a hell of a lot more interesting by Malfoys side. She almost nodded in agreement when he interrupted her.

"Of course, there is a small price to pay."

Hermione's bubble of excitement sunk a little. Of course there would be. It wouldn't be a deal unless there was a clause he'd dreamt up. Probably something like having Veela's as secretaries, whom he had every right to shag senseless. She was getting ahead of herself; he'd given no indication of wanting more from her. Tonight was probably a 'get it out of your system screw'.

"What is it, Malfoy? My first born child? My Grandmother's inheritance?"

"No, Granger, you silly twat. You have to become my partner - officially."

"Fine then. I know you'll have a water tight contract written up. As long as I still have free will, I'll join you." She hated that her voice sounded miffed, why couldn't she be all business like him?

Draco's eyes crinkled as he smiled down at her like she was a child.

"You misunderstand me. We have to publically come out as a couple. I still have Malfoy Enterprises to run, and I'm sick of being a philandering playboy. I think it's about time I settled down for a while. Don't you think?"

Hermione watched him for what felt like a minute. Inside, her heart was hammering so loud, she swore he'd be able to hear it. He really meant it. Would she like dating Malfoy? She'd dated worse in her life, she reasoned. But never someone so dazzling; who made her pulse react so erratically. Well, she knew she loved screwing him. It was a win-win situation in her eyes.

"Hmmm…I'm sure we can come to some agreement, Mr Malfoy." Her grin mirrored his.

She managed to extract herself from his embrace and began to re-dress.

"Oh, Granger. I also reserve the right to tie you up at any time and have my freaky sadistic way with you. No questions."

Hermione gulped and slowly nodded her head in an affirmative. Merlin, life was definitely looking in her favour. But, she wasn't about to let Malfoy have all the fun. She picked up her purse and pulled out a set of handcuffs, letting them dangle from her finger. Draco gaped at her a second, before a twinkle in his eye made her stomach tighten.

"Oh, Granger." He breathed. "You are a naughty girl."

She pushed him backwards with a finger on his chest, until they reached the showers in the bathroom next-door. He didn't know the half of it yet, she thought, as she handcuffed him to the shower rail. It was going to be a very fascinating existence and Hermione Granger was more than ready for it.

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