Dean "woke up" in Jeremy's apartment. His dad and Bobby were gone. The door opened and Jeremy walked in.

"I'm here to bring you your worst nightmare," Jeremy said.

"Bring it on," Dean said cockily.

Jeremy snapped his fingers and Sam appeared next to him. "Sam fell asleep. Because I have his DNA and yours, I can bring him into your dream."

"Sam, you were supposed to stay awake until we found Jeremy," Dean said.

"Sorry, Dean," Sam said and looked down at his feet.

Jeremy produced a baseball bat and hit Sam with it.

"Leave him alone," Dean growled.

"I'm just getting started. This is your worst nightmare. Watching Sam get hurt and there's nothing you can do about it," Jeremy taunted.

"Who says there's nothing I can do?" Dean asked. He lunged towards Jeremy, but found himself frozen in place.

"You know how dreams are Dean? Sometimes you try to move and you can't. This is one of those dreams." He swung the bat towards Sam again, this time connecting with his head.


When John entered Dean's dream, he was alone. He hadn't counted on having to find Dean. He had assumed he would be with him. He was outside Jeremy's building, though and figured Dean might still be in his apartment. He headed up.

When he was close to the door, he heard a yell that sounded an awful lot like Sam. That threw him for a minute as he was expecting to find Dean. However, he figured in Dean's head, Sam was probably pretty much wherever Dean was. He ran towards the room.

When he ran in he saw a guy that he assumed was Jeremy, hitting Sam with a baseball bat and Dean screaming at him to stop.

"That's enough," John said in his best authoritative voice.

"You can't do anything about it," Jeremy said. "I'm a god in here."

"Because of the Dream Root?" John asked.

"That's right," Jeremy confirmed.

"You're forgetting I took it, too," John said. He produced a gun and shot Jeremy. Dean and John woke up in front of Bobby.

"You get him?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah, but we need to check on Sam," Dean said. "He fell asleep and Jeremy pulled him in the dream with him."

The three of them ran out to the car and sped off towards Sam's apartment. They ran up the stairs and Dean knocked on the door.

"Sam, are you OK?" Dean asked when he opened the door.

"Yeah, why?" Sam asked.

"Jeremy pulled you into my dream and was beating you. Don't you remember? Why did you fall asleep?"

"I haven't been asleep. Do you think I'm a moron?"

"Jeremy must have produced a figment of imagination Sam from your head," John concluded.

"Who is it, Sam?" Jessica asked.

"My family," Sam said, realizing that they were having this conversation half in the hallway. "Want to come in?"

"How about we go for coffee?" John asked, indicating that he wanted to talk to Sam in private.

"Would you mind if I left for a while, Jess?" Sam asked.

"No, that's fine. I have a lot of work to catch up on."

Sam groaned as he realized he did too. Oh well, tomorrow would be soon enough. He was in a coma for 3 days, his professors would probably be a little lenient.

They left and headed to a little coffee shop around the corner.

"Sam, I want you to come back home," John said.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, confused. They didn't have a home, but maybe his dad just meant that he wasn't cut off from the family anymore.

"It's time for you to forget this college foolishness and start hunting again. You had your vacation. It's time to get back to work."

"Dad," Dean said warningly.

Bobby shifted uncomfortably. He probably shouldn't be here for this.

"No, I'm serious. Look at what happened to you on your own. You'll be better off with us."

"I'm going home," Sam said and stood up. Some things would never change. He walked out.

"Nice, Dad," Dean said. "Don't you remember how you felt when we thought Sam might die?"

"Yes, Dean. That's why I want him back with us."

"But he's not going to come back. All you're doing is pushing him further away," Dean protested.

"Dean's right," Bobby piped in.

"Let's catch up to him," Dean pleaded.

"No. I told him if he left to not come back. I was willing to give him a second chance, but he turned it down. We're leaving," John stated in no uncertain terms.

Dean and Bobby exchanged a glance and shook their heads. John and Sam were both so stubborn that there would never be any reconciling of the two of them that lasted more than five minutes. They hurried to follow John back to Sam's where they had left the car.


"Jess?" Sam called out when he got home. He thought he could hear the shower running. He went and laid down on the bed. He couldn't believe how tired he was when he had spent so long sleeping. But then again it wasn't exactly a restful sleep. He closed his eyes as he sank down. He felt something drip on his face. He brushed it away. He felt it again and opened his eyes. "NO!" he screamed as he saw Jessica on the ceiling, her stomach slashed and bleeding. Then she burst into flame.


"I'm going to say good-bye," Dean said defiantly. He would not allow his father to define how he left things with Sam. Not this time. He walked up the stairs wondering if his Dad would just take off and leave him. Oh well, he'd find a way back to the Impala somehow.

"No, Jess!" Dean heard as he approached Sam's room. Dean kicked down the door.

"Sam!" he yelled. He saw the flames coming from the bedroom and ran to the door. He saw Sam laying on the bed looking up towards fire. He looked up and momentarily froze as he saw Jessica burning up, pinned to the ceiling. He ran to Sam and pulled him up. "Come on we gotta get out of here."

Sam fought against him. "We have to save her," he protested.

"It's too late," Dean said. This was bringing back all the memories from when he was four. The white hot heat, the smell of burning flesh. The panic, only this time it was Sam and not his father.

"No," Sam protested again.

Dean pushed against him, forcing him from the room. He pulled him out into the hallway, and gently pulled him down the stairs. Slowly, Sam stopped fighting him. Dean paused to pull the fire alarm next to the door on the way out.

John looked up at the sound of the fire alarm and saw Dean pulling Sam out of the building. Sam looked like he was OK, but he was huddled against Dean and Dean was supporting him. John and Bobby ran over to them. "What happened?" John asked.

"Jessica was burning on the ceiling," Dean whispered, not wanting to be overheard by those beginning to come out of the building.

"Sam, I'm so sorry," John said. "I would have done anything to have spared you this." He knew exactly what Sam was feeling. He wondered what it meant that Sam's girlfriend had died exactly the same way as his mother. Was this all really about Sam somehow?

"Well, you got what you wanted," Sam said angrily. "I guess I'm back in now."

"Sam, I never wanted this," John reassured him. It was too bad about the girl, he thought, but Sam was right. He had gotten what he wanted.

The End.