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Is it True Love?

A year after the World Robattle Championships, There's already a new law that Medabots can go to school. 4 years later, it was the 1st day of classes. Already in Grade 5, Metabee, Brass, Sumillidon, Neutranurse, Peppercat, Cyandog, and Totalizer became friends. Inside the school, Mr. Rokusho, the school principal, is giving room assignments to all students.

Metabee, Brass, Sumillidon, and Neutranurse are in Room 5-A, Peppercat and Cyandog are in Room 5-B and Totalizer in Room 5-C. In homeroom, Mr. Haniwa, controlled the class in 5-A.

Metabee and Brass sat next to each other at the first row while Sumillidon and Neutranurse also sat next to each other at the 2nd row.

In Room 5-B, where Mr. Foxuno was their homeroom teacher, Peppercat sat in front of Cyandog.

In 5-C, where Ms. Aquacrown handled their class, Totalizer was very alone. Well back to 5-A,

"So we're now in Grade 5 huh?" said Metabee who was very happy at that time. Metabee is smart but not that very smart though he has high grades. He is still very good in Robattling though.

"Yeah, I think so." Brass replied. Nothing much has changed with Brass.

"Yeah! We're in Grade 5! One of the happiest years before High School!" said Sumillidon happily. Sumillidon already patched things up with Metabee. Even though they still argue and sometimes Robattle, they're still friends.

" Sumillidon, keep your voice down. Mr. Haniwa would hear us!" said Neutranurse in an alarmed tone. Neutranurse is very good in healing that when her friends' parts got broken, they always go to Neutranurse.

After the introductions, Mr. Haniwa assigned bookshelves for everyone. Since there were only a few bookshelves, they were assigned by pairs.

Metabee's pair is Brass while Sumillidon's pair is Neutranurse.

Everything is fine here so let's go to Room 5-B.

Peppercat is very happy that Cyandog became her classmate since she has a crush on Cyandog even though he's a dog. Cyandog is also happy that Peppercat became his classmate since he has a crush on Peppercat even though she's a cat. But neither of them knows that they had a crush on each other.

Well enough about here, let's go to 5-C. As natural, Totalizer is still bummed because his friends are not here. Then, just before he got bored, a medabot beside him introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Stingray. Who are you?" " I'm Totalizer." Said Totalizer. Stingray and Totalizer were alike; so they are now the best of buds.

RRRRRRIIINNNGGG, it was dismissal time. Everyone went home.

When they got home, Ikki and Metabee were talking about Metabee's first day.

" So how was your first day Metabee?" said Ikki while watching Medabots Weekly. Ikki is still the same old Ikki, the only difference is he is 15 and he is now going out with Erika.

"It's okay, Ikki. Nothing much has changed though." said Metabee.

While Ikki and Metabee were talking, Erika and Brass were also talking about the same topic. "Brass, how was school today?" said Erika. Erika is now the head journalist of their school paper and is now going out with Ikki.

"Oh, it's great Miss Erika." Said Brass.

Months passed and it was October. Metabee developed a thing for Brass because being his seatmate, shelfmate and friend made him think that he wanted to be with her.

Then, Mr. Rokusho announced an important reminder on the paging system. "Everyone should be reminded about the anniversary of the Medabot Education Law being approved. There will also be a Field Demonstration during the anniversary celebration. That is all."

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