Time flies by a lot faster than you know it. Its been seven years now and after a long journey of looking for my father I finally decided to return home. I travelled all the way to Italy and France because I heard my father studied violin there for a while. I did meet his music teacher who said that my father stopped violin lessons about two years before I showed up. From what the teacher told me, my father is very talented and is travelling to world to learn more about music. I got his teacher to teach me to play the song he taught my father. In my seven years of journey I hadn't met Youru. But I did get a new back egg. It just hadn't hatched yet.

My mind was overflowing with thoughts on how people would react when they saw me. I stopped right in front of a new building. It was the place where I first met Amu. Back then it was still under construction. I was asleep in a pit when she fell in. I chuckled a little to myself as memories flew by me.

I walked a head and stopped in front of amu's school, "she should be in high school right now." I whispered to myself. I paced back and forth staring into the school waiting for the bell to go.

"Ikuto?" I spun around to find Tadase-kun staring at me with his jaw hanging below him. He smiled, "So your finally back." He was the same old Tadase. Except he grew taller. His blonde hair hanging over his deep ruby eyes.

"Your grown." I said shoving my hands in my pockets casually.
"Right?" he smiled again.

"Ikuto?" I could recognise that voice anywhere, the voice I'd been longing to hear. It sent chills down my back. It was Amu.

I turned around as she jumped right on top of me pushing me to the floor, she was still her childish self, until I realized how much she actually changed.

She wasn't much shorter than me and her hair was much longer and died brown with curls at the bottom. She looked like a different person. She looked, hot.

My face was bright red when she was still hugging me.

She then climbed off of me and apoligized. " Sorry," she giggled, "why didn't you tell me you were coming back?" Her voice was a little shaky with her face bright red.

"It was a surprise." I lied. I just didn't know if she'd want to see me after leaving her for seven years.

I helped her off the ground keeping our hands locked until someone cut right through.

"Oh, so you must be Ikuto?" an unfamiliar guy smirked.

"Ikuto," Amu said, "This is Noir. We met in middle school."
"Yeah." He smirked putting one arm around Amu's waist, "We've been close for years."

I could tell by the look in his eyes that that boy was going to be competition. He was around the same height as me with dark hair and green eyes. He had cat eyes, just like me. He smirked at me, "Nice to meet you Ikuto."

I kept silent.

"Ikuto, do you want me to show you what's changed?" Amu asked with excitement in her voice as she reached out for me.

"Sure" I said, my eyes still locked with Noir. He did no different.

I spent the after noon with Amu as she walked me through the school refreshing my memory. We walked to her classroom to pick up her bags.

I cornered her against to wall locking both exits with my hands, as she blushed hard. She hadn't changed. I gave a weak smile and rested my head on her shoulder, "I missed you."

She sighed heavily as her eyes brimmed with tears, "You don't know how much I longed to hear those words" she replied with a faint smile.

I bent over and gentle pressed my lips against her neck. She shrieked a little in surprise but then put her arms around my back holding me close to her.

My eyes widened a little in surprise. "You should get home. I got something to do. I'll see you later."

She looked puzzled by my sudden movement but agreed and walked out of the classroom.

"How long do you plan on hiding?" I said without turning around.

"Your quite sharp I must say." Noir appeared from behind the cupboard.

His smile dropped, "stay away from Amu. I was the one here for her when you left" His eyes darted right through me.

"Or what?" I said, with a smirk shoving my hands in my pocket.

"Or someone's going to get hurt." And out from the shadows a shugo chara appeared.

He smirked when he saw my face go pale.

His shougo chara, was Yoru.