I paced back and forth in my room before staring at my phone. I picked it up and then put it back down and paced around the room again.

"Amu you've been at this for ages, get on with it!" Miki yelled popping her head out of her blue egg.

I bit my lip a little shocked they noticed.

"Amu do you want to tell us what's wrong?" Dia asked sitting on the edge of my table next to my phone.

I sighed heavily before throwing myself on my bed, "I want to talk to Noir about his shugo chara."

"What about it?" Ran asked as she floated towards me.

"Well," I said hugging my pillow with my legs dangling off the edge of the bed, "I don't understand, why didn't he tell me about his shugo chara? We've been friends since middle school. And what im even more curious is how did I not notice it?"

"Hmm, it is very strange desu." Sue wondered.

"I don't get it!" I yelled shuffling towards my phone again as I flipped it open.

I got a little shock when it buzzed as I was about to write my message. It was a message from Ikuto.

Ikuto: Morning beautiful
Amu: Morning. Do you want to meet up at the park?
Ikuto: Sure I guess.

I smiled to myself before shoving my phone in my pocket as I headed for the door.

I walked towards the park. I blushed just thinking about him. All the way from elementary school, I'd always loved him. Just thinking about him made me smile. After so many years, he had come back for me. I could wait for him forever. I loved him so much.

When I reached he wrapped him arms around my waist and bent over towards me, "Did you miss me?"

I smiled my face still red, "You? As if." I pushed him away as I giggled a little.

"Damn I hate school." He sighed heavily as he threw himself on the bench, "And I cant believe im going through it again as a teacher. I never saw this coming in high school."

I frowned a little before saying, "Well at least you get to see Ms. Rachel."

He pulled me towards him forcing me to sit on his lap as he whispered in my ear, "You're the only girl I see." As he kissed me lightly on my cheek. "It's unfair even though I see you in school I cant touch you."

"Now you just sound like a perve." I smirked a little before wrapping my hands around his neck.

He smirked a little before tightening his arms around me, "Wel-" He stopped to look up as the rain began to pour down on us.

"You've got to be kidding?" He said annoyed.

I watched as the rain drops fell on his face and rolled down his cheeks as he took every deep breath. My eyes were drawn towards him, I couldn't look away. He looked away from the sky before locking his deep violet eyes with mine.

He pulled me closer causing my upper body to be flat against his without looking away. There was nothing but the sound of the rain hitting the concrete as he bent towards me pressing his lips against mine. His kiss was gentle but filled with passion like I never wanted to let go. I wanted to hold onto him forever. I ran my hands through his dark wet hair holding him close. When he pulled away he rested his head against mine before smirking at me.

"Let's take you home princess." He said picking me off his lap but keeping our hands locked, "I'll see you tomorrow."

I watched him as he walked away. I never understood one thing about Ikuto, before we could get too close he would restrain himself and pull away. He wouldn't go any futher. I couldn't understand why. I felt like a perve, I was the one who wanted to touch him. My face was red again.
I didn't try to run inside my house to take shelter. I let the rain run down my face. It reminded me of Ikuto. His gentle expression just as the rain began.

The next morning I ran to school with a slice of toast in my mouth.
"This wouldn't have happened if you just woke up a little earlier." Ran called annoyed tailing me with my other four shugo charas.

"We'll make it in time." I shouted back, as I ran through the gates panting heavily trying to catch my breath.

"Morning." I said sliding the door open as I walked into class and sat next to Rima.
"Morning." Yaya and Rima called at the same time.

"Hinamori Amu please report to the principal's office immediately." The principal announced and all of a sudden all eyes were on me.

Miki joked, "Busted." I glared at her before walking out the door and slammed it shut behind me.

I wasn't even that late. I walked up to the principal's office and opened the door to see him sitting with Ikuto inside.

"Shit…" I whispered under my breath.
"Hinamori san please take a seat." The principal looked fierce as I walked and sat next to Ikuto.
He cleared his throat before starting, "Some students have told me that there has been a teacher student relationship outside school between you two."

There was drop dead silence in the room until he shouted,"Don't bother denying it because I have evidence." He took out a photo of me sitting on Ikuto's lap in the park yesterday.
I felt my heart sink. It was all over. I'd be expelled and Ikuto would be fired.

"Care to explain?" he asked his eyes locked with Ikutos.

I could feel my eyes brim with tears. I didn't know what to do. If only I didn't ask Ikuto to meet me at the park none of this would have happened.

"Principal I can explain." Ikuto start standing up and pulling me up with him, "The truth is Amu and I are engaged."
The principals eyes widened in shock and at the same time, so did mine.