Giselle and Nancy glided to the kitchen and the former waited for the door to close to speak, "You look absolutely radiant, Nancy, and I am so happy you and Edward are here…but, I have a strong feeling you're not here to visit."

Nancy had a guilt-ridden expression, "No, we're not." She fidgeted under Giselle's curious stare.

"By the way both of you looked at each other when Morgan mentioned her age, I'm assuming it has to do with Prince Ethan." Giselle pressed.

"I really shouldn't say, since it was Edward's idea to come here. So he should be the one to ask."

Giselle was a little amused, "It was Edward's idea? I thought he hated it here."

Nancy smiled, "Well, technically, it was Nathaniel's idea to visit you all," she was about to continue but Giselle had to interject.

"Nathaniel's been here, though, and he hasn't gone back to Andalasia, has he?"

"No, he hasn't physically been back. We found Narissa's lair and used her magic to be able to talk freely to him from time to time."

Giselle simply nodded not wanting to further the conversation if it would stray towards Narissa. She cast her eyes down while grabbing the glasses and filling them with ice. Placing them perfectly apart from one another on a platter dish, she filled them to the brim with fresh lemonade. The whole time there was a reverent silence between the two ladies, and although there was no palpable tension, the need to fill the quiet was strong.

Wanting to help, Nancy opened the refrigerator and took out some grapes, strawberries, and apples. After washing her hands, she individually pulled each grape from the stem and threw the still firm ones in a snack bowl.

Giselle noticed this and said, "Nancy, you don't need to do that. I've got it…"

"No, Giselle. I want to help." She looked at Giselle with sincerity, the brunette wanted to show in however little way that she had no ill feelings towards Edward's ex-fiancé.

If she thought about it, both women stole each other's intended. She was with Robert for five long years and suddenly this seemingly insane, at that moment in time; woman fell into his life and changed everything. Robert became a different man in those few days, even if he didn't realize it. Nancy wanted to believe that Giselle wasn't in their lives to steal him away, that she was merely there by fate to make Robert realize that sporadic romance was needed in a relationship. That wasn't the case though. Giselle didn't come to steal Robert away; in fact, she didn't even realize she loved him until the Ball. Nancy knew the moment Robert fully realized his feelings for the princess-to-be. The music ended, Robert and Nancy bowed to one another, and Robert glanced up at the top of the staircase in complete adoration. She had to admit, Giselle was a vision to behold that night. And if it weren't for the fact that Edward and she were there, nothing would have stopped the two from admitting their feelings for one another the moment they began their enchanting dance.

Nancy also had to admit that she was sort of glad that Robert was the one for Giselle. She got to witness a classic fairy tale moment, and even Edward was smiling when his fiancé woke up at someone else's hand. It was a joyous, romantic moment and it proved that the two were meant to be together.

"What about me?" Nancy thought while looking at her wedding band. All it took for her to fall in love was a man putting a shoe on her foot. When he said that it was a perfect fit, she knew. She looked up to her previous dance partner's eyes, for neither looked at each other at that time. They were more invested in Giselle and Robert's perfectly romantic waltz. She noticed that his eyes sparkled like stars and held the same adoration that her ex had for his ex.

She was pulled from her memory as Giselle handed her the cutting board, an apple corer, and a knife. She smiled at the small redhead. "So how has things been in Andalasia? How is Pip?"

Nancy rolled her eyes in amusement at the chipmunk's name, "He's as popular as ever. Since his book came out, his head has gotten to the size of a football."

Giselle's eyebrows shot up at the statement, "He wrote a book? What is it about?"

"The title is 'Silence Isn't Golden', that's all I'll say about it." Both girls laughed.

Yes, both girls knew there was no bitterness towards each other.