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Before leaving the island in the episode Stranded Cindy reveals her true feelings for Jimmy when she proposes that he and she remain on the island together. What if he had said yes?

The scene opens at the sequence where she proposes the idea.

Island beach near the hover car:


What is it Cindy? Replied Jimmy

Cindy sadly yet defiantly said "We don't have to go"

The confusion showed in Jimmy's expression and he asked "what are you talking about?"

Cindy "We can conquer the spider like we did everything else and we can rebuild our tree houses and avoid the jungle and stay on the island, just the two of us. We don't have to go" The smile spread across Jimmy's face and he barely could contain the feeling welling up inside him. He had grown so fond of Cindy over the last few days and he finally realized how much she really had always meant to him. His emotions soared with excitement as the words she had just spoken sunk in. She was offering to stay on the island with him. She must care about him as much as he had hoped she did.

Libby yells out "Are you guys coming or not?

Sheen "Yeah let's get this mirage on the road"

Jimmy snapped out of the near trance like state he was in from having locked eyes with Cindy and his head turned sharply toward his friends that were climbing into the hover car. His gaze re-shifted back to Cindy and she was standing there in front of him with her lips trembling. She raised her hand up in a half hearted gesture as if she wanted to reach for him but then decided to give up prematurely. Jimmy felt a wave of confusion rush over him and this clearly showed on his face.

His mind drifted back to all the time he had spent with Cindy and the way they had survived countless dangers together. She had always been his sassy rival and his main source of competition. Here in this place far from home they had forged a bond like he never believed he would feel for anything or anyone in his life. He knew that things would never be the same between them again.

Jimmy looked at Cindy and an even broader smile spread across his face and the words sputtered out "Cindy, I would love to stay here with you."

Her hear skipped a beat and she clapped her hands together and eagerly half shouted "Really?"

Jimmy had his hand on the back of his neck and looked down at the ground "Cindy, I'm not very good when it comes to showing my emotions. I feel that you and I have gotten very close here, wouldn't you agree?"

Cindy was beaming "definitely Jimmy, I love what you and I have here and I don't want to risk losing it for anything"

Cindy looked at their friends and then back at Jimmy her heart sunk in her chest and she looked sad when she said "They will never let us stay though, will they? Carl and Sheen will have the whole town out here looking for us if we stay."

Jimmy "Think, think, think…Brain blast! I have an idea Cindy, but we will have to go back to the mainland for at least one week. We should gather supplies and it will make living on the island easier for us. What do you say?"

The Candy Bar: one week later

Libby, Carl, and Sheen are discussing how it's good to hear Jimmy and Cindy fighting again.

Jimmy and Cindy are in the middle of an argument about whether Australia is a continent or a country.

Cindy and Jimmy get so into the argument that they slide toward each other and their fingers touch. They pull back away from each other and bashful looks go across their faces.

Jimmy asks quietly "To the hover car? Cindy excitedly responds "Right behind you" This is it! Jimmy and Cindy's hearts are racing in their chests. The plan is put in effect. The time has come to return to the island. No one will know where they are.

In the hover car somewhere over the pacific:

Cindy said "Good call about the ruse with Oceania, Jimmy. Now if anyone asks the guys they will assume we didn't return from a trip to Australia. Jimmy looked at her and simply smiled not really able to convey the emotions that were living within him. Goddard barked at a school of dolphins that were happily feeding on some small fish.

Cindy "So tell me more about some of items you brought to make living on the island better for us Jimmy."

Jimmy "Well I packed the hyper cube full of just about every item I could think we would ever need such as fresh clothing, canned foods, fresh water, a spare hover car in case an emergency every occurred forcing us to leave the island. Oh, I also brought my shrink ray and my quantum replay 9000. But the one I think you will love the most is this." Jimmy held up a small packet in front of her. "This is an extract I was able to derive from your DNA when you had your N-men powers. I made enough for the both of us. If we take it we will both have the same powers that you originally had. I figure with flight and super strength living on the island should be a piece of cake. But I wanted your opinion on that matter. Don't just rush into a decision because once ingested there is no return."

Cindy sat silently and thought it over she held out her hand to him and he took it warmly "Jimmy we already have made a huge change in our lives. I feel like I could do anything as long as I'm with you." Their cheeks flushed red and they looks bashfully at each other again. Jimmy said "cheers" and with that they emptied the contents of the packets.

Cindy than excitedly pointed a head and said "There is it!" The island could be seen in the distance. "Jimmy, do you think we should name our island?" Jimmy asked her what she had in mind for a possible name. She responded "When I was about 4 years old my dad would read Peter Pan to me. This island get away kind of reminds me of that. So I think we should name it Never-land" Jimmy agreed with her. That name completely worked for him.

Ten years later:

A baby could be heard crying inside the tree house. Inside the baby lay in her mother's arms and she looked out at the ocean and smiled. She could see Goddard using his solar panel to charge his battery.

Her eyes scanned the horizon and then she looked around the room.

The tree house interior was warm and nicely decorated. It was rustic in design with the bamboo thatched walls that were tied together with vines and a picnic table and benches that had been brought in the hyper cube from Jimmy's back yard. A baby crib carved out of drift wood was positioned on the right of the queen sized bed that was covered in a soft blue blanket. The table was set with clay plates that Jimmy and Cindy had made themselves using the brick oven stone that sat outside near the freshwater stream that flowed outside.

Cindy glanced at the blanket on the bed and smiled. She loved the color blue it always made her think of Jimmy's eyes. She fed the baby using a bottle that Jimmy had gotten when her parents had visited them a few weeks earlier. She glanced over at the calendar and made a mental note that Jimmy's parents would be visiting next week. They had stayed hidden and avoided contact with their parents up until Cindy was expecting little Peter. Now the parents would drop in as often as they could to assist with raising the little bundle of joy.

A lot had changed over the years. Jimmy was six foot two had grown quite muscular over the years. Cindy had to look up to him these days. She had grown into a beautiful woman and Jimmy would often find himself staring at her in amazement at just how pretty she was. They had grown closer than most people will ever be in their entire lives. They weren't just lovers they were also best friends. They had rebuilt the tree houses and forged a good life together here. Never-Land became their home. They had connected the original two tree houses using a rope bridge when they had decided it was time to stop sleeping in separate beds.

Jimmy flew in through the open window of the house and landed silently, he sat the basket full of eggs and fruits down on the table and walked over and gently kissed Cindy on her forehead. "How is the woman of my dreams and little Peter doing?"

Cindy "We are both doing great". The child was a little over a year old and was already exhibiting signs of the same powers possessed by his parents. Infants are even more troublesome when they can fly around. To be continued….

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