Jimmy and Cindy

Jimmy and Cindy stood there bickering back and forth. They hadn't argued like this since they were kids. They were startled when they heard a mighty crow and the young boy did a somersault in the air before landing in front of them. He stood with his hands on his hips and beamed proudly in front of them. Tink came zipping in and circled around the three of them darting in and out.

Peter hugged his parents and they were so caught up in their lecturing that it took them a whole ten minutes to register that Peter had said he waited for this moment for over two hundred years.

Cindy and Jimmy both said "What?"

"Let me show you both something." Peter said. The three of them flew into the jungle until they came to a massive tree. Peter pushed down on a knot on the tree and a secret door slid open. Jimmy and Cindy recovered from their surprise and looked around. There were small beds along the walls and a table off to the side with empty plates on it. In the back of the room stood a large chair, and set in front of it were two smaller chairs. There were carved wooden plaques over the head of each bed. It was quite cozy considering. Cindy and Jimmy both noted that one said Toodles.

Peter hopped into the large chair and then asked his parents to please be seated in the two chairs he had apparently placed just for them.

Peter said "I think it had to do with the Quantum Replay 9000 shorting out. It had gotten damaged in my first encounter with pirates; at least I managed to rescue a merchant vessel they had been trying to run down. I shouldn't have taken it with me but I was over confident. It got hit by a bullet when I was darting in and out on the deck, Oh Mom and Dad you would have been amazed how beautiful the ship was, and the battle was fierce. There was sword fighting and everyone was shouting as they kept trying to shoot me down." He had pulled his sword out and was in a mock battle while excitedly giving more details.

"They were no match for me and I was clashing swords with multiple opponents at a time." He re-sheathed his sword and sat back down.

Well anyhow, it sort of exploded. I got hit with the electrical discharge and I blacked out. Tink rescued me right out of the ocean. She brought me to shore and I found that the energy had changed me. Some of my powers were weakened, for example I'm probably about half as strong and I'm not fully invulnerable anymore. He pulled up his shirt to reveal a long scar on his lower abdomen. Hook did this to me in one of our battles."

"I was trapped in the past and thought I would never see you again. It was a few years later that I noticed that I wasn't aging and I think I must be emitting energy because everyone I hung out with stopped aging as well. I don't think I have to tell you about the lost boys, John, Michael and his cheeks turned red when he muttered "Wendy". The story got that only half right. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever known. I loved her more than I ever thought I could love another human being. I wanted her to stay with me in Never-land forever. But she wanted to go home and grow up. But it was something she could never do if I came with her. So as hard as it was I let her go. I stayed alone on the island after that, occasionally fighting the few pirates that remained after Tick Tock ate Hook. But my mind would always drift back to Wendy. Over the years I watched her through her window. She grew up and ended up married and had children". It hurt so bad when she finally passed away from old age. I visited her that night even held her hand when she took her last breath." After she passed away I traveled around a lot but would always return to the island and think of you both. I knew that one day I would see you again.

Cindy said " Oh sweet heart I'm so sorry" and hugged him tightly

"I have waited to reveal myself to you for a long time. I visited your hospital rooms when you were born. I even would leave anonymous gifts for you on your birthdays and Christmas."

Cindy and Jimmy both look startled and at the same time said "That was you?"

"I was watching when you first found the island, and when you later returned and started your life here together. I wanted to speak to you and to tell how much I missed you but I knew I had to wait until my former self went through time to avoid an even bigger paradox. I also had to avoid being near you or you would never had aged and I would never had been born."

Jimmy used his scanner on Peter. "You indeed are emitting some form of energy. I've never seen a pattern like this but it clearly has stopped your aging and based on my readings anyone that gets within about 100 feet of you would be exposed to it. This would explain why anyone who went to Never-Land never got any older. "Which means that your mother and I should be affected by you right now."

Peter shrugged his shoulders and said "Do you want to live forever mom and dad? You'll have all the time in the world now to create new inventions." Jimmy and Peter both giggled. They stood there hugging each other warmly.

Cindy than said "Well the important thing is your home. I don't suppose we can ground you for something you did so many years ago. Just promise me that if you want to go on anymore adventures that you'll let us know so we can go with you. I also feel we should thank Tink for keeping you safe over the years."

Tink bowed and in a small voice said it was my pleasure.

After Peter was finished making his promise they all went home.

So the family was reunited and there was indeed much celebration.

It took many months for Peter to recount all of the many adventures he had. It was strange for Cindy to hear certain stories she knew well from the point of view of Peter. It was still hard for her to imagine that her son was the actual Peter Pan from the stories. That in some strange time paradox the tales she knew so well as a kid were in fact about her future son. But she simply had to think of Jimmy and shake her head. Anything is possible with that man. She muttered to herself.

Peter was true to his word and his future adventures included his parents. They went on adventures in distant lands and traveled into the far reaches of space. But anytime they would want to head home they would jokingly say head toward the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

The adventures they had together are too numerous to recount but those tales are for another time. The End

Thank you for joining me in this adaptation of one of my favorite child hood characters.