The You-Tube Wedding Guy Discovery

The night of the meteor shower, Amy, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny (who had been convinced by a lack of interesting TV shows and the promise of being able to pick the next trip she and Leonard took), Raj and Howard went out into the desert. Their campsite was right next to a group of college kids who had brought their laptops and listened to music loudly.

"Why don't we move?" Raj asked when the women were in Penny and Leonard's tent.

"Are you mad? The positioning guarantees maximum views of the meteorites and a minimum of an annoying breeze," Sheldon chided him as he set up the campfire.

"But those kids are annoying," Raj pointed out.

"A minor grievance," Sheldon waved it off.

"Hey, you!" one of the college kids shouted out. "Yeah, hey you, tall, skinny bug looking guy!"

"Yes?" Sheldon asked. The kid, who looked to be about 18 or 19, came over to his campsite, carrying his laptop. There was one of those USB broadband things in it.

"I told you!" the kid yelled to his friends. "This is the guy!"

"What guy do you mean?" In response, the kid opened up his laptop and went to You-Tube. One of his favorites was something called 'The Wedding Crashing Nerd'. He clicked on it. The screen filled with color, voices and faces and he could hear an organ playing a familiar tune. 'Single Ladies' he believed it was called. The camera zoomed in on the face of the bride, who looked startled and then started to smile. The groom looked angry. Sheldon recognized every single face.

"Dude, this video is like a phenomenon. Over a million views and like, no one knows what happened to you guys. So, what happened?" At that moment, Amy came out of the tent. "Dude! You two stayed together? Awesome! True love and all that really conquers all huh?"

"Um, what's going on?" Amy asked. "Why is this guy staring at me?"

"There appears to be a video of your failed wedding on You-Tube," Sheldon replied. Amy raised an eyebrow. "And it has quite a fan base. I seem to be a sort of champion to the masses. A folk hero." His eyes shone with glee. "There will be songs written about us."

"Don't go that far big guy," Amy patted his hand.

"So, yeah, you two did stay together! Awesome! I have to comment on the vid with the news!" The kid began to type.

That night, they lay under the stars, watching the sky. As the first streak of light crossed the sky, Amy and Penny clapped. Sheldon and Amy lay on an air mattress, as far away from the ground as they could.

"Just think, by the next meteor shower, we might be an old married couple." Amy smiled.

"Or we could be dead," Sheldon pointed out.

"I'm going to ignore that," Amy said. "Can't you picture it? Our children and maybe even grandchildren will be watching it with us."

"Or we could be in a nursing home eating generic pudding from a plastic cup," Sheldon squeezed her hand. "Please unhook me from any sort of life support if I must wear a diaper."

"You know I'll love you even if you go senile and start calling everyone 'Teddy', right?" Amy titled her head up to kiss him on the cheek.

"If I somehow become senile, I would like to be euthanized," Sheldon muttered. He turned to her and kissed her on the mouth. He planned to be with her for the rest of their natural lives, see their marriage through to the end. That was implicit in the contract that was marriage. 'For as long as you both shall live'.

And he intended for both of them to live for a long time.