"Hey pack a bag. Sheldon and I are going to Vegas to tie the knot. We leave in fifteen minutes."

Amy pulled her head from Penny's door, leaving as soon as she had arrived. For a few moments, Penny just sat there, wondering what the hell Amy had said. When she put it together, she ran across the hall, still a bit confused.

"Wait, are you serious?" she asked. "You're going to Vegas now?"

"Yeah," Amy said in a cheery voice.

"It's six o'clock. It takes five hours to get to Vegas. What are you going to get married by some fat Elvis impersonator?"

"Of course. Or else what's the point in going to Vegas for a wedding?" She leaned back and yelled. "Honey are you ready?"

"Yes." Sheldon came in with a large red and black duffel bag. Leonard took a few more minutes. After Penny threw some things into a beach tote, they were off to get Howard and Raj. They were able to pick up Raj with no incidents, but Howard was another story.

"Where are you going?"

"Vegas, ma!"


"Sheldon's getting married!"

"You're lying. Where are you really going?"

"I told you! Vegas!"

"Are you going to see a stripper?"


"I don't want you bringing some strange woman into my house!"

"Fine, I won't."

"And give me all your singles!"


"If you tip those women, they follow you home!"

That went on for a while. By the time Howard was in the car, Amy and Penny were doubled over with laughter. He didn't speak for most of the drive. It was past midnight by the time they reached Vegas. While the guys tried to find a room, the women looked for a wedding chapel. They found one two blocks from the hotel.

"We found a chapel. Complete with an Elvis impersonator and everything. You have the two a.m slot."