That was a beautiful day in Jump City, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and every clock and watches in Jump City turned 8:30 in the morning.

Robin woke up from a long deep sleep yesterday night. As he walked out to the main room, he found Cyborg was chewing his breakfast and Beast Boy was sucked at the TV playing video games. He didn't see Raven or neither Starfire.

"Guys, where's Starfire and Rae?" – He asked

"Oh, them? They went out to the garden earlier today. Starfire said that she wants to take care of her plants and Raven wants to practice some meditating, in peace."

Robin looked confused. WAIT… This he just said 'garden'. Since when do we have a garden? And since when Starfire begins to take care of plants?

After doing some morning work out, Robin rushed down and walk outside the T Tower. The first thing he saw was a beautiful garden, with flowers blooming everywhere. Roses grew strong and turn into lovely bushes. Forget – me – not flowers was small, blue, but it was really special in some way. Violets has Starfire's favorite color – purple. They were all so beautiful and colorful. He hid in a bush and saw Stafire watering the flowers while she was humming her favorite song. He also saw Raven's meditating "AZARATH … MENTRIOS… ZINTOS…" on the green grass.

Suddenly, Starfire picked up a rose and started to ripped the petals: "I forgive him… I forgive him not…"

"Star what are you doing?" – Raven asked

"I am trying to make up my mind, should I forgive him or not?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, yesterday I saw Robin laughing and hugging a girl that I don't even know. Perhaps they didn't see me there."

"Boys. They're always the same!" – Raven said – "So did you decided to forgive him or not?"

"I want to forgive, but it was so hard. So I do this to choose one decision, forgive or not?"

"Why don't you just let it go and start to cut your relationship with him or teach him a lesson or something."

"I can't because… I'm in love with him, I just can't let him go."

"Wow, I must admit, you are very strong! Now, how many times that he betrays you?"

"A lot of times, actually."

"Then why aren't you finish with him already? If you don't, he will broken your heart even more!"

Starfire didn't answer. Instead she started to sing:

Once upon a time…

When I first met you

You're kind, and nice

You teach me everything

Speak, action of Earth culture

But most of all, you teach me

How to love, and what love is

I've loved you,

For a very, very long time ago

But you don't even know

And you give your love to another

At night, you can't hear my anger

I'm so down and depress

I want to tell you that

I willing to give you another chance

I'm waiting for you to change…

I don't want to get influence

I don't want to show my sadness

I believe you

And hope you will change

Or i will say goodbye to you...

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