E/O Challenge: Close

So sorry this is late – life's been REALLY hectic since I got back from our holiday, not even had the chance to read any recent drabbles (I'll get right on it I promise). Plan to catch up with the other drabble challenges (Leak & Fly) over the next few days.

No Flowers

No flowers for his casket; no eulogy spoken at this barren graveside; no hoards of weeping mourners – just Sam and I.

It had taken all morning to dig the grave, a task we'd undertaken in silence, each lost in our own thoughts; our own memories of Dean.

When it was complete, Sam knelt beside the makeshift coffin, whispered one last farewell to his brother, before closing the lid and nailing it into place.

The sound of the hammer echoed around the tree lined clearing as I watched, eyes clouded by unshed tears.

"What'll we do without ya kid," I murmured.