Team AquaFlare and the Legend of Rayquazas Flute


All stories begin somewhere. This is the story of a great rescue team. Team Aquaflare. This team was the perfect combination of strength, kindness, and brains. They never turned away from an adventure. Though, I guess it would be best to introduce you to the members of this Great team.

Torchic: The smart one. He has an encyclopedia of random knowledge stored in his head. Though he is so smart, he sometimes misses some pretty obvious things

Piplup: The kind one (not saying that the others aren't kind). She'll say "hi" to everybody she meets. But some people think she tries a little too hard to be nice (especially around Torchic, whom she has really strong feelings for

And of course, Riolu: The tough one. Pretty street smart, but most of the time he thinks with his fists, not his head.

As different as these three may have been, they ended up becoming one of the most famous teams ever. Saving Pokémon in peril was never easy. Nor was capturing criminals. But these three utilized each of their unique traits to succeed. Before I can tell you about some of team Aquaflares greatest adventures, I have to tell you how the team got started.

Well, thats the prolouge, sorry its so short, I'l be posting longer chapters soon.