A/N. I do not own Harry Potter. Caledonia is the name once given to Scotland by the Roman Empire.


512 A.D.

Wales. (Formerly Britannia Secunda)

Just after sunrise.

In a remote Welsh glen, stands a young couple. A man with long raven hair and piercing emerald eyes stands on the bank as his young bride of neigh one year slowly and lovingly wraps her husband's robes over his shoulders. The young woman has hair the colour of sun and honey, with eyes of the deepest blue. Blue that rivals the beauty of former Caledonia's deepest lakes on the clearest days. Her name, lost to time, is Adien Caron Emrys.

They were two souls whom, by chance in the darkest of times, had been brought together. The young woman, whose father was a nobleman, had been betrothed to the man she now calls her husband. Her husband was known as Myrddin Emrys, Merlin. At 25 years of age he was ten years her senior. They had been wed less than one year before. He had waited until she found herself ready to consummate their marriage.

He had waited, until she had fallen in love with him. His honour would not allow otherwise. Neither would his honour allow him to refuse his Lord's offer. He had won several battles against early Anglo-Saxon incursions in defense of the land he had called home since his early teens. As a reward for his bravery, he was offered the young woman he now calls his wife. This marriage was kept secret. Merlin knew his power would one day make him a target for the most dangerous dark witches or wizards. He had foreseen the coming of Morgana, and several other lesser wizards.

There are many legends surrounding the man known as Merlin. Most are wrong, but a few have a bit of truth to them. A supposed love affair with Morgana before she turned to the dark arts was one rumor that was begun by his wife at the behest of Merlin himself.

Rumors abound for centuries. How he died had many such legends surrounding it. Some say he died peacefully in bed. Others say he was poisoned by Morgana. There was some truth in the latter.

The truth that would be long forgotten was that Merlin would one day die soon after defeating Morgana in a devastating duel that laid waste to the surrounding lands. Morgana managed to stab Merlin with a poisoned dagger before smeared her body against a great glacial boulder. He would quickly succumb to the toxin on the blade. He knew he would one day die at the age of fifty-four. A very short life for a wizard, but one lived well, and honorably.

What is unknown about he and his wife, is that they were both what would one day be called "Muggleborn." Adien became his apprentice after they wed, and he taught her everything he knew. They were a very powerful pair. Their magic was unlike any other witch or wizard, neither required incantations or even wands or staffs. They used them for better focus, and Merlin had a sort of penchant for the dramatic. Though they did create many new spells and new magic's for the common witch and wizard, they "did not need such silliness," as Merlin told his wife at the beginning of her apprenticeship. Their connection to magic was almost primal barely contained tempests of the most potentially dangerous kind.

They had only one child. A son, whose line, would one day give birth to a man named Godric Gryffindor. He was the greatest and by far the most powerful of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Emrys line would almost be ended one October night in the year Nineteen Hundred and eighty-one.

One thing that is not known by many is that when a soul is born unto the mortal plain, it sometimes does not life only once. The greatest potential is never wasted on only one life. Though said souls never remember anything of their previous lives except on the most subconscious levels. They are what Muggles call "Old Souls" and their sometimes almost super natural perceptiveness is called a "Sixth Sense." They are people wise and mature beyond their years.

The soul once known as Merlin would be reborn after over thirteen hundred years as Harry Potter. He would soon find his long lost love, for she had been near the entire time. He just didn't know it yet.

Note: This is a bit of back history on Merlin and his soul. Blah blah blah. A story with a twist I think. Yes this will be a Harry P/ Daphne G story. Just working out where to start it, maybe second year? Let me know what you all think, and if I should continue.

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