Epilogue - Eleven Years Later.

Professor Harry Potter walked down Diagon Alley, hand in hand with his eleven year old daughter Astoria Lily Potter, toward an Apothecary which had opened up about three years ago. His wife Daphne trailed behind them, herding their three other children forward. The twins, James and Sirius, were a handful on the best of days while their youngest daughter was quiet and crafty.

Their oldest took after her namesake in almost every way, except she looked like her mother would have had Daphne been blessed with raven hair. James Samuel and Sirius Eugene looked like miniature versions of their father, except they didn't need glasses. Their youngest, Arianna Gabrielle "Gabby" Potter, was the spitting image of her mother, but had Harry's green eyes. Both parents could easily see Slytherin House in their daughter's future. She would often pull huge pranks and get away with them while pinning it entirely on the boys every single time.

They were shopping for Tori's school supplies today as she was due to start her first year at Hogwarts in two weeks time. Their daughter had been quite a surprise for them all. As it turned out, Daphne had been nearly three months pregnant at the time of his final confrontation with Riddle. With all the stress and activity of the period, she hadn't even noticed she'd missed her cycle. Harry'd been very worried when Dobby had come to retrieve him as the rest at Hogwarts celebrated the victory and mourned their lost comrades.

The healers were able to fix all the damage Pettigrew had done. Fortunately, her dragonhide battle-corset (that Harry absolutely loved) stopped most of the spell. It's likely that had she been unprotected, she would have been, at the very least, paralyzed from the mid-abdomen down. Afterward, Harry retrieved Pettigrew's body and transfigured it into a rat before visiting the London Zoo and tossing his remains into the lion enclosure.

It was difficult to finish their last year with an infant, but their faithful elf Dobby had been a Godsend. Mobius had been quite taken with little Tori, and spent as much time singing to her while she slept in her crib as he spent with Harry. Even to this day, Mobius could be found on Tori's shoulder as much as Harry's. Their boys were nine years old, following their sister into the world two years later, while Anna was seven.

Harry could hear his wife behind them lightly scolding the boys over something they were vehemently denying. Harry smirked lightly as he thought that their sister might have been the real culprit of whatever had happened. He smiled as he thought of what it would be like once all four children were in school. Daphne was potions mistress and Head of Slytherin House, while Harry taught defense and was Head of Gryffindor, as well as Deputy Headmaster under Headmistress McGonagall. Professor Flitwick had eagerly turned the responsibility over to him as soon as Harry finished his first year of teaching before he retired to work on his personal research as well as his tan.

Luna Weasley née Lovegood took Flitwick's place as head of Ravenclaw House and Charms Professor, to the surprise of many. It was not as surprising as the day she'd brought Ronald Weasley over to a family dinner at the Doghouse as her "date". She said that she felt it was the right time to reconcile, and that Ron had grown up enough by then to realized what he'd done wrong. While they would never again be best friends, Harry and Ron did share a somewhat close friendship again. They had a nine year old strawberry blond daughter named Jennifer "Jenny" Molly Weasley, and a redheaded seven year old son Hugo. Jenny had her mother's dreamy stare and mysticism but her father's fiery passion when provoked while Hugo was just as awkward and goofy as Ron. Fortunately, he inherited his mother's intelligence and "outside the box" thinking. Ron was Keeper for the, still dead last, Chudley Cannons, though with his keeping ability they did tend to make a much better showing of it, even if their chasers and beaters were complete rubbish.

Ginny was in her eighth season with the Holyhead Harpies. She'd married Colin two years after her graduation, much to the delight of Fred, George, Astoria and Daphne. While Mrs. Weasley wanted Ginny to retire so that she could give her another set of grandchildren, Ginny was determined to play ten seasons (for she was drafted almost right out of Hogwarts) and win one World Cup before doing so. It was a common topic around the dinner table at the Burrow between Ginny and Molly that always had everyone else laughing while the two redheaded women were usually red faced, Ginny from embarrassment and Molly with irritation.

Astoria (the elder) was also a Creevy and was expecting their first child sometime in October. Dennis and Astoria opened Diagon Alley's very first Magical Comicbook/Sci-fi shop right next to Weasley Wizard Wheezies. It was a huge hit in the Wizarding World. Dennis had been working with the major publications of the world to create magical comics with moving illustrations, and even sound effects in certain editions.

Astoria, with Harry's invaluable help had worked out how to use runes to tune magic to the correct frequency of 50 or 60Hz and varying voltage using adapter runes to get muggle electronics to run, making DVDs viewable in wizarding homes. Shielding VHS tapes, and computer hard drives was still problematic as they stored data magnetically, but Tori was still working on it. Dennis and Tori were rolling in the galleons after they co-patented the rune sets with Harry and opened up shops in several countries.

Harry had done a lot of research on runes to help Tori, mostly from Myrddin's journals and scrolls as well as all of Flamel's and Dumbledore's. With knowledge from all three legendary wizards at his disposal, almost anything was possible for Harry. It was what Riddle had always dreamed of but was never able to accomplish. Such was the path toward the dark.

Using Myrddin's works, Harry figured out a way to disperse magical residue from enhanced ammunition, allowing the US Magical Forces and the Queen's Magical Forces to use the M1 Garand or rifles of similar firing rate. Magical tanks and long range artillery (Howitzers) were now in service in both nations, though they were still limited to pre-1960's vintage and design. Though his work with Astoria had been ground breaking, certain types of electronics were still problematic. Tori hoped to have the Challenger II and M1A2 Abrams fully enhanced with magic and in service in 2010 by shielding their most delicate electronic systems.

The Queen had taken a more active role in ruling the Magical realm. She had ordered the arrest of all previously exonerated Death Eaters whom had survived the Battle of Hogwarts and had them tried for high treason and crimes against The Crown. When interrogated under Veritaserum, they were all found guilty and put to death. She allowed the American forces to handle the executions by firing squad or hanging.

Harry often thought of the brave men who gave their lives that day. The field they charged across was known as Meagher's Field while the knoll they attacked was simply Irish Knoll. At it's highest point, the Knoll had a large green marble Celtic Cross and bronze plaque with the names of the dead in honor of the Brigade. In front of the school's stone circle, there was a wrought iron pillar with the names of those in the Iron Brigade who also died that day. The circle was often called the "Iron Circle" by those whom had witnessed the battle. As it happens by sheer coincidence, the stones did have a high concentration of iron in them which made a ringing clang when struck with another metallic object. The greenhouses were named "Caldwell Greenhouses 1 through 7" while the 1st Texas and the 5th New Hampshire shared a marble memorial at the site of their brave counter charge to rescue the Irish Brigade.

The only former Death Eater that was not tried, convicted and shot was Severus Snape. After Harry had personally vouched for him as Albus Dumbledore had done years ago, the Queen reluctantly allow Snape to go free with the condition that she would hold Lord Potter responsible should Snape really be a dark wizard.

The Queen had also ordered a purge of the current Wizengamot leaving only a select few known light wizards and witches in their hereditary seats. Those few became her "Protectors of the Magical Realm" with Sir Harry Potter as Lord of Magical England and Wales, Sir Sirius Black as Lord of Magical Northern Ireland, and Sir Neville Longbottom as Lord of Magical Scotland. With Harry and Neville as Professors at Hogwarts, nine months out of the year, Sirius would typically sit in as proxy for them when they were unavailable for meetings. They did leave their classes in capable substitute hands when their presence was mandatory. Also by the Queen's decree, Wizengamot seats would be filled by the elected, and have since been largely held by half bloods and muggleborn.

Neville had become the new Herbology Professor after Pamona Sprout retired three years ago. He and Hermione married a year after graduation and had two children; Rose age 6 and Harold "Harry" Frank Longbottom age 3. Hermione was the Professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts and was already being called the next "McGonagall" with her no nonsense attitude. She also worked toward improving relations between Wizards and the other Magical beings in the magical world. Of course, Harry being who he is, relations between the Goblin Nation and the Wizarding World improved dramatically. They had known all along exactly who he was descendant from and of the prophecy that had foretold of return of Myrddin Emrys. He did have to use his formidable magical presence to cow the most ardent purists and their sympathizers into going along with the sweeping changes.

Harry still felt like he was talking about someone else rather than himself in another lifetime when he thought of his time as Myrddin. It was odd to think it was actually him, and still referred to his past self as "him" rather than "me" or "I". Though his past was a big part of him, he thought of himself as Harry Potter, not Harry Potter/Merlin reincarnate. Just plain old Harry.

Minister Amelia Black had just been reelected to her second term. The old hound dog had snagged himself a good woman who could also keep him in check… most of the time anyway. They had two sons; Regulus Remus Black age 6, and James Orion Black age 3.

Harry and Daphne hadn't aged much themselves. The both still looked to be younger than their 27 years of age, and most people they met in the Muggle world were surprised to find they had four children with another on the way. Daphne was still as beautiful and fit as ever, (at three months pregnant) while Harry kept in shape with pickup games of Quidditch and sparring with Neville.

He was broken from his musings when his daughter tugged on his hand, letting him know he was about to pass the Apothecary. He looked up at the sign that read: Prince Apothecary and Potions. He could hear Daphne telling her sons to behave themselves as Harry lead his eldest daughter through the front.

The bell above the door rang as it opened. He could see his daughter wide eyed at all the basic and exotic ingredients. She was already very talented at potions and had a penchant for charms as well. Their twins also had an affinity for potions as well as charms and transfiguration so they were looking at all the various sights in the shop with absolute glee (which their mother kept a close eye on). Their youngest however, looked at the more disturbing ingredients with disgust, preferring to stick with charms and runes, but still quite skilled in potions.

Severus Snape walked out from the back potions lab and pause when he'd seen who it was that had entered his shop. He spied their eldest daughter and seemed to glide like the over grown bat he is toward them. "Lord Potter." he said silkily. "What a... pleasure."

"Severus." Harry said in reply. "We're here to pick up ingredients for our daughter's first year at Hogwarts."

Severus looked down at the raven haired girl with skepticism before he said. "Tell me Miss Potter, what would I get if I added powered root of Asphodel to an infusion of Wormwood?"

Tori looked up at her mother for a second before answering. "Well, with the squeezed juice of thirteen Sopophorous beans; crushed snake fangs, Moondew, Valerian Roots, and Sloth Brain, it makes a very potent Draught of Living Death."

Severus Snape blinked for a second before firing another question at Tori. "Where would you find a Bezor?"

"In a goat's stomach or any competent Potioneer's kit. I've used up all my supplies though." she said with a beaming smile. Snape seemed to scowl as he was immediately reminded of her namesake. "What is the difference between monkshood and wolfbane?"

"They're the same plant sir." Tori answered.

"Powered moonstone and syrup of hellebore, Miss Potter, what potion uses both?" he asked.

"The Draught of Peace sir."

"When must fluxweed be picked in order to be useful in potion making?" the Potions Master asked.

"During the full moon sir." Tori answered correctly again.

"Well… Miss Potter, I can see your mother has taught you well." Severus Snape said as he glanced at Daphne. He then turned swiftly and retrieved a standard and advanced potions kits and a potions book written by himself for the young girl while Daphne picked out the standard pewter cauldron.

As he placed the parcels on the counter he paused and looked at Astoria with his hand atop the packages and said. "I hope to hear great things about you one day young Potioneer." before he took the galleons from Harry.

Picking up the parcels, Harry lead his family out of the shop. Standing out front Tori looked up at her mother and said with a shudder. "Mummy, I'm glad you're teaching potions at Hogwarts now. Snivellus is creepy. He's like a giant overgrown bat."

Suddenly there was a loud explosion from inside Snape's shop that caused everyone but Arianna (who stood there calmly) to jump. From inside the blue smoke filled shop a coughing Severus Snape yelled, "POTTERS!" just before the theme song from the 1960s Batman series began to play loudly from inside the store. Severus Snape stumbled out of his shop dressed in exactly the same type of costume Adam West wore on the show, only his greasy hair stuck out from the neck of his mask. He was livid.

"Oh crap! Run!" Harry shouted to his family. They wasted no time hightailing it down Diagon Alley with Severus Snape chasing after them foaming at the mouth, cape billowing behind him and music playing the entire way. Daphne was shouting her threats of punishment at her twin boys, who were denying everything but thought it was a brilliant prank. Harry thought Arianna looked awfully smug as he picked her up and ran. Hogwarts was in for it when she finally joined her siblings at school. He didn't envy Headmistress McGonagall, but looked forward to seeing the show.

Yeah, Harry could actually say, "All is well." if he was lame.

Things were as they should be in Harry's life. He had the happiness and love he had craved so badly as a child. The world was finally in balance and the light had conquered the darkness.


X x x x x x x x x x x x






A/N: Oh and before I forget, If I had written of the battle Myrddin had fought with his army to defeat the Saxons (the same victory which won him his wife) it would have come off as a battle out of Gladiator. Any large battle using largely weapons other than wands will come off as non-Harry Potter. I wasn't going to just "oh they battled and battled for hours and hours falling left and right, things went boom here and there.. blah blah blah...".

It was also a way to ENSURE all the good canon characters stayed out of it and survived. Would be pretty hard to have them all in a battle like that and live. Like it or not, some of them WOULD have died, and I just didn't want to do that. By using the Americans, it allowed those men to take ALL the punishment expected in a large battle, while our favorite characters stayed safe and sound.

Also, that there was no canon magical army to speak of, it would have been hard to explain how a relative "handful" of witches and wizards could defeat a large attacking force and NOT take huge losses. I think it was still a stretch including the Royal Scots and the Queen's 2nd as they would have logically been at Hogwarts to face Voldemort in canon had they existed.

I still wanted to describe just how vicious the fighting would be, thereby highlight how lucky it was that Fred, George, Astoria, Ginny, Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Fleur, Sirius, and Percy stayed away.

I mean, I KNOW the tone changed there, but fighting any battle would have changed the relatively upbeat tone I had throughout most of my fic( It wasn't as dark as I'd hoped ). A good battle with wands on a grand scale is VERY hard to write, and it quickly turns into more of a list of incantations than a battle. That's why you RARELY, if ever see a big ending battle on this site that is solely wand based. I've noticed most authors stay away from writing battle scenes that include more than two wizards at a time. They always bring another type of weapon in to finish a big battle quickly. Even in the best of stories I've read here, It's only skimmed through the wand fight and focuses on the final moments. It would have been more like JK's battle had I done that.

Still, I'm not entirely happy with it, and I do plan on making changes in the revised version as new ideas come up. Thanks again to Msgt LewisC for sending me all the errors he could find. They will be corrected soon.

Hope you've enjoyed my tale of Harry Potter as it could have been.

Live Long and Prosper- Edward.