Ray Stein, RN was working at the front desk late one night. He was up for the nightshift that evening and had been documenting some of the cases that had come in that day. It was somewhat quiet and he decided to turn on the radio.

Good evening, Richmond, came the smooth voice of a radio personality, This is Stacy, your host for the night. Some of you may be relaxing at home, some of you may still be on your way home. Here's a little song to take you back to the fun ol' days. Enjoy. Ray listened as a boppy beat came on. He knew he had heard this song before but he wasn't sure where from.

I know a girl who's tough but sweet
She's so fine, she can't be beat

She's got everything that I desire
Sets the summer sun on fire

Ray hadn't heard this song since he was just getting out of med school, so why was it―

I want Candy…

Now he saw it. Touché, Aaron Carter. And here Ray used to think that this song was annoying because of the way it used to be overplayed. He remembered studying for tests late at night when this song would come on and screw up his thought process. Now, at this age, this song was merely a way to taunt him. Ray began to sing along softly.

Candy on the beach, there's nothing better
But I like Candy when it's wrapped in a sweater
Some day soon I'll make you mine
Then I'll have Candy all the time

The chorus came on again and Ray found himself singing a bit louder. The irony of this situation alone was making him feel kind've funny. Seeing that no one was there, he grabbed a ruler from the drawer, stood up, and began to sing into it as though it were a microphone.

"Candy in the morning time, Candy in the hot sunshine. Candy baby can't you see, all I want is your…"

"Candy!" Ray immediately stopped singing as the blonde haired nurse appeared in front of him. Her wide blue eyes were staring at him in amusement. Ray dropped the ruler onto the desk and began to fumble over his words.

"H-Hey, Candy… What are you doing here so late?"

She smiled softly, "I thought I'd help you with the documenting, but I can see you're a bit tied up at the moment."

Ray blushed and ran a hand through his hair, "Oh…so how much of that did you see?"

"Not much," Candy replied, although her mischievous grin said otherwise, "You're quite the songbird."

"If you could just forget this happened…"

The blonde smiled, "Sure. I'm just gonna go check on a patient and I'll be right back." Candy headed down the hallway and was a couple of feet away before she turned around, "Ray?"


"I like candy on the beach, too. But it's really no fun if there aren't rays of sunshine, y'know?"

Ray watched as she disappeared into a room and smiled to himself as he began to start on his documenting once again.

Little Ray/Candy fluff. Sorry if it wasn't that good, this is my first time writing for HawthoRNe. This idea kind've just came to me late last night. So anyway, I've been talking with another fellow author on fanfiction (terrena) and she and I both agree that HawtoRNe needs more stories. 26 stories? I think we can do better, people. Rizzoli and Isles already has 130 entries and it didn't even have its first season finale yet! I will be accepting challenges and I'll do my best to write them. But only Tom/Christina, Ray/Candy, and maybe even Bobby/Steve.

Come on! We can do it!