Author's Note: Good morning Eureka fandom. This story is set before the start of the new series so it is without all the little changes to the timeline (I really am wondering where that is going to go... anyways). It is a cute little Jo/Zoe set just before the young Carter leaves for Harvard. :) (P.S. the ending might sound a little rushed... I tried to rework it slightly but I think it failed.. I'm sorry!).

Jo sighed softly running her fingers through her hair as she tried to make sense of what Carter had just asked her to do, "You want me to watch Zoe for the night? Before she goes to college?"

The raven haired woman watched as the man nodded his head up and down slowly for a moment before he began to speak, "Yeah that's right."

"And why don't you want to spend the night with her before she goes?" Jo questioned, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked at the man. "She is going to be on the other side of the US after all."

"I know, but we've already spent the entire day together, and well, I know that she's going to miss you – you were one of her first friends here, and she's going to miss you." The man grinned as he spoke his voice soft and filled with warmth. "I thought that it would be nice for you to spend the night together."

The woman smiled softly at her boss, sometimes he could be an idiot, but sometimes he actually had a brain, "That's actually very nice of you Carter." The woman replied softly, a smile spreading over her lips.

"It happens sometimes." Carter grinned in reply, before patting the woman on the shoulder lightly. "Go, look after my daughter and do whatever the hell it is that you do while you're there."

Jo smirked for a moment before moving over to her desk and collecting her gun and sliding the slim little phone into her pocket. "See you tomorrow Carter." Vaguely the woman heard the man reply before the front door to the station slammed shut behind her, the woman's heavy feet made a loud noise against the concrete as she walked over towards her car.

Pressing the unlock key on her car's remote locking system before pulling open the back door shrugging off her jacket and throwing it onto the back seat. "Time to get to Carter's place then I suppose."

Slamming the back door shut the women swung the front one open and slid into the driver's seat, settling herself into the car, sliding the key into the ignition and waiting a fraction of a second before the engine roared to life. The Deputy smirked for a handful of moments pressing her foot down on the accelerator and easing the car out of its parking space and onto the road.

It only took the woman around fifteen minutes before she was pulling up in front of the Sheriff's home, slipping her car into one of the parking spots at the front of the house. The air around the bunker was damp from the water that the trees had retained from the last good storm that had passed over the town. Jo took a deep breath for the dual purpose of taking in the smell, and also to settle her nerves – she wasn't sure why she was nervous, it was only Zoe, but there had always been something about Carter's daughter that made her nervous.

"Zoe, Jo Lupo is at the door." SARAH said in her calm electronic voice even as the girl she was talking to rushed around her bedroom looking for the right thing to wear.

"Thanks," Zoe sighed for a moment, slipping on the short dress that she had in her hands and smoothing down the creases in it before turning to the mirror. "How do I look SARAH?"

"Wonderful," The AI replied, turning her attention back towards the door, "Do you want me to allow her entrance?"

"Yes, thank you SARAH, tell her I'll be down in a moment too if you would." The young girl replied, running her fingers through her hair as she spoke to the AI.

"Welcome Deputy Lupo, Zoe says that she will be down in a moment, you caught her in the middle of changing." SARAH told the dark brown haired woman politely, directing her to wait in the kitchen for Zoe.

"Thank you SARAH," Jo nodded her head, even though she didn't know where she was nodding towards and went to wait for the young blonde haired woman in the kitchen.

The teenager stepped down the stairs lightly, looking around the corner to where the Deputy was stood in front of the kitchen table, a beer in her hand sipping it every now and then. The blonde walked slowly across the floor, her footsteps light against the surface of the floor, unheard even to Jo's trained ears.

"Hello there Stranger," Zoe whispered softly into Jo's ear as she wrapped her arms around the older woman's shoulders, standing on her tiptoes.

"How did you do that?" Jo exclaimed, turning around once the blonde haired girl had released her shoulder.

"Practice," The blonde grinned softly in reply, her eyes darting over Jo's face as she did so taking in the surprised look in her eyes as well as the soft smile that played across her lips. "Years of sneaking up on my Dad and then sneaking out of the house finally have a purpose it seems"

"They had a purpose before." Jo blurted before she could stop herself, a blush spreading over her lips when she took in what she had said.

"Oh?" Zoe asked softly, a smile settling on her lips, "And what was that exactly?"

"Well... they brought you to Eureka for one, I'm sure the town wouldn't have been the same without you and your Dad."

"True, would have been a lot more boring for you, though you would have got my Dad's job most likely." The blonde grinned widely at the other woman, taking the brunette's hand within her own tugging on it gently to direct the woman around the counter and to the chairs stationed at the side.

"Treating me to dinner are you Miss Carter?" Jo joked, a wide smile spreading over her lips as she spoke.

"That was my plan Deputy, though not totally cooked by myself, SARAH was a big help with it." The blonde replied, bending down in front of the oven and slipping an oven glove onto her hand as she opened the door. Her hand grasped the edge of a tray, pulling it back towards her body for inspection before pulling the tray out of the oven and standing back, placing the tray on the edge of the counter and using her foot to close the oven door.

"You made pizza?" Jo asked softly, slightly amazed at the younger woman.

"Well... I thought I'd try my hand and it, and I don't think that it has come out too badly, do you?"

"Not at all, looks great." Jo grinned widely at the nervous way that Zoe was playing with her fingers. The Deputy reached across the table and gripped Zoe's hands lightly, "Don't worry, it'll be great."

"Thank you," Zoe whispered softly, ducking her head down as she looked through her eyelashes at the older woman. Since the first time that Zoe met the other woman she had been attracted to her, to her strength and to her beauty. When she was in the cell waiting for her father to get back from whatever it was that he had been doing she spent the time watching the other woman – the way that her fingers worked over the guns that she held and the way that she would swipe her hair back behind her ear whenever it fell in front of her eyes.

In the back ground soft music began to play, obviously SARAH's choice but not one that either Zoe or Jo objected to. In fact it was calming as they settled together at the counter, peacefully eating the pizza that the younger girl had made as they discussed the course of the next few months for Zoe.

"I broke up with Lucas..." The blonde whispered softly when their meal was almost over, being careful not to look at Jo as she spoke so that she didn't accidently say too much.

"What?" The brunette gasped suddenly, turning her head and looking towards the young blonde, "What happened? Isn't he still going to MIT to be with you?"

"Yeah, he is." The blonde whispered softly, "But he's just not what I want. I realised that a little while ago but hid behind him, and he let me..." The girl trailed off after a moment taking in a deep breath and turning towards the other woman, "He knew there was someone that I cared about more than I cared about him. He knew that there was someone else I had feelings for, but he didn't want to hurt me by saying anything before I realised it – he is in love with me... but he doesn't want me to be unhappy if he is not what I want, or the person I want."

"He's a sweet boy Zoe," Jo said carefully, trying to read the other girl's features, but she couldn't see past the detached look in her eyes. "Why are you telling me?"

"Lucas said that I should tell the person that I've fallen in love with my feelings before I left, and I tried, I really did. For weeks I've tried, but I haven't been able to say a thing..." Zoe looked up then at the brunette, their eyes connecting. "I tried to tell you that I'd fallen in love with you, but I couldn't until now... Jo, I love you."

Jo blinked once, twice and then a third time. Each time trying to see if the image in front of her would disappear and she would be back in her bed waking up after an insane dream, but each time that she closed her eyes and descended into darkness she would be back in the Carter's kitchen when she reopened them. The brunette's mouth dropped open suddenly, "I... err..."

"You don't have to say anything Jo." Zoe smiled softly, though it was a heartbroken smile that tore at the other woman's heart. "I wasn't expecting my feelings to be returned."

Jo sat for a moment longer, watching as the young girl stood and made her way out of the kitchen, climbing the stairs one by one before disappearing into her bedroom.

"SARAH, what just happened?" The Ex-Special Ops agent asked the AI of the household, her head still turned in the direction of where Zoe had been standing before she left, her eyes unfocused and slightly glazed as she remembered the heartbreak that had shown so well on the girl's face.

"Zoe just told you she loves you." SARAH replied matter-of-factly, "And you didn't tell her that you love her back."

"How do you?"

"I've been programmed to read the emotions of my residents to make sure that I can make them as comfortable as possible, I discovered the young Carter's feelings for you a long time ago, and yours for her when you looked after her at her birthday party some year ago." The computer replied. Jo pictured the AI as a kind middle aged woman that was sitting down with her confused daughter or friend to discuss a problem of theirs.

"What should I do?" The woman asked softly, clenching her hands into fists on her lap. "Did I just ruin my chance?"

"Not if you go talk to her." SARAH replied. "I'll be turning my functions down to privacy mode, talk to Zoe, make her understand your feelings, before it is too late."

Jo nodded distractedly, pushing herself away from the counter and onto her feet again. "What am I going to say to her?" She wondered aloud shaking her head roughly a moment later to get rid of the negative thoughts.

It took the brunette a matter of a minute to pad up the stairs, the brunette's knuckles tapped loudly on the wooden door until she heard a slight hiccupping noise and the sound of footsteps padding over the floorboards in the direction of the doorway. The door handle slid down until the brunette heard a click as it released.

"Zoe?" Jo asked softly, calling through the door as she tried to see through the gap, "Can I come in."

"Sure..." Zoe mumbled softly, pulling the door open and walking back over towards her bed, "What do you want?"

"I wanted to tell you that you just shocked me... I didn't know what to say to you after you confessed." The brunette said softly, stepping forward until she was in front of the blonde, kneeling down so that she could look into her eyes as she talked to the other girl. "I was trying to find a way to make my brain work when you got up and left. I... I want you to know that I love you too."

"You do?" The blonde asked softly, staring deeply into the other woman's eyes as she spoke, trying to work out if she was telling the truth.

"I do." Jo smiled softly, leaning forward another inch so that she could press her lips against the blonde's, feeling Zoe's lips part as she gasped before the blonde threw her arms around her in a fierce hug. "I love you." The brunette whispered against the girl's lips, wrapping her arms around Zoe's waist and holding her tightly against her body.

Zoe eyes burned slightly underneath her closed eyelids but it was only when she felt Jo's soft lips pressing against her cheeks that she understood that tears were leaking out her eyes, "I'm sorry."

"No need to be." Jo replied softly, pressing her lips against the girl's skin lovingly kissing away her tears, "You're beautiful."

The deputy watched as a faint pink blush spread over the younger girl's cheeks to the tips of her ears, Zoe ducked her head, burying her face in the side of Jo's neck when she heard the soft laughter bursting out of the brunette's lips. The blush only intensified as the blonde pulled away and looked into the deputy's eyes – the chocolate orbs were filled with joy and happiness, but at that moment they also held a good deal of mirth and enjoyment – Zoe's eyes narrowed slightly as she pondered the best way to get the smug look off the brunette's face until she decided that she was going to kiss it away.

The blonde leaned forward slowly, her eyes locked with the other woman's as she leaned into her, a smirk spread over the younger Carter as she saw Jo's throat bob up and down slightly indicating that she had just gulped hard. Zoe's eyes flicked back and forth between Jo's lips – watching as the woman's tongue slipped out from between her lips and licked along her bottom lip – and the woman's eyes, the dark eyes holding the blonde's attention when she was too close to properly see the other woman's lips.

Zoe held her breath for the last couple of centimetres that separated her lips from Jo's exhaling harshly through her nose when their lips met and her skin began to tingle. The deputy's strong arms wrapped around the blonde's lithe waist, pulling the girl towards her, pinning Zoe against her as she manoeuvred then down to the bed. Jo smiled into the kiss as Zoe's slight weight settled onto her hips, the girl's hands holding her just above Jo's body from their positions on either side of the deputy's head.

"I love you." The brunette whispered once again softly, tangling her fingers within Zoe's hair – delighting in the way that it ran through her fingertips before tugging the girl forward and smashing their lips together again.

"I love you too," Zoe whispered softly, grinding her hips down into the other woman, "I want you, please."

"I want you too Zoe, but isn't it a bit soon?" Jo asked worriedly biting and nibbling on her bottom lip – however the blonde girl found that she couldn't concentrate on anything but the way that Jo's lip was bruising slightly under her abusive touch – turning a darker shade of red and pouting out just slightly.

"Jo..." The blonde moaned softly, leaning down and sliding her tongue into the other woman's mouth, plundering it for the sweet taste that she had tasted on the woman's lips – the taste that was solely Jo and nothing else.

Acting purely on instinct the blonde hooked her leg around Jo's grinding her thigh down between the woman's parted thighs causing a soft moan to escape her mouth and dark chocolate eyes to snap open boring into her own bright blue ones as she ground herself down against the woman beneath her. "I want you." Zoe murmured softly, urgently as she rocked against Jo's thigh. "I'm going away to college tomorrow, I don't want to wait four months until I can see you again."

"I..." Jo flushed a dark shade of red, immensely happy at the words that the young girl had spoken – she hadn't known what she was going to do; knowing that Zoe felt the same way when there was nothing that she could do about it, nothing that would settle the ache in her heart – or the one between her legs.

Instead of searching for the words to express what she was feeling Jo pressed her lips tightly to the blonde's, prodding the girl's lips with her tongue begging her entrance as she wrapped her arms around Zoe's hips and rolled them over so that she was on top. The blonde returned her kiss passionately, her tongue sliding over Jo's, flicking the tip before the girl began to gently suck on it ever so gently.

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