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Chapter Three: The Morning After.

The blonde haired girl yawned softly as she rolled over in the bed, reaching out with her hands towards where the warm patch next to her had been for the entire night, but instead of finding the other woman's body the space was empty and cool. Scared bright blue eyes snapped open after a moment, trying to find the woman, but coming up empty as she scanned her bedroom. The deputy's clothes were still littered across her bedroom floor causing a ghost of a smile to appear on the girl's lips but her eyes still held the worry that Jo had left her after their night together.

"Jo?" She called out softly, wrapping a sheet around her chest as she slipped out of the bed, "Where are you?"

The girl waited a few moments for a response before she turned her attention to the A.I of the house, "SARAH, where is Jo?" The girl asked softly, trying to see if the computer would tell her where the brunette had disappeared to.

"Jo is in the kitchen – I believe she is preparing breakfast for you." SARAH replied, even as a computer her tone was one of reassurance and support. "She left the bed approximately half an hour ago."

"Oh," Zoe felt the blush working its way up her cheeks as she turned to the bed again, straightening out the bed clothes until they didn't show a sign that the two women had been making love in it only hours before hand. "Now I feel stupid..." The girl murmured to herself, the blush coating her cheeks refusing to move.

The blonde waited a handful of moments, slipping on one of the deputy's long shirts – the one that had been littering her bedroom floor for the entire night – and a pair of panties before she disappeared out of her bedroom and down the stairs towards the living room. "Jo?" She called softly, sticking her head around the kitchen doorway trying to spot the other woman.

"Hey there beautiful," The brunette smiled, almost skipping away from the counter so that she could wrap her arms around the petite blonde's form and press a soft but loving kiss on her lips. "You sleep well?"

"After last night, what do you think?" Zoe joked, a smile spreading over her lips as she wrapped her arms around the brunette. "It was the best I've slept in a long time."

"That's good," Jo whispered softly, leaning down so that she could press her lips against the other girl's against softly before tugging on her hands so that she could pull her over towards the kitchen counter. "I made you breakfast."

"SARAH told me," The blonde smirked, "You made sure not to burn anything right? I've heard about you and cooking."

Jo huffed loudly, poking the younger girl in the ribs before turning to the stove and taking a hold of the handle of the pan, bringing it around for the girl to see, "Dinners aren't my thing, but I'm pretty damn good at breakfast."

"Sure you are." Zoe whispered softly, sitting down in the stool presented to her and taking the plate that the brown haired woman held out to her. The plate held a pile of small pancakes, with maple syrup dribbled over the top, Zoe's mouth watered slightly as she looked at the meal. "Wow that actually looks good."

"See and you doubted me." Jo chuckled softly in reply as the girl's smile spread over her lips. Zoe grinned softly in reply before she picked up her spoon and slipped a tiny morsel into her mouth – the girl moaned softly as the flavours hit her tongue, her tongue slipping out from between her lips and stroking along her bottom lip.

The girl ate quickly, almost shovelling the mouthfuls of pancake into her mouth quickly in her haste to get it into her mouth. The brown haired women stared wide eyed at the other girl a giggle escaping her lips as she spotted a drop of maple syrup hanging onto the girl's bottom lip.

"You've got something..." The woman murmured softly, leaning forward towards the blonde as she gestured towards the droplet of maple syrup hanging onto the girl's lips.

"What?" Zoe asked bringing her hand up to her lips and wiping them, but somehow still missing the droplet.

The deputy laughed softly, leaning forward and pressing her lips gently against Zoe's, caressing them carefully with her tongue as she wiped away the maple. Their lips moved together in a slow and steady pace, their flesh just barely brushing together even as their hands tangled in each other's hair and they pressed themselves against the other. A quiet moan was torn out of the young blonde's lips as Jo's tongue flicked out over her bottom lip and swiped over the delicate flesh there. "Jo..." Zoe moaned softly, digging her nails into the woman's shoulders as she turned to look at the blonde haired girl.

"Yes," The brown haired woman asked softly as she pulled away wrapping her arms around the girl's shoulders, dragging her back into her body.

"I want to repay you." The girl murmured softly, running her hands down the front of the woman's chest, feeling her firm breasts underneath the short baggy top that she was wearing. "I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel."

"I want that too..." Jo whispered softly, a moan escaping her lips as she pictured what the blonde haired girl would do to her, "I don't want to push you into anything though, I want you to do this at your own pace."

"That's sweet Jo," The girl replied gently, a smile spreading over her lips as she thought about her girl's words but instead of pulling away she leaned forward and kissed the woman's lips gently. "I want this though; I want to show you just how good you made me feel."

"I..." The brunette couldn't speak; her heart was beating so wildly in her chest as she thought about the other girl's words, "I want that too... please."

For a moment the blonde shivered, having Jo beg for something was so unexpected for the blonde, but it sent a thrill through her body at the way that the woman whimpered. Instead of speaking the girl leaned forward and slammed her lips to the brown haired woman's, sliding her tongue along the woman's bottom lip begging her for entrance into her mouth. The deputy's lips parted slowly, her mouth cracking open enough to allow the girl entrance into it. "Wow..." She moaned softly as they pulled away from each other, the heavenly taste of Zoe mixing in her mouth with the flavour of maple syrup and pancakes.

Zoe smiled softly; a grin spreading over her lips at the look on the older woman's face. Zoe loved the way that Jo's eyes would sparkle whenever she was really happy, and the soft crinkling that started at the corners of her eyes and lifted her mouth into a soft shallow curve, just visible enough to reassure that it was a proper smile. The blonde loved the way that the deputy looked when she was actually happy; but more than that she loved the way that she was the one that made the woman happy enough to create that smile on her slightly tanned face.

"I love you..." The blonde whispered hotly into Jo's ear, pressing her lips against the woman's ear, sucking lightly on her earlobe before pulling away, a cheeky grin etched onto her lips as she looked at the girl.

"I love you too Zoe." The brunette replied softly, standing from where she was sat on the stool and bringing her body closer to the blonde's, "You know that I do."

"That I do," Zoe chuckled softly, "You showed it pretty well last night, but if you don't mind us retreating to my bedroom for the rest of the morning I would rather enjoy showing you just how much that I love you as well."

"I wouldn't mind that at all Zoe Carter," Jo smiled lightly, her lips curving up at the edges as she reached forward and took the blonde's hand within her own, squeezing it tightly before holding it to her chest. "I wouldn't mind a bit."

The blonde haired girl smiled softly, gripping Jo's hand tightly as she tugged her towards the stairs, giggling softly as SARAH announced that she was going into privacy mode again as the door to Zoe's bedroom slammed shut. Almost as soon as they were through the doorway Zoe's lips were reattached to Jo's, the blonde sucking on the other woman's plump bottom lip flicking her tongue out against it as she parted the brunette's lips and slid her tongue inside.

Jo moaned softly at the teasing flicks of the younger girl's tongue as it worked over her bottom lip, darting out of the sinful blonde's warm mouth to run along the edges of her lips only to return to the blonde's mouth again. Jo's lips parted slightly, her tongue slipping out from between her lips to run along the side of Zoe's, teasing the girl before retreating back into her own mouth, the thought behind it that if Zoe was going to be a tease then she could be too.

"Jo..." Zoe moaned softly, wrapping her arms around the woman's strong shoulders, pressing against her - pulling their bodies flush to one another as she began to walk them backwards towards the still messed up bed. Jo's eyes fluttered closed under the blonde's gentle caressing hands and the playful lips, concentrating on the sensations flowing from the blonde's body so much that she barely recognised that she was falling when the backs of her knees hit the edges of the bed. Zoe smiled brightly when they came to rest in the middle of her bed; the blonde's legs straddling Jo's hips, grinding down hard enough that she could feel the fact that the brunette was wearing nothing but a thin pair of panties. "God..." She whimpered softly, her hands running along Jo's abdomen slowly, really the rippling muscles there.

"I love you," Jo whispered softly in return, her hands placed gently on the girl's hips, thumbs rubbing over the tops of the girl's thighs ever so gently.

Zoe just smiled at the woman softly, leaning down so that she was able to press her lips to Jo's, to silence her or just to kiss her the brunette wasn't sure, but she knew that it didn't matter as long as the blonde kept on working her lips like she was. Slowly the girl's hands drifted down the brunette's waist, curling around her hips for a moment before slipping back up her body, caressing her skin softly through the shirt that she still wore. Hands found the edge of the material, tugging upwards enough that she was able to bring it up until it was just underneath the brunette's chin before breaking their kiss for the time it took to remove the shirt, pressing herself tightly against the brown haired woman as soon as the shirt was out of the way.

Jo was left panting breathlessly as the blonde nibbled down the side of her neck, working her way down until she was able to kiss and lick at the edges of her breasts - not covered by anything since the blonde had torn the shirt from her body. Jo moaned softly, her hands tangling in Zoe's hair as she felt the girl's tongue flicking out along her flesh, tasting her and bringing her flavour back into the blonde's mouth. She moaned softly again as that same tongue flicked out suddenly, slipping over one of her tight nipples - the bud almost jumping to attention as it grew harder under the girl's touch. "God Zoe, that feels so good."

The blonde failed to reply, instead preferring to kiss and nibble her way over to the brunette's other nipple taking that one into her mouth, smiling happily at the sharp intake of air she heard the brown haired woman make.

Zoe spent long moments sucking on the brown haired woman's nipples, rolling the pert buds between her tongue and teeth as she played with them, sucking the taste of the other woman's skin from her nipples. The blonde enjoyed the way that it made Jo pant with want, arching her back enough that she could push her breast further into the blonde's mouth as if she was trying to get Zoe to eat more of her.

"I love you Zoe," Jo moaned softly, her fingers tangled in the other girl's hair, tugging it lightly so that she could get the blonde to look up at her instead of focusing on the glistening bud just beneath her mouth. "Please, make love to me."

Zoe could hear the almost begging tone in the woman's voice, she could hear it and the shock that rushed through her body at it surprised and aroused her. It wasn't like Jo to beg, no matter what it was that she wanted she just didn't beg. This was the first time that she heard Jo actually begging for something, and Zoe liked it. When she opened her eyes again she was staring directly down into Jo's brown orbs; the emotions pouring off both women were intense and a heady mix of love and lust.

The blonde slipped down Jo's torso, spreading her lips against all the different areas of skin that she could find; the underside of the brunette's breast, the ridges along her ribs, the firm muscles of her stomach, until she reached the edges of the woman's panties. There her tongue traced a path along the material, feeling it against the tip of her tongue as she worked it just underneath the edge, enjoying the subtle groan of impatience and buck of Jo's hops when the girl refused to stop teasing her and took her time making it to the woman's inner thighs.

Jo's body quaked underneath the blonde's little touches - the girl's tongue worked along the tightly corded muscles of the brunette's thighs, as her fingertips snaked underneath the little cotton panties that clung to the brown haired woman's body. She could feel the way that Zoe's breathing was hitting her thighs, making the skin even more sensitive there than it would normally have been through her arousal, it was intoxicating to say the least that Zoe was even there. Little kisses being placed across her muscles as the girls lips worked at her skin. There was nothing else that the brown haired woman wanted at that moment in time than for the blonde to stop playing her body like a finely tuned instrument - instead she wanted the girl's lips placed against her wet pussy.

Zoe seemed to understand the older woman's want because she finally stopped teasing her with the gentle press of her lips and instead worked her kisses inwards; licking at the soft skin she found just between the brown haired woman's thighs before nuzzling the front of her panties with her nose, taking in a deep breath so that she could smell the arousal flowing for the brunette.

"You're very wet for me aren't you Jo?" She chuckled softly, her eyes snaking up the brunette's body until they locked with the pools of brown want on the woman's face. The blonde could see just how much she was wanted at that moment in time, she could see the way that Jo's eyes were dilated and her breathing had increased tenfold since she had begun her journey down the woman's body. "You want me, don't you Jo?" She teased lightly, flicking her tongue out from between her lips and running it along the plump flesh of her bottom lip, watching as Jo's keen eyes followed the path that it took.

"Yes," The woman whimpered softly, arching her hips up towards the girl's teasing mouth, "I want you Zoe, please, just stop teasing me."

For a moment the blonde considered the deputy's words, played them around in her head before a smirk erupted full blown over her lips and she ducked her head down again, pressing a kiss on the woman's heated throbbing pussy before whispering against it so that Jo could feel the words she was saying, "No."

The brunette groaned loudly, tangling her hands in the long flowing locks of blonde hair using her grip on it to keep the other girl right where she was between her eyes. "Zoe, please, I need you." She moaned softly, cantering her hips up towards the blonde.

Zoe smiled brightly at the way that the brown haired woman moved her body; pressing closer to her, so that their bodies were pressed together even slightly. The blonde loved the way that she could see the sweat beading on Jo's forehead as her temperature shot through the roof, the pleasure flowing quickly through her veins as her heart thudded hard against her ribcage. The blonde nuzzled at the thin black panties for a moment, breathing in deeply so that she could take the woman's scent into her body, tasting it slightly on her tongue as she did so, breathing Jo deep into her lungs.

"You smell so good," She moaned softly, bending forward unable to do anything against the sensations racing through her body as she pressed kisses to the edge of Jo's panties, flicking her tongue underneath the straps for a moment before she allowed her fingertips to dip under the edge so that she was able to pull the offending garments off Jo's long legs. The cotton panties were dropped onto the floor behind Zoe as if there were radioactive and dangerous, but her head never moved from its position between the older woman's thighs.

Instead the girl leaned forward as soon as the panties were away from Jo's heated flesh, pressing a kiss to the place just at the woman's hip before pressing soft kisses down towards the juncture between the brunette's thighs, tasting the woman juices on the end of her tongue as she did so, she could taste the woman all around her and it was wonderful.

The girl swore softly under her breathe as Jo's taste invaded her mouth unexpectedly, she hadn't been ready for the taste on her tongue, but as soon as she tasted it she knew that she wanted more of it, she wanted it everywhere in her mouth.

Zoe moaned softly as her tongue slipped out from between her lips, parting the brunette's lower lips as she did so and pressing her tongue between them. The taste ripped a moan out of the blonde's mouth; now she could understand why the brown haired woman had wanted to spend so much time between her legs, now she understood just how good it actually tasted to be there. She'd tasted herself before but it was nothing like tasting Jo; Jo was everywhere at the same time, her heart beat thudding through the girl's tongue as she pressed it against the woman's clit. She had played with the small nub on herself more times that she liked to count whenever she thought about the dark chocolate haired deputy; she knew the way she should roll her tongue to flick the woman's clit just the right way to send waves of pleasure crashing down between her legs.

"Zoe..." Jo moaned softly, her hands pressing against the top of the young blonde's head as she twisted her hips against the assault from the blonde's tongue. The older woman had had lovers before the blonde, but none of them had been quite as instinctually good at playing with her body as the blonde haired Carter seemed to be. "God, Zoe, please..." She whimpered as her face bucked up into Zoe's face.

She could feel the sharp thrill of pleasure rushing through her veins; the way that the girl's tongue stayed gently lapping at her sensitive nub even as she tried to press her tighter against it was making her almost insane, but there was nothing she could do against it because each time she moved bolts of thick heady pleasure rushed down throughout her body to settle in her pussy. The coil inside her tightened with every movement of the girl's tongue, but it was never enough to get her to the point where she could fall over the edge. Each time she was brought there the blonde backed off just a little bit - she would nibble at the soft skin of the brunette's thigh, or press gentle kisses against her hip, before reaching to the little nub.

"Zoe, please, I want your finger..." Jo moaned softly, her eyes locking onto the playful blue orbs that stared at her from between her legs, she could feel the way that Zoe was smirking against her, but instead of annoying her, it only made her wetter. "I want... I want your fingers inside me, I need them inside me."

For a moment, one long moment that dragged for both the women, Jo thought that the blonde was going to refuse her and go back to teasing her mercilessly, but the blonde smiled, slipping up Jo's body until she was able to press their lips together. The older woman groaned at the taste of herself on Zoe's lips; she had wanted that for longer than she cared to admit. However it was the feeling of two fingers slipping between her legs, parting her folds once again before slowly pushing inside her.

The keening moan that was torn out of Jo's lips would have embarrassed her had it been anyone other than Zoe between her legs; however with Zoe the woman couldn't restrain the sounds that she made. Every scrap of the girl's nails inside her brought out a whine from the back of her throat, every touch of the girl's thumb to her clit brought a soft moan and every thrust of the girl's tongue inside her mouth brought a soft loving sigh.

"I love you," Zoe whispered into the brunette's ear as she quickened her pace inside the woman, loving the way that she was clenching around her - the way that her fingers were gripped tightly within the brunette, and the way that a soft blush was working its way up the brunette's cheeks.

The Deputy Sheriff tried to say something in return - she tried to tell the blonde that she loved her back, that she was deeply in love with the girl, but nothing was able to escape her lips other than soft moans and groans as the girl's fingers moved around within her. "Shush," The girl whispered into Jo's ear softly, nibbling at the skin just to the side of it before she continued to speak, "Come Jo, come for me. Show me you love me."

The tone that the words were said in was enough for the brunette to feel herself falling over the edge into the blonde's arms. The press of the girl's fingertips against her g-spot and the pad of her thumb against her clit just made the woman fly over the edge all the faster. The woman felt her body turning limp and numb, her chest heaving up and down as she fought to drag air into her lungs - her fingers grasped lightly at the blonde locks of hair, keeping Zoe from moving away from her, keeping the blonde's fingers inside her as she settled back down from her high.

"That was..." She panted, a flush covering her cheeks as she tried to think of the right words to say before instead deciding just to show the blonde through a kiss.

Jo poured every single one of her feelings out into the kiss. She poured everything that she was into the blonde haired girl's mouth, sharing her innermost emotions with girl that had stolen her heart and replaced it with her own. "I love you," Jo panted softly as she pulled away, pressing soft loving kisses all over the other girl's face as she did so, loving the way that the girl shivered underneath her lips.

"I love you too." Zoe replied softly, curling her body around the brunette's finally allowing her fingers to slip from Zoe's insides as she snaked an arm around Jo's waist. "We should rest..." She mumbled softly, pressing kisses against Jo's shoulders even as she spoke.

"We can rest later... there is only so much time left before your flight." The brunette replied expertly flipping them over so that she was on top of the blonde haired girl. "Right now, I've got to repay you for that..." She smirked leaning down to kiss her girlfriend softly and lovingly.

"Repay away..." Zoe whispered, tilting her head back to expose more of it to the brunette's lips and teeth.