They hadn't spoke for almost two days and this time it was her fault she was avoiding him but she just couldn't face him. She was lost in her thoughts staring out of her office window she didn't notice him come in. "Stella we need to talk." He said softly almost as though he was scared of her reaction

"I need to get back to work." She said as she left not even lifting her head to look at him. He was still standing in her office 5 minutes later thinking about what happened just 72 hours ago that broke them so far apart

She had been drinking and found herself outside of Mac's apartment. She knocked on causing Mac to think who would be at him apartment at this late hour. "Stella. What are you doing here?" he had asked "I can't." Was he simple answer "I can't pretend anymore." He looked at her confused

"Pretend what?" I asked unsure whether or not I wanted her answer

"That I don't love you. That you're not all I think about everyday and that I just want to kiss you whenever I see you." He didn't know what to say.

"Your drunk Stella you'll probably forget all about this in the morning."

She had tried to reach out to kiss him but he pushed her back... Hard. She had hit her head on his doorframe and all he could bring himself to say was "Now go home and sober up I'll see you at work tomorrow." And without even listening to her he had thrown her out of his apartment.

She didn't forget though she wouldn't look at him let alone talk to him since it had happened, she tried her best not to be on the same case as him and when she was she would avoid speaking to him at all costs. However when she did talk to him they would short and stern sentences about the case.


She was finishing up when she heard a gentle knock at her door she looked seeing who it was
and staring straight back down "Stella please." She couldn't see him but she knew his eyes would be full of guilt and remorse "I can't Mac I made a fool of myself and I wont do it again. I'm sorry" she was about to walk out the office before he grabbed her wrist pulling her back towards him.

They stood for what seemed like forever ,but it was only minutes, staring into each others eyes before Mac reached his hand around Stella's head and placed it in her hair bringing her lips to his. She took a while to respond but when he did she wrapped her hands around his neck as he did the same with her waist his tongue slowly finding its way into her mouth. They stood in the same position for a few minutes before pulling apart for air. Grinning at Stella who had a tear rolling her cheek he gently whispered in her ear "Still scared of making a fool of yourself?" She chuckled as her lips once again made there way to his.