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The story is set after Breaking Dawn. If you haven't read the books, do so before reading this story.


I lay on my back on the roof of the famous Volturi Castle and watched the stars in the midnight blue sky above me. I tried to find solace in the peace and quiet surrounding me, but my thoughts always came back to the same fact: Tomorrow would be the day that I would die – a second time.

The first time I died, I was changed into a vampire. I have only been a vampire for three years now. I wished that I could have more time, but from what I had heard the Volturi weren't great in giving second chances. I didn't doubt that tomorrows trial would end with my death and the death of my two covenmates.

Light footsteps on the roof alerted me to the arrival of another vampire. I turned my head and saw a vampire distinctly dressed as a Volturi guard. I sighed. Probably one of the lower guards, who were ordered to watch me and my coven. He had been young, when he was changed. I had been fifteen, the guard looked as if he had been no older than fourteen, when he was bitten. He was heartbreakingly beautiful, even for a vampire. Dark brown hair fell onto his forehead and was long enough to tickle his eyelashes. His features were angelic, except for the bright ruby eyes. The contrast was kind of disturbing. The corners of his full lips were turned down at the moment, while he stared at me disapprovingly.

"What are you doing out here?"

I frowned. What did it look like I was doing? Like so often my mouth answered before my brain could catch up with it. "Oh drat. Now you have foiled my brilliant masterplan: escaping the Volturi through alien abduction!"

To my surprise the vampire chuckled and sat down next to me. "Nice plan. But who knows, since we know for a fact that vampires do exist after all, maybe there are aliens out there, too."

I snorted. "Yeah, but even if there are aliens out there, why should they ever want to come to a crappy place like earth?"

The guard snickered. "I give you that. Now what are you really doing out here? Watching the stars?"

"Yeah," I answered and looked back up to the sky. "Even as a human I loved to come out at night and watch the stars. The air smells different during nighttime, and everything is so peaceful and quiet. I can imagine being alone in the world. It relaxes me."

"Do you want me to leave you alone then?"

I mulled that over. True, I liked being alone, but a distraction from my thoughts about my upcoming death would be nice. "Nah," I answered finally. "You are so small, you don't count." It was true, the boy next to me could not be taller than maybe five foot four.

He grinned at that. "You are one to talk."

Again, this was sadly true. I was about five foot one. If I stretched my back and stood on my toes. I am midget vampire girl. "You know, making fun of people on their last day on earth, or better night, isn't exactly nice."

"Well, you started it. But why are you so sure that this will be your last night? Aro's trials don't always end in death, you know?"

I simply rolled my eyes. "Oh please. The other two in my coven and me were filmed by newsmen in a helicopter, while we were snacking on the victims of a bus that had crashed with a truck. We tried to stay away, but we were really close when it happened, and there was just so much blood. We simply lost it."

The vampire next to me shrugged. "It took some work to make that one disappear, that's true. Aro was livid."

"I figured as much. I have never met Aro, Caius or any other of the Volturi, but from what I have heard, they are not exactly the most forgiving people on earth."

"What do you know about the Volturi?" He asked curiously.

"Not much. I have heard of Aro, Caius and Marcus, of course. I know that they make sure that the humans don't find out about vampires. I know that they have the world's best tracker, Demetri I think is his name, and I have heard of the witch twins, their best offensive weapon. I mean, what vampire hasn't heard of them."

The boy was silent for a few seconds. "When you meet the witch twins tomorrow, don't call them that to their face. They hate the nickname."

I chuckled. "Don't worry. Antagonizing two extremely powerful and sadistic vampires isn't high on my list of 'things to do before I die'." I made air quotation marks to that last part.

"What would be on that list?"

I smiled. "Too many things to be listed in one night. I was fifteen, when I was changed and I have only been a vampire for three years. I spent most of these years trying to get my temper and bloodlust under control. Not much time for experiences."

Ruby eyes stared surprised into mine. "You are only three years old? That might help you tomorrow. The first year while you are still a newborn is the worst, but you don't magically achieve perfect self-control after the first year is over. Aro knows that. If you have a talent that might help even more. Aro hates to waste potential."

"I do have a talent, but I seriously doubt that Aro will be impressed by it," I sighed.

"Well, what is your talent?" He asked, after it became clear that I wouldn't continue talking on my own.

I grinned and motioned to my body. "You are looking at it."

The boy looked me over and frowned. "What do you mean?"

I couldn't suppress a little snicker. "You know, how humans are always attracted to vampires because of their beauty and smell? Well, humans are not attracted to me. Actually they tend to overlook me completely, if I don't do something to draw attention to myself. But even if I do something like, for example talk to someone, they don't remember much about me afterwards. Most of them can't even say, if they had been talking to a girl or a boy, just some kid. Doesn't work on vampires, though. I mean, it's not as if I make vampires stop in their tracks to bask in my otherworldly beauty or anything like that, but they do notice me. Even though I am rather unremarkable to them."

I swallowed. "Makenna, she is the leader of my coven, says that my gift might also work on vampires, when I get older and my talent matures, but so far it only works on humans."

He nodded, deep in thought. "Makenna is probably right. A vampire's mind is more difficult to trick than a human's. It might take some time until you are able to do that. Your talent certainly doesn't work on me so far. I definitely don't think you are unremarkable, I find you quite beautiful actually."

I shot him a disbelieving look. "They don't let you out much, do they? Either that or you haven't been a vampire for long."

I knew that I wasn't anything special in the looks department. I was small with almost no curves. I had practically a boy's body. My shoulder length hair was a boring shade of brown, and my face wasn't ugly, but it wasn't beautiful either. Everything about me screamed average.

He snickered at that. "Actually, I am several centuries old. Because of that I know that there are different kinds of beauty out there. Your beauty isn't flashy, more of a quiet kind, but you are beautiful nonetheless."

"A quiet beauty?" I asked disgusted. "If you start talking about good characters and inner beauty next, I swear, I will spare you all the work and kill myself right now."

That earned me outright laughter. After a while he quieted down and seemed to ponder something. "Have you ever heard of the theory that vampires have talents because of what they were like as a human? It makes me wonder, what kind of person you were to end up with a talent that makes people overlook you."

I grimaced at that. "Well, let's just say that my human life wasn't much fun. My parents were abusive, I was mobbed at school, and all I ever wished for was to be left alone. My talent gives me that. The last three years were the best of my life. I just wish, I could have had more time."

The vampire stood up and looked down at me. "Who knows, maybe you will get your wish. See you tomorrow at the trial."

"You will be there?"

He simply nodded and left. I stared after him. It occurred to me that I hadn't even asked him his name.