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1 Normal

Normal surveyed the domain that was Jam Pony Express. Not a particularly vast, powerful, efficient or profitable empire, but it was his and that's what really mattered. It stayed that way for precisely five seconds, in other words, until the phone rang.

"This is Jam Pony, how can we help you?"

"Is Max there?" said the male voice on the other end of the phone.

Which was just brilliant, because that was absolutely the last thing he wanted to hear, especially since it was the fifth time that week?

"Max, get over here. It's for you and please remember this is company time so bip bip bip!"

"Hey, Normal, chill will ya?"

'Why me?' he thought to himself. Ever since the Pulse, he'd been trying to hold together some semblance of life, but something always interfered. Like this caller. Always wanting to speak to Max and it usually resulted in her running off somewhere, leaving him one rider less. Today was exceptionally annoying because there were three packages that had to go to sector 10 and none of his other riders were particularly keen to go there. For some reason, Max wasn't afraid of anything. She got off the phone.

"Sorry Normal, gotta jet. Personal matter."

"For the love of Mike, not again!" but before he even began to complain she was out the door.

Well, that was enough. This time, he was prepared.

"Attention people. I've got to go for a while so I'll need someone to watch over the place."

"Oh please not me!" moaned Sketchy, remembering the last time that had happened and the disaster that had followed.

"No, not you, I wouldn't trust you to watch the clock. No, my brother, Abnor, will be here in half an hour, so please, just do what you do best - that is, nothing - until he gets here."

"Great, just what I we always wanted, another Normal," said Original Cindy.

"Hey, it's all good, we still get rid of this one," added Herbal Thought.

"Yeah, well, that's no weight off my mind," replied Sketchy.

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout boo? You have to have a mind first