"Thought I would find you here" Logan called from the window of the space needle; he could see Max sitting on the ledge.

Logan slowly got up and went over to where Max sat on the space needle.

"What's up?" Max asked as he sat down beside her.

"Got some good news about Abnor and Normal" Logan said wrapping an arm around Max.

"What about Abnor, was he from Manticore?" Max asked moving closer to Logan.

"Abnor was directly from Manticore, he was assigned to delete all evidence of the x-5's, apparently when Lydecker couldn't get you all back so they brought Abnor whose real name is Benjamin ________ (insert Normal's actual last name) in to do the job. But I doubt that Abnor will be coming back to bother us any time soon, someone emailed some files to the new director proving that he was planning on taking her job" Logan said chuckling at the last bit.

Max laughed softly "your really something Logan"

"So what was the good news about Normal, did he die?" Max said the sarcastic hope evident in her voice.

"No, unfortunately but according to Sam he did suffer Amnesia from the blow to the head" Logan replied in a cheer full although sarcastic voice.

"I can't believe my own family would turn us in, back in the day we were all that we had, we protected each other but now Dante and Sarah were ready to hand us over to the enemy just so that they could stay free" the disappointment was clear in Max's voice.

Logan wrapped his arm around Max tighter and pulled her closer to him.

"And I thought my family was bad" Logan said as he and Max sat there on the space needle watching the city below them.