A/N: This is a song fic! yay!

Draco/Ginny: Should've Said No-Taylor Swift

I found out about him...and her. It hurts to look at him. I gave him one chance, and it was his moment of weakness. He said yes, when he should've said no. He should've thought about how I would find out. Maybe he might still have me if he told her no. He knows i've been crying, and he knows exactly what to say. Does he think we can be the same again? The past is the past. He should've thought twice before he let me go. He should'nt be begging for forgivness. Was she worth it? No.

Snape/Hermione: I'd Lie-Taylor Swift

He runs his hands through his hair, saying love isn't for him. I hope he is wrong. I fake a smile, and I know his favorite songs. His favorite color's green. Arguments are his thing. His birthday is on January nineth. His sister is gorgeous. He has his dad's eyes. I'd lie if you asked me if I loved him. He never lets anyone see him crying, and I don't let anyone see me wish that he was mine. He's walks away, and I wish i could tell him that I breathe for him. He can play instruments. I love him. He doesn't see it.

Bellatrix/Voldemort: Love The Way You Lie-Eminem

He stands there, watching me cry and scream. I don't mind. I like how he lies, I like how he's ruining his own life. And mine.

I can tell her what it feels like. She hates me. She says she's leaving me. She's not going anywhere. She says she feels ashamed. She doesn't know him. But she was with him. She tells me she won't do it again. When I met her I told myself that I wouldn't hurt her. Now we're fighting, hitting each other. We said things, we didn't mean them. I love her to much to walk away from her. If she ever tries to leave her fucking lord behind, i'm gonna take her wand, tie her to the bed, and set the fucking house on fire.

Narcissa/Lucius: I'll Stand By You-Glee Cast

Why does she look so sad? Tears threatning to fall from her eyes. I take her in my arms. I tell her to cry. Nothing she says can make me love her less. I'll stand by her. I won't let nobody hurt her. If she's mad, let her be mad. Why does she have to hide? I get angry to. I want her to take me in, in her darkest hour. I won't desert her. I'll be with her.

Tonks/Lupin: Stay Beautiful-Taylor Swift

His eyes are like a jungle, his smile like music. All the pretty girls watch him. He's beautiful, every little peice. He should know he's gonna be someone special one day. When he's looking for what he needs, I hope he comes to my door and finds it. I take pictures in my mind and save them for a rainy day. Stay beautiful. We're a story, that never gets old. He's a daydream i never get to hold on to. Stay beautiful.