The Lady Galadriel sat alone as she mused. The news had come quickly once it had been sent, and curse Elrond for not sending it sooner. He had delayed, she knew despite how he attempted to avoid admitting to it. An elfling had been located wandering the woodland, far from civilization, or any semblance of home. Elrond had not explained in full, the distance between the two realms meant that extending ones consciousness to communicate with the other was draining and so all explanations had been quick, though thorough. The Lady had not had an opportunity to question the elf Lord. Galadriel also wondered to herself if his aversion had anything to do with avoiding her fury at being left blind.

How odd for an elfling to appear out of nowhere with no sign to where he had come from. No elf had known anything off the child. The fact that this child had appeared was both a blessing and a trouble. Of course, no elf would begrudge the child. His birth should have been celebrated instead of going unnoticed, and his appearance now, though worrying, would have to do instead.

Sauron darkness was quickly spreading across the land, and the appearance of an elfling would no doubt create chaos within the Elven realms. There had not been an elfling born in many centuries, and the reaction that it would cause was not advantageous at this time. The elven realms did not need to be contesting with one another over the attentions of the boy currently.

In contrast, the arrival of the child was an emblem of hope in the ever darkening times. Something bright in the darkness that gave them something more to protect, and no doubt the boy would be protected. Having arrived in such a manner and in such a condition, Galadriel did not doubt that it would be many moons before his carers allowed him out of their sight. Galadriel almost pitied him.


Harry had been in Imladris for a little less than a month now. He was no longer residing in the 'Halls of Healing' as Estel had called them, and was now staying in a spacious, though rather sparse room. The bed was large and comfortable, though perhaps it was of a regular size and it was his sudden reduction in size that led him to see it so large. The room was not overly comfortably like Griffindor tower had been, nor delightfully cosy like the Burrow. It wasn't even regally dark like Sirius' old house had been. Instead it was light and airy, with a constant fresh flow of air coming from the large windows that opened onto a balcony. Why did all the rooms seem to have huge windows? Estel had mentioned how he had noticed how much time Harry had spent on the balcony in the Halls of Healing and so had arranged for Harry's new living quarters to have one too.

As the past three weeks had gone by, Harry had grown to be a little more comfortable in his surroundings. He was by no means at ease around anybody (except maybe Estel, but Estel was Estel and Estel was special so...) but he was no longer constantly clinging to Estel's shirt like a child (only sometimes) and he was beginning to become more comfortable around the twins - who were somehow Estel's brothers despite being part of a different species. Then again, he was a part of a different species to himself two months ago, who was he to comment. He still refused to be left alone with them, but he liked them well enough. They were funny. They made him laugh like he hadn't in ages.

The told him funny story's of when Estel was a child himself, and about how he had followed around their sister like a lost puppy - those weren't the exact words they had used by the idea was the same. Harry had wrinkled his nose in contemplation. If the twins were Estels brothers, and Arwen was their sister, didn't that make her Estel's sister as well? He had voiced this thought, provoking boisterous laughter from the twins, and a slight reddening of Estel's cheeks.

It reminded him of how Fred and George used to tease Ron. Of course, Estel handed it far better than Ron ever had, though Estel was much older than Ron so perhaps it was just something that he had gotten used to. Perhaps, given the chance, Ron would have become used to it eventually...if he had ever gotten the chance to live his life.

The wound in Harry's leg had almost disappeared, and only caused him pain if he leant on it for too long or it he provoked it. Not that he had had much of a chance to lean of it for very long. Estel had continued with his insistence that Harry shouldn't be walking anywhere, and that she should be carried instead. This was becoming a bit of a nuscience, and it would only get worse.

Harry had noticed, in the rare chance that he was allowed to transport himself, that this new him was lighter than the other one was. Even as a human child he had not found movement quite so easy. He was faster and more agile as an elf and so he often over compensated when he moved, making him steady on his feet. Perhaps this contributed to Estel's need to mollycoddle him. But really, if he was going to stop falling over, he needed to practice walking, and he couldn't do that if Estel was going to carry him everywhere.

He was going to get bigger, wasn't he? He should be learning now, while he was still little and it was less embarrassing. If he got bigger and he was still falling everywhere, he'd look like a complete idiot. What was more, it was hardly inconspicuous, not being able to walk. Somebody would soon pick up on it, and notice that it wasn't right. Besides, Estel couldn't carry him around forever.

It wasn't just Estel either. Every time he saw an elf, whether it be the twins in the private gardens, or Lord Glorfindel in the hallway, they always seemed a little too worried about his welfare. It was unnerving. He knew that he'd never had a normal childhood with the Dursley's to compare it with, but they hadn't even shown Dudley the amount of care that Harry was receiving. And the Dursley's adored Dudley.

It was in an attempt to avoid this worrying that Harry had managed to find himself alone in the private gardens. It was a very beautiful area. And it was private, which was ideal really. Harry had so far managed to avoid going into many crowded areas, he wasn't comfortable around the few people he knew, let alone a crowd of strangers, and whenever they (himself and Estel) had met somebody in the corridor, they had cooed and fussed and made things generally awkward for him. He hadn't even gotten this kind of attention when he had first entered the wizarding world. And that was saying something.

The garden was beautiful, far more so than Aunt Petunia's garden had ever managed to be, despite the womans efforts to ensure otherwise. Harry couldn't hope to identify any of the flowers, though some did seem similar to some that he had seen at home. A small body of clear water sparkled in the morning sun, if it could be called morning anymore. It was just before noon, and Harry had only recently awoken. Harry was not used to sleeping so late in the day, the Dursley's had always had a long list of chores for Harry to complete, and had never permitted him to sleep in, while at Hogwarts, Harry had lessons to go to and four other boys with whom he shared a room. It was difficult to stay asleep when there were four teenage boys stumbling around the room.

Harry blamed it on his injury and how the elfs had fussed to ensure that he was sleeping as many hours as they could coax him to sleep for. Luckily however, his sleeping pattern was beginning to regain some normality, with Harry no longer falling asleep at random times with the day, or waking up restless in the middle of the night. That was not to say that these things never happened, but it was far less often than it had previously been.

Harry's nightmares had also become less common, coming every two or three nights, rather than every night. This seemed to satisfy Estel, who had worried furiously when he had discovered how poorly Harry was sleeping.

Harry had hidden himself from view beneath an old tree with hanging branches that reminded him of a willow tree. Of course, unlike the willow tree at Hogwarts, this one didn't attack him, for which Harry was glad. It wouldn't do to sustain another injury so quickly after the last one.

He had been in the garden for what seemed to be almost a half hour, and as he stretched out in the silence, the smell of nature in his nostrils, Harry could almost imagine being back at Hogwarts, waiting for Ron and Hermione to catch him up, or perhaps for Ginny to finish her last class before lunch and come and join him.

The illusion was shattered by somebody calling for Harry.


Harry had disappeared. He had been told by Ithilwen that she had roused him an hour before noon, and had ensured that he was dressed, and that he ate something. After this, she had not seen anything of him. This was always going to be a problem. While it was wonderful to see that the elfling was recovering swiftly, it was impossible to be constantly watching him, and as he became more mobile, Harry was going to be wandering off more, causing more trouble. Estel could remember being a similar age to Harry, and, remembering what sort of trouble he had gotten into as a youngster, he dreaded to think of what the boy could run into.

He wasn't hugely worried about where Harry was at that moment in time. He was sure that the child would not leave Imladris, and true danger couldn't reach the child within the boundaries of the realm, however it was still possible for Harry to aggravate his wound or to injure himself. Estel could recall several times where the boy had fallen, or had almost fallen, and, while Harry had never injured himself beyond a few light bruises, Estel knew it would just be a matter of time before Harry climbed something a bit too high and fell, and really harmed himself.

It was the way of children.

Estel had broken his own arm once, attempting to climb a willow tree in the houses private gardens. He had been slightly older than Harry was at that point, but he could none-the-less remember the shock and pain he had felt when his bone snapped. Harry was younger, and had seen more than Estel had himself at the time, but there would doubtlessly be tears should there be a repeat incidence.

It would be just the kind of thing that a stubborn elfling like Harry would do as well.

With this in mind, Estel began to search for Harry. The boy needed to eat lunch soon too. He had broken his fast recently, but it was important that the boy ate at least three meals a day, whilst not disturbing his sleep. Now that Harry was healing, they were trying to settle him into a routine where he would sleep through the night. Given the nightmares that still plagued the child, this was proving to be difficult.


Harry twisted around the peer past the thick base of the tree, his hands coming up to rest against the bark as he settled on his knees. He listened hard, as the voice grew louder and softer again, as whomever was searching for him - probably Estel - moved past him.

Harry cried out as he was swept off of the ground, and into strong arms.

'Again with the carrying.'

"Well met, tithen pen" twin voices chorused.

Identical faces peered down at him, set with matching grins. Harry had seen that grin on the twins at home, and suddenly he felt the need to feel very afraid.

"I fear you have led our brother upon a merry chase - " Twin number 1 began.

"We saw him searching for you, we did - "

"So we decided, it was our duty - "

"As Sons of this household - "

"To ensure that no harm had come to you - "

"And to prevent Estel from finding you too we suppose - "

"Let him worry a little you know - "

"He always worries too much - "

"He'll probably enjoy it - "

"Odd sort of person, our Estel is."

Harry's was beginning to feel a little dizzy, as he tried to follow what the twins were saying, his head going from side to side as he followed who was speaking. He'd gotten out of practice.

"So then tithen pen," the elf that was holding him - Elladan? - began.

"We should perhaps move onwards, away from here - "

"To a place Estel has already checked, where he will not search again - "

"For a while at least."

With that, Elladan tightened his grip on Harry, who, somewhat cautiously buried his hands into his shirt. The trio then swiftly left the gardens, the twins moving faster than Harry could due to their long legs and adult frame. Harry found himself somewhat jealous.

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