Chapter 26 Epilogue

"Kaoru, get your son, he's stuck in the tree again!" I yelled from the door as I stared at our green eyed, sable haired son that decided to impress his sister by climbing a tree.

"Okay!" He yelled back as I smirked, the skirt fluttering as I walked down the stairs to go outside and watch the goof ball of a son that I have.

Turns out, when I became pregnant, I had triplets which were rare in both sides. And even rarer, all three surprisingly survived being born premature.

Smiling at him, I hugged our daughter, Sora who had my mother's name. Her red hair was put into a ponytail as her ebony eyes stared up at her brother.

"I told you Hiroshi, you were going to get stuck but you didn't listen to me." She hollered. Her answer was a tongue being stuck at her.

"Sora, go get Ran."

She ran and retrieved her black haired with one green eye and ebony eye sister.

"Nice work goof ball." She muttered and walked back inside.

Kaido walked around the corner with the ladder in tow as he shook his head.

"I think he got that from you Aiko." He muttered as he walked passed me.

Raising an eyebrow, I tripped him. "You sure about that because you just fell."

"That's because you tripped me! I challenge you to another tennis match!" He yelled as he glared at me, making my smile get a bit bigger.

"So you can lose again. I think you shouldn't have me go through lessons. You pain if I hurt your pride again." I said with a shrug, grabbing the ladder and putting it up for Hiroshi to climb down.

"Don't do that again Hiro? Next time, we might not be able to get you." I scolded as I hugged him. He was a wimp at times. He let his true feelings out unlike his father.

I also learned that Fuji was a pretty good damn lawyer, Momo was somewhat fit to be a doctor, Eiji and Oishi are animal rehabilitate animals, Taka-san he's running the family sushi, Tezuka, he's on Tv talking politics. Ryoma, he's in college working on his bachelors degree in science, Sadaharu he's a scientist now. Kaido, he's working with animals.