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[Point of view: Renesmee Cullen. She's technically six but looks and acts like a sixteen year old and she doesn't know that Jake imprinted on her]

I was on my way back from hunting when it started to pour. Perfect. They're going to kill me. I ran home, running in puddles and getting soaked along the way.

My parents are going to a wedding in Port Angeles and they decided to take me along.

So Alice and Rosalie were looking forward to doing my hair and torturing me.

"I'm… back" I called. Alice and Rosalie appeared with not so happy faces.

"Nessie, look at you! You're all wet!" Alice cried

"You were supposed to come home an hour ago." Rosalie said

"I was? Totally forgot."

"Don't play cute with us. C'mon, let's blow dry."

Alice dragged me to the bathroom but ran into my mom with basket of laundry in her arms. She was wearing a grey strapless dress with a gold ribbon around the waist. And when I looked at her face, my jaw dropped. "Wow, mom! You look great! You can actually pass to be my mom!"

I've never seen her with make up on before. It added years to her face! I know she hates makeup as much as I do but she had no choice. She can't show up to this wedding after so many years and still look 18.

She smiled "Thanks, Ness. Good luck in there." Alice pulled my hand and forced me into a chair. She blow dried for a while then Rosalie brushed. They argued on how they would style it.

"I say down: to frame her beautiful face." Rosalie said, brushing down

"I disagree. Up of course! To show off her gorgeous eyes" Alice said, brushing up

"How about a pony tail?" I suggested. They both narrowed their eyes and gave me a look that said 'absolutely not'.

I crossed my arms and sighed. In the kitchen, I could hear my parents talking. Jacob was there too.

They finally agreed on a style that I actually liked. Half up, half down with a sparkly butterfly clip in the back.

"Makeup?" Rosalie asked.

"Ha, good one."

Alice shrugged "Worth a shot"

"Ok, time for the dress." Mine was beige with a polka dot belt around the waist and layers of ruffles on the bottom. "It goes over your head so try and cooperate." Rosalie warned

"If you mess up your hair, we'll have to start all over again." Alice sang

I stripped out of my wet clothes, wearing only my bra and underwear. Carefully, the two of them tried to get it over my head.

"Ow!" I cried

"The zipper must've got caught. It's stuck!" Alice explained

That's when Jacob opened the door on us "Are you almost re-"

He was cut off by it all.

"DOG! GET OUT!" Rosalie snapped. Jacob quickly shut the door.

Alice and Rose stood there for a moment. I let out a cold chuckle. "Maybe we should of tried stepping into the dress!"

"Sorry Nessie... On the bright side, you're wearing your new bra I got you. Cute, right?"

We managed to get the dress on. Alice and Rose were anxious to show everyone. But I was too embarrassed to show my face. I guess it wasn't that big of a deal. Jake was practically family. Except, whenever I'm around him I feel… whole. Like we're meant to be together. And lately, I can't stop thinking about him.

Alice and Rose walked me to the kitchen "Ta-da! What do ya think? Doesn't she look dazzling?"

Everyone smiled except my father. He knows I'm secretly crushing on Jake. He knows I'm crazy for him. But he knows I would never confess that to Jake. Yet, he acts so strange whenever he sees us together. Almost like he's too over protective for no reason.

"C'mon we better get moving. We're running late."

Rosalie and my mom gathered their things and headed outside. Daddy glared at Jake, giving him the death stare.

"C'mon, Edward. It was only an accident." Alice said. She took him by the arm and led him outside so I got to talk to Jake alone for a minute.

"Jake…" I began

"Sorry about you know… I'll remember to knock next time." he said, blushing

I grinned "Yeah, you do that."

We smiled at each other for a long moment. He looked thoughtful but said nothing.

"Renesmee!" Daddy called.

"Well, I better go." I went to walk away but he grabbed my hand.

"Nessie, you… you look really beautiful."

I stared at him with wide eyes and realized he was still holding my hand. It seemed like much more than just a friendly compliment. A friend wouldn't look at me the way he did. It made me nervous and I didn't know how to react.

"Thanks, Jake… I- I'll see you when I get back."

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