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02: Careful

"You know, you really should be more careful."

Vlad's statement should have been reprimanding or joking, even scornful. Instead, it was just some syllables to fill the silence as he rewrapped Danny's wrist in flexible gauze.

As had become usual, Danny didn't reply and avoided even looking at the man. Even so, he could still see the mauve-ish blob that was Vlad, stripped of his black suit jacket for once in his life. If Danny had been paying more attention, seeing stiff, pompous, evil Vlad looking less than impeccable would've been a pretty good indicator of how completely stressed the older hybrid was.

"Hmm." Danny somehow managed a faint hum in response.

If he had seen the expression of taken aback surprise on the man's face, he also probably would have realized just how far gone Danny himself had been for the past week.

Vlad coughed into the suffocating silence, only made thicker be the younger halfa actually giving a verbal response for the first time in days.

"Well, I guess that's it then," Vlad commented awkwardly as he stepped back from the bathroom counter. This time the only response he got was the boy hopping off the marble to silently trudge to his room.

Ah. Back to normal, then.

As the older halfa slowly put to first aid kit back in order, he didn't quite notice the way Danny gently cradled his fractured right wrist—with new bruises, once again hidden under the gauze, courtesy of The Memorial Incident—to his stomach.

Almost like he was afraid to let go.