Hello readers! This is a story I've been waiting to do since I started writing and it is now that I got the guts to do so.

This story has different couple and although it has SakuNaru (A complete pain for me because I would rather die than see them together) it's all part of the story. Please read, and I hope you ill like it.

The Past and The Prensent of our love



Hinata Hyuga looked throught her closet, in search for something to wear. Her school was having a visit with her old school, the one she left behind with all those hurtful memories.

"Hinata, are you ready?" Her cousin Neji asked. It's been 2 years since she last her old friends. 3 years since she change in to the person she was now.

"Almost ready" She said. She picked out a blue strapless dress her father had given to her in her 17th birthday last month. She quickly passed her brush down her long black hair, finally she pounder her face and applied some eyeliner along with clear pink lipgloss. She smiled at herself in the mirrow.

"Hinata will you hurry up, we're late" Neji scolded with annoyance. Hinata giggled to herself and opened the door. There Neji was, glaring at her. He was wearing a red chanel buttom up shirt and brown dressed pants.

"I'm ready, I'm ready" She laughed as she close the door behind her.

Neji said nothing and walked down to his car while Hinata followed him. They got on Neji Jag and drove to their Privet High School. Elite Way School.

"I don't understand why do they need us there" Neji said as they drove.

"Because they are from our old school and who better than us than to guide them through this one" Hinata explained.

"They won't be here long, right?" Neji asked.

"Professor Benha told me that if they decided to stay they would take a transfer" Hinata said.

Neji sigh with anger. "Why them?" He asked.

"Because they're our friends" She said.

"They weren't our friend 2 years ago" Neji growled under his breathe. "I thought you hated them"

"I did" She said as she looked out the window. "But it's been a long time... it's all in the past"


Hinata Hyuga was looking throught he dorms closet. Being 15 wasn't easy, specially when she had someone to impress.

"Hinata! Come on already!" A blonde haired girl whinded as she threw herself in her purple colored bed.

"I-I'm almost ready Ino" Hinata said in a small voice. She buttom up her white shirt and tied well her tie around her neck. There was no way she could get in trouble if she followed the rules. She slipped on her blue blazer that matched with her blue tie. Being in the second best boarding school was one of the best thing that Hinata could ever asked for.

Ino, her blonde roomate jumped off her bed and shook her head. "Seriously Hinata. Live a little"

"W-w-we can go no Ino" She said trying avoide Ino's speech.

"Yeah come on" Ino said cheerfully and they both walked out of their room in to the cafetiria. Ino went to get themself some breakfast while Hinata went directly to her table, where her other friends were, including her long time crush Naruto Uzumaki.

The blonde boy wasn't as cheerful as he always was, in fact he sat silently beside Kiba Inuzuka staring at his ramen. He and Sakura Haruno had broken up over the summer and he hadn't gotten over it yet.

"H-Hi Naruto" She said shyly as she sat in front of him.

"Hello Hinata" He said looking up at the white eye girl making her blush. Hinata was about to say something when Ino gave her food.

"Here Hina" She said and sat beside her boyfriend Sasuke. Hinata watched as Sakura looked away painfully. Even if Sakura had dated Naruto, Hinata didn't hate her, she knew she wanted love from someone.

Sakura was dating Sasuke before she out with Naruto, but Sasuke didn't want things to get to public, so she broke up with him and started dating Naruto who was head over heels about her. Only Hinata knew of the SasuSaku secret relationship and it was only because she had caught them shaking things up in the janitors closet. Hinata was also the only one who knew that Sakura wasn't a virgin anymore. She didn't judge her thought, she understood the love between them and she understood why it was so painful to see Ino with Sasuke, after all he had picked Ino to be her not secret girlfriend and not her.

She looked sadly at Ino who wasn't happy either, she was with Sasuke because she gave up on the hope of having something with her childhood best friend Shikamaru, who now sat in a different table with his girlfriend Temari and her brothers Kankuro and Gaara.

Suddenly Naruto stood up from his sit making everyone look at him. "I got go" he said and walked away leaving a bowl full of ramen.

Hinata felt sad, she didn't want to see him like this. She stood up as well and went after him. She found cruled up beside the fountian sobbing. "Naruto" She said softly as she touched his arm making him jump.

"Hinata" He said surprise and quickly washed away his tears with his orange coat he always wore.

"I- I'm sorry Naruto" She said as she kneeled beside him.

"It's ok Hina, don't worry about it" He said.

They stood quiet as Hinata thought of what to say. "You're not alone Naruto" She said.

"I am" He said. "No one wants me" He whispered.

"I want you" She whispered as well as her face flush crisom red. "I like you Naruto"

Naruto stared at her and then he smiled. "I kinda like you too Hinata" He said. Hinata was surprise, she didn't expect for him to say the words she had been dreaming about since she met him.

Then out of no where, he kissed her cheek.