Chapter 1


Hinata blinked herself back to reality. "We're here" Neji said as he slam the door shut. She got out of the car and walked side by side with Neji in to her school.

"Good evening Hyugas" The front guard greeted as they passed.

"Hello Genma" Hinata said as she smiled sweetly at the man with brown hair. "Where are visitors?"

"Meeting room 209" He said.

"Thank you" She said and they enter. They passed the main room and passed a countless white colored hallways where the classrooms were.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP!" They heard a male voice yelled.

"Kiba" She thought with a smile.

"YOU COME HERE AND SHUT ME UP DOG" Another male yelled.

"Naruto" She breathe. She tooks a deep breath and they enter making the room silent. Every eyes stared at the hyugas.

"Hello" Hinata said with a smile. They had all changed. Kiba, her old best friend had grown and it was taller than anyone, all guys had grown.

Shino looked more emo than he had when she last saw him. Ino's hair was longer than she remembered. Some of them look just like they had before. Then she looked at Sakura and Naruto. Their hands were tangle together. Sakura's hair was shorter and Naruto was wearing a different orange jacket.

"Well, well looks like the whole gang is back together again" Kiba said, breaking the silance making Hinata smile.

"It seems so" She said.

"Oh Hina!" Ino yelled as she let go of Sasuke's hand, who she had been holding all this time, and hugged Hinata. "I missed you"

"I missed you too Ino" Hinata said as she hugged her back. Ino smiled and went back to Sasuke's arms.

"Hello Neji" Tenten said quietly getting the male Hyuga's attetion. Neji looked down at Tenten's hand who was held with Lee's.

"Hn" He said bitterly, Hinata wasn't the only one running away from something.

"Hello to all" Hinata said as she smiled at all. She notice that in the back Shikamaru stood along with Temari. It had seem like nothing had change. "I come to understand that the dorm are all in the same hall, so if you follow Neji we can get you to your rooms and you can unpack after that will be get together in the pass C lobby room" She said. Hinata looked back at Neji who huffed angrily and went out the door with everyone behind.

"Hinata" She heard someone called her. She turned around just to find Naruto and Sakura staring at her, both with sad eyes.

"Hello Sakura, Naruto" She smiled.

"Hinata... we need to speak to you" Sakura said as she stepped closer. "We didn't mean to... I'm so sorry" Sakura said as her eyes filled with tears. Hinata lifted her hand and stopped her.

"It's all in the past Sakura" She said with a smile.

"You don't hate us?" Naruto spoke making her look at him.

Flash back


"I hate you Naruto!" Hinata screamed at the top of lungs as she ran away crying.

End of Flash Back

She shook her head. "No, I don't" She said.

"Hinata I missed you" Sakura cried and hugged Hinata who hugged her back.

"So did I Saku" Hinata giggled. Sakura moved away and Naruto stepped foward unsure if he should hug her. Hinata smiled at him and hugged him which he return.

"Now come on... let's get you guys to your rooms" Hinata said and left with Naruto and Sakura behind.


After they had all unpack they met the Hyugas where Hinata had told them to meet them. "You all setteled in?" She asked and they all nodded. "Are their any questions?" She asked and everyone shook their heads. "Let's go on with the tour" Hinata cheered.

"Neji?" A girl voice was heard from beside and there a girl with long blue hair tied in a pony tail with green eyes stood. The girl smiled at the male Hyuga and ran up to him hugging him and right before their eyes, he kissed her.

"Hey Kamiry" Hinata said smiling at the girl.

"Hey Hin" The girl smiled. She looked back at gang and smiled while scrashing the back of her head. "This are our old friends. Guys this is Kamiry, Neji's girlfriend" Hinata introduce.

"Hi" Kamiry said and she waved.

"Hn" Neji said as he pulled Kamiry away.

"Oh Bye guys! Bye Hin" Kamiry said with a smiled.

"Bye!" Hinata giggled. "Come on guys let me show you the rest" Hinata said and everyone followed her out except Tenten, who stared at Neji's back, holding Kamiry's hand and then she felt sad.

"Tennie" Lee called her making her snap back.

"Coming Lee" She said and ran after the group.


Hinata showed them the whole school, at least the places they needed to know. "And last we have the small cafetiria, which is the same as the old one" Hinata says as she smiled at the gang.

"Hey Hina!" A girl with bring red haid and blue eyes called from behind. She was holding a tall guy's hand who looked like if he grinded more his lips would snap open.

"Hey Nuri" Hinata said as she montion on her to come over. "Guys this is Nurico and her boyfriend Obito" Hinata introduced.

"Hey" Obito said happily while Nurico gave a slight nod.

"Yeah, Um Hinata did you unpacked already?" Nurico asked ignoring the rest and turning towards Hinata.

"Almost" Hinata said nervously.

"You better hurry up. I don't want a mess in a room" Nurico murmured.

"I know Nurico" Hinata laughed. At the moment Hinata sight got dark as someone covered her eyes with icy hands.

"Guess who?" The male said playfully.

"Kyo!" Hinata said exitedly as she turn around and hugged the male, which caused him to laugh and hugged her back. "Guys! This is Kyo... My boyfriend" Hinata said as she smiled at the male. Kyo was as tall as the rest, his hair was a dark blue and his eyes were a melting green.

"Ow Naruto" Sakura yelped when Naruto squish her hand.

"Sorry" He said quickly and kissed her hand.

The air suddenly turned silent while Naruto looked down. "Um, I'll excort you back to your dorm... you guys must be exausted" Hinata said and everyone nodded. She gave Kyo one last kissed and left with the rest.

"The blonde one was Naruto, wasn't it?" Obito asked.

"Yeah" Nurico said as she glared at Naruto's back.

"He's got a lot of nerve coming back and face her" Kyo said shaking his head. The three of them looked at each other, knowing that everything would change.


Hinata said everyone good night and as she was about to leave Naruto stopped. her. "Hinata..." He said softly making her look at him. "It was nice to see you again" He said with a sad smile.

"Yes, it is nice" She said and left.


A 13 year old Hinata was boredly sitting in class, thinking about her long time crush and boyfriends. She didn't think she could be happier. She was with Naruto, what more could she ask.

"Hyuga?" She heard the profesor called her. She looked up just to notice that the classroom was empty. "You can go now" he said.

"Oh" She exclaim as she picked her stuff and left the room. As she got out she found Naruto waiting for her, but he didn't look happy. Worried she quickly made her way beside him. "Naru?" She said softly while touching his shoulder.

Naruto looked down at her, and there she saw pain. "Hinata... I need to talk to you" He said.

"Tell me Naruto" She said, as she tilted her head with confusion.

"We... I... I don't think this is working out" He said. As soon as the words left his mouth Hinata's breath was caught in her lungs. Slowly, she felt her heart break but then again, she never understood why would he be with her, so it was only a matter of time.

"I... It's ok Naruto" She said softly. Naruto sigh and hugged her.

"I'm sorry" He whispered and walked away, leaving a broken Hinata behind.

By lunch time the rumor had run all around the school but she didn't care. When she looked over their table she didn't see him, and then she grew worried. Although he had broke her heart, he was still her friend.

Hallway but hallway she looked for him and then he found him. There he was in a corner, making out with Sakura. Tears started to run down her cheeks as she watched. "Naruto?" She heard herself asked.

Both Uzumaki and Haruno parted away and stared at the crying Hyuga beside them. "Hina!" Naruto exclaim. He pushed Sakura soflty away and went to touch Hinata but she jerked away.

"Don't touch me!" She yelled.

"Hinata I'm sorry" He said, his eyes filling up with tears. He never meant to hurt her.


"I hate you Naruto" She yelled. She turned around and ran. She had never been so broken, she never thought he would hurt her so much, but she was wrong.

When she got to her room, she found her father sitting in her bed while two purple suitcase laid beside him.

"Father?" She asked, while sniffing.

"Hinata, what's wrong?" Her father quickly asked as soon as he saw the tears running down her cheeks.

"Nothing" She lied. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Well... we're moving" He said. "I know it is sudden but I've got another job in another city and I transfered you and Neji to Elite Way School" He explained. "I had no choice"

"I'm fine with it" She said quietly.

"You are?" Her father asked surprised.

"Yes" She said. "I want to go" Hiashi stared at his daugther and open his arms. Hinata made her way and he hugged her, and there in her fathers arms she cried. In that moment her door was slammed door open.

"Let's go" A pissed off Neji said. Hinata looked at him, and saw his eyes red from crying, something Neji had never done.

Hiashi looked at both of them and sigh. "Let's go"