He wasn't exactly sure what had just happened. Three things he did know: his fork was still in his hand, he was pretty sure his mouth was wide open, and his Baby Girl had just told him she was going to have a baby. Derek managed to close his mouth and set his fork down before finally voicing his opinion, "What?"

Penelope was embarrassed having to say it again. "I'm going to have a baby." She watched a somewhat frightened look enter Derek's eyes and realized that she hadn't clarified that very well. "No! I'm not pregnant yet! Sorry, I didn't realize how that sounded. It's going to be by artificial insemination. I'm having the procedure done on Friday."

He still couldn't manage to get his mind around it. Earlier in the day they had been flirting furiously like they normally did and he didn't suspect a thing when she had asked him to dinner. It wasn't a unusual occurrence for them to have dinner at each other's houses. Thinking back Derek remembered that she had seemed more nervous than usual and had been fidgeting a lot. That should have been his tip off that something was wrong.

Derek slowly sat back in his chair, removing his napkin from his lap and placing it squarely on the table next to his half full plate. "Why do you think you need to do this without a man? Sweetheart, you're going to find a man who will want to have you and babies. Why now?" It made his heart squeeze painfully to think of how much pain she put herself through, believing that people couldn't love her. He loved her and would continue to love her, but this current plan of hers left him wondering how to go about it.

She loved him with all of her heart, but she knew when she was going to tell him that he wouldn't understand. It wasn't possible for a person to not think he was beautiful, but she knew that she was average at best. There wasn't much of a chance after Kevin had killed what little self-esteem she had left. "Sugarpop, I know you might not understand this, but I really, really want children and this is the only way that it will happen for me. Just think someday you'll find a girl who will give you all of the grandbabies that your mother keeps asking for, but for me this is my one chance." Saying this Penelope stood up and started clearing the table, knowing that no more food would be eaten tonight.

He followed her into the kitchen carrying food from the table, silently agreeing with her decision to end the meal. "Baby Girl, is this because of something Kevin said? You know that he was wr-" Penelope whirled around, angrier than he had seen her in a long time.

"Derek Morgan, my decision is final. You don't have the right to talk me out of this. I'm doing this for me. I am going to bring a child into this world, one way or another. If you cannot support this decision I suggest you leave."

The tension in the bullpen was palpable. Derek had been growling like a wounded bear for the past two days and nobody had a clue what was going on. They knew that he hadn't been able to talk to Penelope because everytime she walked through the bullpen she pointedly ignored him even when he tried to talk to her. On Friday, everyone got the answer to the tension when they heard a loud exclamation come from JJ's office.

Penelope had gone in to her office to talk to her and apparently said something that shocked JJ. Emily headed towards her office with Reid in tow. As they turned the corner into JJ's office they heard her exclaim "PG you have got to be kidding me! When did you make this decision?"

The boy genius standing behind Emily decided to pipe up and offer his two cents. "What decision? And what's with the yelling?" Emily turned to offer Reid a look that clearly said 'Not the time.' Reid just shrugged and waited for answer. JJ couldn't help but roll her eyes at Reid. "No Garcia here just told me that she is going for artificial insemination in a couple of hours. "

Reid's eyes were as big as saucers. "This is my cue to leave." He bolted out the door he had just recently entered, wondering why his curiosity got the better of him. Emily was frozen. "Ummm… congratulations? I think." Her capability for speech had just been drastically reduced by the announcement that one of her two best friends was going to be a mother sometime within the next year.

Penelope didn't know what to say to them. Then it hit her. This was disapproval. "Can't I just get a little support from somebody? That's all I'm asking for. I don't need approval or acceptance. Just support." With that she turned on her heel and left them both gaping after her. Now they knew why Morgan was so upset.