At first she relaxed against Derek's chest, but the more she thought the more Penelope tensed up. He immediately felt the change and the furrow reappeared on his forehead. "Baby Girl, what's wrong? Are you hurting?" He looked pulled the blanket away from her to see if she was holding her stomach. When he moved his arms from around her she moved to the very edge of the lounge. Something in the back of his head told Derek that something was very wrong. Deciding to let it go for the moment, he set his coffee aside and grabbed her hand.

"Pen, I have to go in to work today for a while, but I don't want you to be bored. So I have a proposition for you. Look around this house and tell me what you think. Explore the rooms because I want you to decorate them for me." His statement rendered her speechless. She had work to do to and she couldn't spend all day looking at wallpaper and bedspreads.

"Derek, I have to go to work. And even if I could stay here, our styles are nothing alike. You wouldn't be able to survive living with my colors and me. We're just not compatible. I can also go back to my apartment. I don't have to keep cramping your lifestyle. Don't worry about me. I've been by myself awhile and I think I'll be by myself for a while longer." Penelope abruptly stood and stormed through the doors, heading for the master suite.

For a few moments he sat there completely stunned. Derek knew that she was having issues with the pregnancy thing and that was understandable, but never before had she taken her anger out on him. For one thing he didn't even know what his Baby Girl was angry about. He followed her into the bedroom and saw her grabbing her clothes from the drawer he had placed them in. "You can't leave Sweetness. The doctor said you have to stay with someone and I'm not gonna let you leave. Think of this as staying at the spa for a while."

She whirled on him, flinging her shirts on the bed. "Well I need to work. I bet Hotch will understand that I need to be doing something." With a triumphant huff she turned around to continue packing. Derek resigned himself to watching her flail for the time being.

"Nope, Hotch was the one who told me to keep you home for a while." He leaned against the doorway crossing his arms. This was kind of entertaining for him when he knew that he would win this battle, hands down.

His statement caused Garcia to stop and turn to plop onto the bed. "Well hell."

Penelope was sorely tempted to make his house look like a third rate bordello. After thinking about it she realized that Derek would like it because she said she liked it, even if she was lying. The design books and samples were taunting her from the dresser as she sat on his bed. Her fingers itched to open them and peruse her options. With a huff she stood from the bed and walked to the dresser. Pausing there a moment Penelope glared at the books and continued through the doorway. If she was going to do this then she had to at least look around the house first. Not that she was actually considering this or anything.

After wandering the house, she sat on the bed once again in deep thought. Why had there been one door that was locked? She had gone through all of the rooms and had drooled. Derek must have been a mind reader because this antebellum-style house had Penelope written all over it. Deep in her mind she knew that with her time off and the opportunity presenting itself she would decorate this place for him, but the locked room continued to plague her mind.

Derek felt guilty leaving Garcia alone at the house. He didn't have to go to work. That bald-faced lie is something that she would have normally seen straight through, but she had been so mad at him that she had missed it. The errand that dragged him from home was something much more fun. Puppies.

A friend of his had a boxer that had just given birth to four puppies. Derek knew that she was yearning for something to take care of and if it couldn't be a baby then a puppy was the next best thing for her. He looked at the passenger seat at the wiped out puppy that hadn't stopped crying until twenty minutes before. His heart had melted when he saw them and he knew that hers would too. His woman had a soft spot for babies of all species.

The thought of her face when she saw her gift kept him smiling as he turned into his driveway. While he was out he had picked Clooney up from the dog sitters and he knew that he was feeling a little neglected having to sit in the back of Derek's truck while the puppy got to sit inside. Clooney had been very curious and understanding of the puppy earlier though, so he didn't think they would have any problems.

Derek parked the truck and scooped the puppy up in one hand. It was so small and when he picked the little girl up she had immediately woken up and started wiggling to be put down. He let out a little chuckle at her enthusiasm and set her down on the grass to go potty while he let Clooney out of the back. Picking her up again he made his way to the front door. "Hey Baby Girl you gotta come see this!"

When he didn't receive an answer he made his way down the hall to the master. Seeing Penelope asleep on the bed made him smile even more and he set the squirming puppy on the bed. The puppy quickly hopped over to where Penelope was sleeping and began to lick her face. It wouldn't be long until she woke up.