Sebastian Michaelis LOVED cats more than anything. They were cute, fluffy, didn't need much care, and made great companions. No matter the task at hand, he would drop everything to play with a kitten. One day after feeding Pluto, he heard soft meowing. He turned around to meet a pair of emerald green eyes. The cat's fur was a deep color, almost black, but with a color tint he couldn't put his finger on. It's eyes sparkled in the sunlight. It's nose twitched as Sebastian examined him. The cat was just begging to be picked up and petted. He slowly strolled over to Sebastian and began rubbing against his legs, a soft purr emanated from his throat.

"Hello there." he said as he reached down and scratched its head. The cat mewed happily. "What an adorable cat you are~" He picked it up. "My master doesn't like cats, but I can't leave you here. If you promise to keep quiet, I'll keep you in my quarters." he said walking back to the house. The cat purred and snuggled comfortably into his arms.

Sebastian opened his door and placed his new feline friend on his bed. "Now stay here until I return" he said before walking away. The cat curled up on the bed as the door shut.

After a day of following his master's orders, Sebastian was excited to return to his room to see his new feline friend. When he opened his door, however, he found his clothing scattered everywhere. His room was a complete mess and his cat was nowhere to be found.

"Oh dear, where have you gone?" he said "Just look at the mess you made." Then he heard a rustling in the closet. He opened the door and his cat jumped out and landed on his bed. "How's you get in there?" he questioned. He turned around to close the door of the closet. Then he heard a different kind of purr; a man made one. He turned around and the cat that was once on his bed was gone. And in it's place was the reaper, Grell Sutcliffe, sporting a red tail and cat ears.

"I'm so glad you took me in, Sebby-chan~" he purred before he pounced on his prey. "Now let's make babies, or kittens rather~" he giggled.

Sebastian NEVER brought in a stray again. He was even iffy around his own cats after that.