Title: Mystery Iceland
Author: DancingStar
Pairing: Doyle / Donner
Rating: No idea, decide for yourself! (I guess 16)
Spoiler: Perestroika / Season 1
Summaries: On the way to Russia Connor Doyle´s and Lindsay Donner´s plane crashes. They strand on an uninhabited island…
Notes: The characters are not mine, and that's a good thing. I´m a long time fan of the show PSI Factor and this is actually my first FF, not stories like my "Memories" or "Family Lies". I cannot believe we have no active website in Germany where we can post our stories! I am sorry for the way I wrote Connor Dolye´s name: Because of watching the episode "Regeneration", (I first watched it in 2010!) I know he is written: Conner. Unfortunately, the second O has already slipped in of habit.
By the way, excuse me for my horrible English….
Enjoy reading and let me know how you liked the story. In addition, I´d like to say you how much I admire Dan Aykroyd, the host of the show. For me, he is one of the best actors ever.

Mystery Iceland

Lindsay woke up with headaches. She was cold and she felt her clothing was wet. She lifted her head and looked down at herself: Water flowed around her and she was on also soaked sand. The sun was setting on the horizon.
What had happened? The last thing she remembered was the plane that fell into severe turbulence. She and Connor were on the way to Russia. They were flown without the team, because Peter and the others were flown with a machine one day ago. If Lindsay hadn´t get into this jam and Connor had not had a flat tire on the way, they wouldn´t had to fly with this airplane. They wouldn´t have crashed. ...
Lindsay slowly straightened up. Beside her a black bag and seaweed was laying in the sand. She suspected that the plane was hit in the storm by a lightning. And for some reason it crashed and she was stranded on this island. Where were the other passengers of the airplane and... Where was Connor?
With trembling legs she got up. Lindsay had no idea where she was and the worst imagination was to be here all alone. Her shoes sank into the sand when she went a step forward. Lindsay stumbled and decided to take off her shoes. She picked it up and walked along the beach, registered, that some boxes were washed ashore by the sea. In the distance she saw a figure in the sand. Her knees were even softer than they already were and she ran faster.
"Connor," she gasped as she found him unconscious. He lay with outstretched arms and legs and also wet clothes in the sand but he was breathing. On his right side blood was dripping from the hairline.
"Connor," she tried to wake him and laughed with relief when he opened his eyes. She hugged him violently.
"Lindsay ... Where are we?" His head ached, too, but he was not seriously injured. The small wound would heal, so he said.
"I don´t know," she admitted and helped him to get up. The sun had now disappeared completely and the air cooled. The beach was lined by a kind of jungle and in the center of the jungle was a mountain. Neither Connor nor Lindsay had an idea where they were. And they didn´t know how they could leave this place.
Connor suggested a "stocktaking" for tomorrow. Today they were too exhausted and the plane crash still stressed them too much ...

The next morning after Lindsay had vet his wound at the hairline, Connor pulled one suitcase out of the water. "That's mine!", he called out to Lindsay, when he discovered the black trolley and a label with his name. Lindsay took care of a pink molded case. That wasn´t hers, but because of the color she thought the bag belonged to a woman. Connor explained they would have to live with those things that were washed by the sea. After waking up, they recognized they truly stranded on a small, secluded island. It took only twenty minutes to circle.
The island was uninhabited. They hadn´t explored the jungle until now: They "collected" trunks until noon, until it was too hot to work on. So, Lindsay decided to search for something which they could eat. She was about five minutes on the road when she reached a waterfall which didn´t flow directly into the ocean, but in a kind of pond, at the end was still a small waterfall. It seemed as if there was a strong spring on the island. And the mountain... Whether this was probably a volcano?
Lindsay heard birds chirping and on a branch sat a colorful parrot. She climbed up on a rock and in the distance she saw three other islands, which were a bit larger than those. The blue shimmering ocean was a beautiful sight, but then she remembered she was stranded here. The plane... She was surprised that she and Connor landed on this island. May the other passengers were able to save on the three islands in the distance? Lindsay would need a boat to find out. The islands were too far away for swimming.
With a disappointed sigh, she left her vantage point and went to the pond, past the waterfall and entered the jungle. Another two minutes later she reached a clearing and when she saw it, her breath...

"Connor!", she yelled when she reached beach, where Connor just combed his suitcase for useful things. He turned around to her and looked at her inquiringly.
"I…", she breathed heavily, "Discovered something. It´s unbelievable!"
He closed the trunk and followed her to the clearing. "My God," he had no idea what to say when he saw the wooden house. The door was open and there was a porch which led around the house. The temporary fence was broken in several places and the "garden" looked very unkempt. They walked together to the house.
"Hello? Is somebody here?," Lindsay was hoping that someone was here who could help them. Perhaps there was also a radio.
When no one responded to her call, she entered the house. The first thing Lindsay saw was a fireplace in which lay a small cold heap of ashes. In the corner of the fireplace was a great spider web. Inside the shelter was furniture which didn´t look as if had been bought at a decent store, but rather as the self-creation of an amateur carpenter. "Hello? Is anyone here?", Lindsay looked up a stone staircase and when no one answered, she carefully climbed up one level after another. The so-called upper floor was a single room in which where a bed and some boxes filled with stuff. In front of a window was a table on which lay a pile of books.
"You found someone?", asked Lindsay when she heard footsteps on the stairs.
"Yes," he said, "But you won´t be pleased."
"What does that mean?"
He walked down with her, left the house and pointed to a small cross, which was in the shelter of a tree. "Apparently the owner of the house is dead," he said.
"But who buried him then?"
"I don´t know. Did you find something useful in the house? ",He was referring to a radio.
Lindsay was sorry to disappoint him.
"The house certainly looks like no one lived there for a long time," she explained. The thick layer of dust on the floor proved it.
"I think we should bring the luggage to this place. This house as protection from weather is better than no protection."
Lindsay agreed and they spent the rest of the day with sorting out the bags on the beach and then they carried all items to the house. On the way to the beach Lindsay discovered an apple tree and she picked up so many fruits as she could for dinner.
The house was well furnished. Although there was no running water or electricity, but at least there was a kitchenette with a sink, the drain resulted in a bucket. Lindsay took care of the dishes alone after dinner, Connor thanked her. But when she had finished, she wondered where he might was. She went out to the porch and went to the waterfall. Then she saw him, Connor was sitting on the same rock on which she had been standing this morning and looked up to heaven.
"What are you doing here?", she sat down beside him on the rock.
"I try to identify where we are," he said, looking up at the stars. Probably this ability was a relic from his Navy time.
"You figured out anything?", she asked cautiously.
"I guess we are pretty much drifted south. I don´t know exactly where we are."
"No good news."
"Do you think the other passengers could escape to the three islands in the distance?"
"It would be possible. But the islands are quite far away to swim to them."
For a brief moment there was silence.
"Do you think anyone will find us?", Lindsay looked into his eyes when she asked him this.
"Yeah, I believe. I´m sure someone is been looking for us."
"I hope you are right."

"Where the hell are Connor and Lindsay?", Peter was visibly worried. He and the team waited since almost one day for Connor and Lindsay and for the transitional period, they had quartered in a hotel opposite the airport, before they set off by truck to Siberia. He already knew Connor and Lindsay would arrive with a subsequent machine, because he had called them before their plane left the airport.
"Elsinger won´t tolerate our stay here much longer," he heard Cooper saying.
"I know that, too."
"Then call the airline. Eventually the plane was delayed."
Peter knew that Cooper was right and so he chose the customer hotline of Oceanic Air, he spent five minutes in a holding pattern then he spoke to a lady from the service. From the corner of his eye he noticed that now Anton had come to inquire about Connor and Lindsay. He was worried, too. Anton and Cooper watched as Peter hung up the phone and breathed.
"What's wrong?", asked Anton.
"The plane crashed," Peter said to them, "The plane didn´t even reach the Russian airspace. The airline says they don´t know where exactly they crashed." His cell phone rang again and he recognized Elsinger number. He could imagine about what it was…

Right at the first day on which they stranded on the island, Lindsay made a calendar: She painted for each day that passed a line on the stone fireplace of the house. Today Lindsay painted the third line on the stone wall.
Connor left the house after getting up, he told her where she could find him if she needed help. Lindsay searched for useful things in a suitcase she had found on beach and this black suitcase was obviously owned by a woman. Summer clothes were in the luggage. She wondered how someone got the idea to take summer clothes to Russia, but then it occurred to her: The plane was supposed to make a stopover in Sri Lanka. But the airplane had never arrived...
The dress seemed to fit and even if the idea was extremely macabre to wear it, she put it on the pile of useful things. How Connor said: They had to live with what the ocean washed ashore.
Her eyes fell on the pink hard shell suitcase, which she had also pulled out of the sea. She hit the lock with a pair of pliers which Connor had found in a kind of tool box behind the house. Lindsay was curious what was in this suitcase and for one moment, her breath stopped when she opened it: Baby clothes. The idea a little baby hadn´t survived this plane crash, drove tears in her eyes. The case was closed, she pushed it aside and decided she needed to be distracted.
She spent the day with with preparing her house as best as she could. She freed the soil from the layer of dust, washed some blankets in the pond and then hung them up for drying.
She hoped they would be found soon. After all, she couldn´t wash their laundry every day. Life on this island would be very monotonous.
In the evening, Lindsay made her way into the jungle to search for Connor. She pasted the apple tree and put some apples in a bag, which she had found in a suitcase with summer dresses.
She was almost there, when she met Connor. "Hey," she greeted him, "What did you do all day?"
"I had an idea," he didn´t tell her more.
"Why don´t you tell me what you did?"
"It is a surprise."
"We already have a house," she smiled again and looked uncertain after the animals were screaming behind him, "Let's go back. It will be dark. "

For four days, Lindsay wondered what the surprise probably was of which he had spoken.
She had noticed how Connor was searching in the jungle for long branches and broken tree trunks and she asked him on what he was working. "I plan to build a boat," he told her. So that was the surprise.
Connor suggested that the island was inhabited and after the "previous tenant" had died, the one who had buried him, also disappeared by boat. Now he was trying to do the same. He had never built a boat, but he'd make it: In the house he had found some tools which would help him.
After one week of painstaking work and more durable wood search the boat was ready and he dragged it near water on a late afternoon. The sun was so hot and Lindsay didn´t care what he thought about the bikini top. She also didn´t care if he thought it was macabre she wore the clothes of probably now dead airplane passengers. After three days in the dirty, sticky clothing she had an urgent need to change clothes.
"Do you know at all where we have to go?", Lindsay wanted to know and this question was of course justified. After all they probably could never reach mainland, or they were starving (the bit of fruits, which she packed into a blanket as provisions, wouldn´t last long enough) and died of thirst. Or even drowned or were eaten by sharks. She refused not think about it...
"Just leave this place," Connor replied to her question and he even had to admit it was quite irrational. Presumably the sun had already burned his brain...
He pushed the boat into the water until he and Lindsay stood to their knees in the sea. Then he helped her into it, and followed himself. When he dropped his oar into the water, he noticed his sunburn.
"We should have packed an umbrella," he tried to cheer her up.
"I hope you also made sure if the heat and the iron were off."
His joke came in and he shook his head amused. But suddenly he stopped. Connor thought he had seen a black shadow in the sea.
He didn´t want to worry Lindsay, so he told her everything was fine. The sun beat down from the sky while they rowed on. There it was again. This black shadow again. This time he slipped under the boat.
Lindsay had seen it.
"Is that ...?" She stopped talking, when about ten meters away from them a black dorsal fin was springing up from the deep. They knew what it was. With fast pace the fin rushed to them, cut almost the water in a half and then it dove again. "He wants to scare us", said Connor, "Lindsay, if ..."
The wooden boat was rudely pushed to side and Lindsay struggled for balance. With a cry she landed in the ocean and Connor reached for her hand. Now the shark attacked their vehicle from the front, even as he tried to help her out the water, he pushed it over again and Connor lost his balance. He landed next to her in the water.
"How far is it to theisland?", Despair mingled in her voice.
"It´s a short distance," he turned around to her, "If he comes to us try to sit up in the water ... He´s may thinking we are a seal or his prey."
She nodded but didn´t believe, the shark is interested in this. He already was aggressive.
They swam as fast as they could and were relieved that the shark was now busy with the boat and pushed it on the water surface like a ball. When he noticed that the small boat was empty, he left it.
He swam back to his real prey and noted they had already reached the save mainland. Lindsay's knee buckled, when the water was only up to the ankles and Connor was standing exhausted in the sand.
"Now we have at least an idea of what had happened with our predecessors," he breathed heavily and noticed only from the corner of his eye, how Lindsay nodded. She gasped for air and finally she couldn´t hold back her tears. She suddenly realized what that meant. This shark could have killed them and he was probably lurking out there and just waiting, that they ventured a second try.
"Lindsay," Connor drew her to him and held her until she stopped sobbing. When she had calmed down, she looked up at him. It was an unusual feeling to be held by him, an unusually nice feeling. And she wondered if he was probably the same...
She still looked at him and tried to keep his gaze before she decided that she couldn´t wait longer and began to kiss him passionately and challenging. She explored his mouth and felt how his hand wandered down her back when she leaned back in the sand and he followed her. She noticed a yearning feeling in her stomach when his hands now wandered over her waist, her hips and she wrapped her legs around him. Suddenly everything was so simple and clear...
The shark pushed the boat, before he jumped out of the water and rip it into pieces with a loud roar.
They were shocked when they heard this horrible noise and Connor got up at first. He held out his hand to help her. "We should go back to the house," he said, "It will be dark soon and I´m not planning to meet another wild animal and to be on its menu."

After what had happened on beach, Connor spoke not a word to her. Not, that he didn´t want to. He didn´t know what to say. His thoughts struck somersaults when he only was looking for a beginning for what they had to talk about now. Of course, it was very nice but... Lindsay was a beautiful, smart woman. Why should she just choose him...? At the same time he wanted to know how her skin may smell…
Maybe the sun was to blame, he told himself. In the last two weeks Lindsay had just gotten too much sun and suffered from poor nutrition. After all, she couldn´t only have a fish and fruit diet, without having cracked up at some point ...
Connor brooded until late night, gazing spellbound at the fire in the fireplace. Because in the little room "upstairs" was no fireplace and the nights were very cold at the moment, they spent the night next to the fireplace in sleeping bags, which originally belonged to OSIR equipment and were washed ashore by the current.
The worst thing was, Connor thought, he only needed to stretch the arm for her if he wanted that what began today on beach should be continued here. Lindsay was only two feet away, at the same time it felt like one million miles.
Tomorrow morning he would talk to her urgently. Now he didn´t want to wake her: To judge her deep breaths, she was already asleep.
He slept restlessly that night. That was because he dreamed about the shark, but also dreamed about her... He dreamed how he held her in his arms and kissed her deeply. How they lay in the sand, the water flowed around them, his lips wandered over her neck and she moaned when she wrapped her arms and legs around him... How he pulled on the bow of her black Bikini bra top and they both finally...
Gasping for air, Connor woke up. He looked intently at Lindsay. Thank God, she was still asleep. He muttered a faint "damn" and fell back into the sleeping bag and his pillow. Connor couldn´t wait for the next morning...

Lindsay hadn´t got up to look for fruits like she did every day. She was still sleeping in bed.
He informed her he would catch some fish (before he talked to her, he needed breakfast) and she nodded silently. Before he left her heard how she was coughing and gasping heavily. He immediately lost interests in the old plastic bucket, which he had found and in which he always kept the fish. Connor came to her. Beads of sweat stood on her glowing face, as she had closed her eyes and tried to sleep.
He wasn´t a medical doctor, but he knew how fever felt. So he covered her with a blanket and went to the First Aid box he had recently found in the powered luggage. "Connor," he heard her say tired when he searched for penicillin in the black plastic box. Relieved, he breathed out: There was penicillin.
"I'm here, Lindsay," he replied and sat down beside her again with the tablets in his hand.
"Connor, I love you."
This made an impact like a bomb. He didn´t know what to say. He loved her, too?
Connor tried almost desperately to find an answer and recognized he would not need it: now Lindsay was so exhausted that she was just asleep. He listened to her breathing and when she would wake up again, he´d give her the tablets. When she took two tablets each day, she would have used up everything in four days and he hoped until then she felt better.
Connor thought about what she had just said to him. She had a slight fever, good, but it was not so bad that she was talking in delirium, right? He didn´t know. He had no idea if she was only joking. Just as he didn´t know what to think about the kiss.
Connor had to think much. He had to think about what he felt for her.

Her medical condition improved day by day, but the kiss and her confession complicates the situation between them. Lindsay noted the distance between them and it disliked her. He took very good care of her, but if he had finished his compulsory, he disappeared the entire day and didn´t return before the evening came.
"What´s wrong?", she asked one afternoon, when he brought her dinner, fish.
"What do you mean?"
"Connor, you are behaving strangely in the last few days," she noted, "I also have the feeling you avoid me. I said something wrong?"
"No", that was an honest answer, "But you gave me food for thought."
"When you had fever, you said ...", he paused and Lindsay smiled at him.
"What?", she asked. He recognized she apparently couldn´t remember what she had said and for one moment, he took into consideration, to leave it at that, but was that what he wanted?
"You asked if there is an active volcano on this island."
"Is it true?", The mountain on the island had raised her skepticism, but so far they had been spared from earthquakes. And she couldn´t believe she was worried about that.
"Why did you want to know?"
"Finally, the hot springs also have an origin." She leaned back into her pillow. Connor had no idea that he had directly hit the mark with his wrong answer.
"There are hot springs?", He asked.
"Yes," she straightened up, "I'll show you." She threw back the covers and got up. Before he could argue something about it, she took his hand and ran off. He didn´t agree at all that she got up now and possibly suffered a relapse and became sick again.
But saying something it wouldn´t help.
They passed the waterfall and found themselves in a sort of ledge on which was a hole with steaming water. "Here it is," she said and turned around to him, "Sometimes it's a very nice contrast to a shower under the cold waterfall." She held his gaze. And at that moment he knew it: he wasn´t in the mood to keep her longer at a distance. If he didn´t seize the opportunity now, he would never do it and who knew, when the next opportunity came?
In his head, the thoughts danced in circles and he wondered what he should do next. He stretched out his hand for her and she actually put her hand in his. Suddenly she was in Connors arms.
She enjoyed it to hold him like this. Both were only a few centimeters apart and Lindsay could have kissed him.
"What are you doing?", she asked and he noticed the change in her voice immediately.
"Let's swim," he suggested then broke away from her and she was disappointed. He took off his clothes to be the first to jump into the hot water. With an impatient glance he looked at her.
"And you?"
"Turn around," she said, giggling softly, "Or close your eyes."
He obeyed. When he heard a splash beside him, he asked if he could now turn around again. Connor wasn´t waiting for her answer, turned around and pulled her into his arms. Her skin tingled at the places where he touched her when she looked into his eyes and finally kissed him. He had been waiting for this moment and had imagined how she felt. By the kiss on the beach, he already knew it, he admitted, but this time he would not let it happen that someone (or something) disturbed them. To hold her now and caress her skin was better than any fantasy.
Before their kiss was more intimate, she back down and took some distance between herself and him.
"Is everything all right?", he hoped he hadn´t spoiled with this action. If so, it would be a pretty lonely life on the island.
"Yes," Lindsay nodded, "You feel so good."
She fixed his eyes, swam back to him in the warm steamy water and put her arms around him. "Oh, Connor," she giggled and then she kissed him again. She admitted that her kiss became more passionate this time and Connor lifted her up. She held her breath when he kissed her neck and his hand glided on her thigh and then stopped on her knees, so she wrapped her legs around his body.
"I know exactly what you're planning," she smiled, "Be gentle, okay?"
"Don´t worry, I´m not gonna hurt you."
He liked touching her and a sigh escaped her as she finally felt him. He chuckled when he heard this sound and moved slower. Again he kissed her, his hands wandered over the wet skin of her body while she started to breathe heavily. Connor knew he drove her crazy with that and she didn´t know on what she should focus first. Lindsay closed her eyes before they fell apart at the same time in this wonderful explosion of their feelings.

Next morning she awoke in his arms and realized that the fire in the fireplace was off. But she didn´t care. She felt his breath on her neck and turned around to cling to him. Last night was wonderful: When they returned from the hot spring, they came into a rainstorm and arrived drenched in rain at their house. Lindsay tried to keep the fire in their fireplace going while Connor wasn´t able to do something: Her clothes were completely wet and looking at her reminded him of what he had kissed, caressed and loved a short time ago. He pulled her into his arms and put his hands on the wet fabric of her white dress, which was now see- through. I fit her like a second skin. The fire in the fireplace became warmer and he dared to kiss her again. He felt how she longed for him when he pushed a wet strand of hair out of her face, freed her slowly from the drenched dress and finally they let their emotions run wild again and loved each other once more rampant and wild. Then they fell asleep exhausted, arm in arm.
She smiled when she thought about it. She had often dreamed of how it would be to do all this things with him, they had done last night and she decided reality was much better. Lindsay had not believed there was someone who could cause such feelings in her and brought her to life like this. But Connor was that someone. She never had so good...
"Good morning," Connor muttered, stretching.
"Hey," Lindsay gave him a fabulous smile, "Good morning. Did you sleep well? "
"Yes, but not very much," he laughed softly and pulled the blanket tighter around him. Because the house had no windows of glass and the weather was very bad today, the air was cold. The sun was not shinning and the air smelled like rain.
Connor was a little cold. "Let's go to bed," he suggested, when he also noticed her goose bumps.
"We are already in bed."
"This is not a bed. This is the ground in front of our fireplace", he told her, "And my back will thank me when I'm at least a few minutes on soft ground."
"Your back didn´t complain last night," Lindsay laughed before she kissed him.
"I have to confess something. Yesterday I wasn´t quite honest with you: Not the issue of an active volcano on the island made me think but... You told me you love me when you were sick. Do you forgive me that I didn´t tell you this?"
Connor waited anxiously for her response. And he hadn´t expected that she laughed.
"What's so funny?", he asked, raising his head.
"Nothing, Darling…", her voice was seductive, when she put her arms around him again, "Ultimately you have told it to me ... and you proved it several times." His body reacted to her touch.
He nodded and grinned when his stomach growled. They both had not eaten since yesterday anymore. Then they were too busy to get to know each other on a new level, than to worry about food.
"Come up," he said, "I urgently need something to eat."

All the while, Lindsay had asked herself, where Connor caught the fish they ate. And today she received an answer: On the other side of the island was another pond, which, unlike Lindsay´s pond with the waterfall that led directly into the sea. Here, the fishes lived. He sat here day after day, for two weeks and five days, and fished.
"This is the place where you disappear to," she noted when she sat next to him and waited for a fish which would bite in Connors self-made fishing rod.
"Well, it is still the same island, right?", He asked amused and looked at her. They heard a noise what came from the sea. There it was again... The shark swam still circles around the island. He couldn´t reach this pond because the ground was too flat. Nevertheless, Lindsay expressed her concerns: she had seen television documentaries about Orca whales, which came during hunting for seals to the beach.
"He is still here," the monotone came from Lindsay.
Connor threw back the rod into the water. "As long as he´s out there, we don´t need not try to leave this island. He would eat us."
"Does that mean we give up?"
"I don´t know," he admitted, "I just know it would be pretty stupid to swim out again." He looked at her, "But I will keep an eye on him and when he is gone ..."
"If we only could be sure he doesn´t come back." She sounded sad and she leaned her head on his shoulders.
"You look wonderful today," Connor noted.
Lindsay looked down at herself. She also liked the lilac-colored summer dress and Connor was apparently the same opinion. "Thank you", Lindsay smiled.
A twitch at the other end of the fishing rod ripped her out of her considerations. Connor pulled back the string and threw the fish into the bucket. That was the lunch, but Connor was sick of it. He hated to eat fish every day. But he had any choice on this island: They ate fish almost every day and different types of fruit. Connor recently had fished a crab out of the pond and put it in a different bucket. He planned to feed the crab a little so it would grow up and they had at least once something better than fish.
"Let´s go back," Connor said to her, "I got a fish, all I need today."
She agreed and together they made their way to the house before a heavy rainstrm began. Lindsay was hoping the rain wouldn´t take long otherwise she needed the rain jacket which she had found in the luggage.
The rain continued into the night and in addition lightning and thunder had stopped. The wind whipped against the wooden wall of the house when they were in the "floor" of the house on the mattress and tried to sleep. But they couldn´t: Just the fact to share bed with each other again was enough reason to stay awake.
"Connor, I am so happy that I'm here with you," she confessed in a whisper, "I love you."
"I love you, too," he stretched out to her and kissed her briefly. He was crazy about her and he was more than relieved they had landed together on this island. Sure, in the office was one or another female colleague who showed interest in Connors private life and asked him if he had a girlfriend, but it didn´t interest him. He had always had eyes only for Lindsay. But he didn´t admit it very long. He should have noticed what he felt for her then he could have all this long before.
"Do you sometimes think of them?"
"The team ... Peter and Anton and the others..."
"I wonder what had happened in Russia and what they have experienced, but ...", he looked at her and a glow was in his eyes, "I prefer being here with you."
Lindsay gave him a warm smile. "Aren´t you afraid to spend the rest of your life in some kind of isolation?"
"No. I got you."
"What, if one day we have nothing more to say?", It was a very anxious question.
"I know we are the only people here and it could be possible one day we have enough," he was honest, "But I love you too much. For that I've been waiting too long for you and it was worth it."
Tears welled in her eyes. "No one ever said such a wonderful thing to me." She was sleeping happily that night. Connor was all she needed and she had told the truth: She couldn´t imagine anyone else with whom she´d rather stay here.

The bad weather lasted for a long time. Probably the nature needed it on this island.
During the last few weeks, Connor and Lindsay were not spared by thunderstorms and heavy rain storms, but they were glad to have a roof over their head and a fire in the fireplace. Fortunately the bad weather was gone. On a day when the sun was finally back and the water in the pond was warmer, Lindsay decided to swim a little.
She wondered. How long they had now been here? She had forgotten it. She would have a look at the calendar, to be sure, but it had been more than a month here for sure. The last weeks had been splendid: Even if they had to live without many things they were accustomed in their lives, they were together and she enjoyed it. She loved Connor and the nights with him were ... She stopped and put her feet on the bottom of the pond. She remembered that she was long overdue. For one week ...
Concern began to spread on her face. Lindsay couldn´t imagine to have a baby on the island, she had no clue how giving birth worked. It would be the first child for her and for Connor. But the thought of having his baby let her calm down and she felt a wonderful sense of happiness. On the other hand, the baby would grow up here on this island far away from civilization.
"Lindsay," he called for her, "Come on, it gets dark. We have to go back."
"Yes," she hurried to get out of the water and when she had ranged him, he stretched out his hand to her. Hand in hand they went back to their shelter and she watched him, as he lit a new fire.
How would he react if she told him about the baby? But then she was not even sure if they really would have a child.
"You look worried," Connor noted and sat down beside her to embrace and warm her.
"It is ... I have ... Connor, I'm afraid."
"Of what?"
"I've found out that I... Connor, I´m pregnant."
"Are you sure? That sounds wonderful", Joy was in his voice when he kissed her, "Thank you, sweetheart."
"Does that mean you´re happy?"
"Having a baby will change our whole live, Connor."
"It makes our lives better," he corrected, "I always wanted to have a baby. Preferably, of course, with you ... darling, this island is the best thing that could ever happen to us both."
"We have to wait, Connor," she knew she should not have told him before she was not quite sure. If she was not pregnant, he would be disappointed, because he obviously wanted to have a child.
They slept arm in arm that night. Lindsay fell asleep quickly, but Connor had been up a long time. He swore he would protect Lindsay and the baby as good as he could.

It turned out that she was truly pregnant and the idea of delivering a baby scared Lindsay more and more: What if something went wrong and she and the child would die during the delivery? Connor would be all alone here. She told him about her concern, but he promised her everything would be well. The time ran and after five months her pregnancy was significant. Connor found that she looked now even more beautiful than she already was. Since she was here she didn´t cut her hair because Connor liked her long, blond "very sexy" hair. But Lindsay joked she now fit into only a few clothes. Soon she would have to wear this ugly green summer dress, which she had found.
"I would like to have a little girl," he told her for cheering her up, "I hope she is as pretty as you are." He decided to bring her to other thoughts and started a talk about baby names on a morning on which they stayed in bed longer. They discussed the right name for their child and found out they could not agree. "Christina is a very nice name for a girl," suggested Connor.
"Christina?", Lindsay raised her eyebrows, "Christina Donner?"
"Christina Doyle," he corrected.
"We aren´t married."
"Then... Christina Doyle Donner."
"You are so terribly selfish," she crossed her arms over her chest, "And why can´t we call her Sophia, Izabella or Hannah?"
"We don´t know if it's a boy or girl..."
"Who started with girl's names?" She turned away from him and Connor was breathing from a loss. Finally he decided this mood fluctuation was caused by the hormones and he wasn´t in the mood to argue with her.
"That means only one thing," said Connor at the end of the discussion.
"What?", she listened and turned to him again.
"We have to get more children."
She laughed when she heard this and threw her arms around him. She had already forgotten that they had nearly fought because of the name of their child and that she was afraid of giving birth.
She would like it, too, if her baby would not be alone. Lindsay had no siblings, but she always wanted some. Therefore it was important to her that her own child had at least one brother or sister. Of course she wanted more children with him.
"I love you," Lindsay told him, "I´d like to have much more of your babies."

"Two hundred and sixty days," said Lindsay and painted another line on the wall above the fireplace in the house. She exhaled and put her hand on her belly.
"Is everything all right?" Connor asked anxiously, looking at her. He was standing at the door. Today the sun shone and a cool wind was blowing.
"We have been here very long."
"Yes," Connor came to her and hugged her. He felt the baby squirmed in her belly. Delighted, he whispered in her ear that he had felt it this time too. So far, Connor had never managed to put a hand on her stomach when she realized ecstatic how the baby moved. This time he came in time.
"Let's go for a walk," he suggested and she agreed. A little exercise would be good for her.
A little later they walked hand in hand along the beach and Lindsay told him how beautiful it was here. And she told him that she was very happy with him, "Connor, I..."
A deep horn let them spin around. At the same time they turned around they saw a large white cruise ship, which slid in some distance in the ocean. They wondered if they had been seen by someone and when half an hour later, a small motorboat was moving toward to the island, they received their answer. A man in a white uniform got out and introduced himself. He asked how long they were here and Connor gave him the information.
"You are pregnant," noted another man in uniform, looking at Lindsay.
Lindsay nodded. "This cannot be overlooked."
"Looks like it won´t be long... You should see a doctor... Unless you want to stay here."
"No, just not," said Connor quickly. At first he had wished that somebody would take them away from this island, but now he was not sure. He realized Lindsay and the baby were more important than his personal wishes. Both would get the care they needed in a hospital. So he agreed they would come with the captain to the ship. Afterwards, he apologized to his girlfriend he was so overheated and she forgave him with a light kiss.
"On the island is a house," Connor told the man, who was the chief mate of the cruise ship, "Do you know when it was built?"
"It was built in 1946 and was a meteorological observation station until 1990. When Richard Blake died in 1990 on Mystery Island…"
"Mystery Island?"
"Yeah… Richard Blake was buried there and the weather station was taken out of service because no one wanted to life like a loner. Every few months boats pass by to the island, including ours."
They got into the boat and were on the cruise ship in about five minutes. On board, they were pointed to a cabin and later they would have dinner.
Enthusiastic Lindsay stretched a hand under the warm stream of water what came out of the shower in her bathroom. On the island there was only the cold waterfall. And then there were still her awesome, hot springs...
"Lindsay!", Connor said after she was done with showering. She came out of bathroom in a bathrobe and watched how he got the dining table ready. A thought crossed her mind: Connor wanted to stay with her obviously. Most couples had the opportunity to try out their life together before they started a family. They didn´t get that chance. Poor Connor should now bear her terrible cooking skills. She laughed softly.
They ate together and Lindsay thought a steak with sweet potatoes never tasted so good. Relieved to be back in civilization, she allowed herself after eating one hour of sleep in bed. A real warm, soft bed! Not just an old mattress on the floor of the house...
On their first night on the boat, there was a salsa party. Many people were dancing, others came for the food and others watched the dancers. Fairy lights glittered, it was pleasantly warm and Connor took the opportunity to talk to the Captain. Of course, Lindsay was with him. She was also curious to hear how it went on after their "discovery" and the inclusion of their personal data the OSIR was informed that they were alive.
"Captain, what do you think, how long do we need until we reach the mainland?", Connor asked a man in uniform.
"We´ll reach Hawaii in three days. Then you can leave the ship and I hope you bring your girlfriend to a hospital." He pointed to Lindsay. Then he apologized and walked away.
"He wasn´nt very talkative," Connor sounded very disappointed. He felt how Lindsay took his hand and went with him to the dance floor. "You should look after yourself a little," he said to her, when she threw her arms around him.
"No, I'm fine," her voice was very quiet.
"You look fantastic."
She giggled. "It was the only dress on the ship, which was perfect for me." Lindsay wore a pretty white dress. She wore her long hair in a ponytail.
"Do you remember the conversation we had on the island?... We talked about baby names..."
"Connor, we should have that conversation ..."
"No," his voice was very serious, "You can give the baby any name you want. But I want us both and our baby as a family. Let's get married."
"Right now?"
"Yes. Immediately."
Lindsay nodded and hugged him. She loved him for this idea. It was a wonderful wedding. Both under the starry sky, the candle light around them. It was almost like a dream, though Lindsay. And she hoped she would never wake up again when it actually was one.
With a happy feeling in her stomach they went back to their cabin when midnight was passed away. "Why did the Captain know we both need only one cab?", She laughed softly.
"He has eyes in his head, darling," said Connor, when he looked briefly on her belly and kissed her on the doorstep of her cabin. He opened the door and turned to her. "I have to carry you over the doorstep, I guess."
"But that´s not our house."
"We catch up at home, too," with these words he lifted her up, carried her across the doorstep and kicked the door with his foot...

Three days later they reached Hawaii and they had to disembark. Although she felt well, the captain of the luxury liner told Connor a good hospital for Lindsay and the baby. Almost on time, he thought: they left the ship and walked for a while on the pier, when Lindsay suddenly stopped, face twisted with pain.
"Connor, the baby…!"
He should really get her to the hospital.
A doctor asked her a few things about her pregnancy. Finally, they figured out the baby was about six weeks early. "Of course this is only a rough estimate," she reassured Lindsay and Connor, "Because we, or better, you missed a calendar, it's not possible to say how far exactly the baby is developing at the moment."
Lindsay was worried and held Connors hand when she heard this. But there was no going back. The contractions were set in and the baby was not long in coming.
The two waited twelve hours. Then Lindsay cried for a last time in the hardest pain of her entire life and a nurse gave a doctor towel and scissors.
"She has dark hair!," said the doctor, raising a small, crying bundle up, "Here is your little girl!"
She wrapped the baby in a pink towel and handed it to Lindsay. "Christina," she whispered, crying and laughing at the same time, "Hi, little girl... Connor, look: She is so beautiful."
"May I hold her for one moment?", Connor sounded impatient and gave his wife a loving smile, when she put his baby in his arms. Connor had never loved somebody like he loved Lindsay and this child was the best prove for it. He took the baby already to his heart.
"She´s very cute," said Connor and Lindsay nodded approvingly, "And damn brave."
Christina was a little smaller and lighter than other babies, the doctor had explained to her parents. But she had developed well and the doctor was sure Christina will catch up quickly and she would be a normal baby soon.
"Give us a moment, to examine your baby," with these words, a nurse picked up Christina.
They saw how the baby was weighed, measured, and bathed.
Connor and Lindsay were alone and he sat down beside her on the bed. "I promised you everything would be well," he took her hand in his, "I love you, Lindsay."
"I love you, too." They kissed and Lindsay noticed from the corner of her eye, that a figure in blue overall came to them. "There is someone who would likes to see you both."
"Hey Christina," her eyes sparkled when she held the baby and Connor kissed her again. He drew on, that Lindsay chose the name he had proposed for the baby and she laughed softly.
This was the perfect moment in which they become a family.

"Lindsay Donner ... Captain Green said he told her she should go to this hospital."
Peter and Anton talked quite a while now to the nurse at the hospital reception. Both were thinking the craziest things on the flight here, because no one told them why Lindsay was in the hospital. Surely she was hurt or sick.
"I'm sorry," the nurse said to Peter and Anton, "A woman named Lindsay Donner hasn´t been taken to us."
It wasn´t the only hospital on Hawaii, but the name was so clearly... He couldn´t imagine that there had been some mistake.
"Can´t you take a look in your computer?", Claire begged her.
The nurse rolled her eyes but then continued tapping on the keyboard of her computer. "So, as I said: There is no Lindsay Donner here, but ... In the last days only one woman was taken to our hospital which named Lindsay."
"Where can we find her?"
"At the maternity ward."
"No, I don´t think so", came from Peter.
Again the nurse rolled her eyes. "Would it be possible she is married and her name is Doyle now?... Third floor, Room 132nd."
They made their way to the elevator, rode to the third floor and knocked on the door of room 132nd. After they heard a faint "Come in," they entered.
"Connor? Lindsay?" Peter saw how Connor, who sat on the edge of her bed, turned round, and then got up.
"Hi, nice to see you again." Connor grinned, while Anton went to Lindsay.
"Lindsay, how are you?... And who is that? ", He wanted to know, when he saw the in a pink blanket wrapped bundle.
Peter told him wreckage of the machine had been found last March. Unfortunately, they found the parts 1000 miles too far north and had sought to entirely the wrong place for survivors. "Damn, I cannot believe it!", Peter said to Connor, "We believed for nine months, you both were dead. Instead you had fun on a deserted island in the South Pacific the whole time."
"I wouldn´t call it like that, Peter," Connor said seriously.
"Well, I say. Now you´re having a baby." Peter looked at Lindsay. She showed Claire and Anton the baby.
"I think you know what I mean. It wasn´t easy to survive."
There was a knock on the door again and Lindsay wondered who it was. They asked the visit to come in. Peter had almost forgotten! Elsinger had also come with them, when he heard Lindsay and Connor were found.
"Sir?" Connor was skeptical. What wanted Elsinger here?
"Connor, nice to meet you here", Elsinger said to him, "After what happened on this island, I came to dismiss you both. The OSIR won´t deal further."
"This is true but good," said Connor, "I wanted to quit anyway. There is nothing more embarrassing for me than telling to my daughter that I work for you."
Lindsay's eyes widened. He quit for her and the baby?
Elsinger went and they stayed back a little stunned. "I cannot believe that," Peter said, horrified, "I knew nothing about it." Elsinger made it quick and easy. Almost a little cowardly, Peter thought.
"Peter, forget it," Connor looked at Lindsay and she agreed. They told him how the plane had crashed and they were woken up on the island. They also reported about the house until it knocked at the door again. Connor was afraid that Elsinger had returned. But it wasn´t so: an old man and a woman in a Chanel suit entered the hospital room.
"Hello," said the woman and now also a nurse came to them.
"Sorry, you belong to the family?", She asked and the woman and the man nodded.
"Then I would like to ask those who don´t belong to the family to leave." So she sent out Peter, Claire and Anton. They would meet again later, Anton said in passing.
"Connor, I'm so glad you're alive," the woman hugged him, "How are you?... Someone named Peter Axon informed us where you are." They noted that Connor was fine so far, so the stay in the hospital was not because of him. If was because of the pretty blond woman who was sitting in bed and smiled warmly.
"Who is that, Connor?" asked the woman.
"Mom, this is Lindsay... Lindsay, these are my parents."
The woman in the Chanel suit came up to her and held her hand. "I'm Julianne. I´m glad to meet you."
The baby in Lindsay's arms cried.
"Is this your baby?" , Julianne asked delighted.
"Yes, her name is Christina," said Lindsay, when she put the baby in Connor's mother´s arms. Julianne was proud to hold her grandchild in her arms. "You know, Lindsay, there were no babies in the family for a long time. I already feared Connor would never find someone who gives him such a wonderful baby..."
"Connor, I can talk to you?", His father pointed to the door and he understood. He told Lindsay he would return immediately and so he left the room with his father.
They walked down the hospital corridor. "What do you need to discuss with me?", asked Connor.
"Boy, you have to marry her."
"What? Dad...", he breathed, "I cannot do this."
"What do you mean, you can´t? She´s the mother of your baby! You should have thought a little bit earlier!"
"Dad, I cannot marry her anymore."
"Why? Is she already married?"
"Connor, if this is true, you know that you aren´t Christina's legal father...?"
"Dad, I can´t marry Lindsay anymore, because we are already married."
"Why don ´t you tell me from the beginning?"
"I tried..."
"Maybe you should buy your wife a ring. Then I would have known immediately that you and Lindsay..."
"Dad," Connor warned and they went back to the hospital room. Lindsay and Julianne were waiting for them...

It was unusual back home in the city. After spending nine months on this island and they were also used to, it was very strange to be back here now.
He and Lindsay had arrived by planein the morning and Connor had insisted that he´d took her home in his car. It felt like a lightning hit him on the airport: The payment for the parking of his car was $ 2,000. But he paid (luckily his account has not been resolved yet), he finally had no choice. They would pick up Lindsay's car another time.
They drove to Connor's apartment because Lindsay's had been dissolved by the OSIR. She had her things into storage and she wanted to pick up the most important things in the next few weeks. They also had to buy a crib and clothes for Christina urgently...
Connor parked the car in front of the tower where he owned a condominium. He locked the door of his apartment. When he left the apartment for the last time he had been alone. And now that he came back he had his wife and his daughter with him.
Connor stepped aside. "Come in," he said to Lindsay, with Christina on her arm.
Lindsay had never been in Connors apartment, but she liked it. Christina began to cry and immediately her dad was with her. "She should get some sleep for a while", he said to Lindsay and she nodded in agreement. So Lindsay handed the baby to her husband and he brought it into the room next door. Five minutes later he came back and they sat together on the couch.
"Are you okay?", He wanted to know.
"I'm very well, now that we are at home again... Except that we both have to find a new job now." Lindsay giggled softly. She was with Connor and that made her up for everything.
"True," he sounded very calm, "But first we have to do some things."
She nodded and thought about Christina's room. Maybe in this apartment Connor had a room or a private office what he could do without.
"What about honeymoon?", He looked at her.
"It feels as if we would have been there. After all, we spent almost one year on this island."
"Then let's go to a place where´s no beach, no palm trees and no ocean."
"What about the mountains? Colorado..."
"Sounds very good. Did I already tell that my parents own a vacation home in Colorado? We could go there, "Connor suggested," And we can stay as long as we want."
"Then let's go."

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