Title: Mystery Days
Author: DancingStar
Pairing: Connor/ Lindsay, Peter/ Ana
Rating: 12
Summaries: Something´s wrong in the Doyle family…
Comments: Hope you had a nice summer!

Mystery Days

With a strange feeling Lindsay pushed her blanket aside. It was Saturday morning and the sun was shining in her face. She would have slept a little longer, but being awake was also a plus: She could spend a little time with Connor. She stretched her arm out to him and realized he wasn´t next to her. Suddenly she was really awake and sitting up in bed.
This was already the third time in this week. Meanwhile she didn´t believe he fact he got up so early and left the house for jogging. There had to be another reason. The last phone bill had made her suspicious: Since one week he called several times a day a number in Mystery. He also bought new shirts in a discount shop a few days ago. She accidentally found the bills and assumed he didn´t want her to see the old shirts. He probably took the shirts to a laundry shop or he threw it away immediately. He also didn´t spend as much time with the kids as before.
Lindsay had to figure out what was going on.
With her right arm, she reached for her robe, put it on and crept downstairs. She was lucky: He was in the kitchen and poured cereals into a bowl. Lindsay wanted to say good morning when the phone rang at that moment. Without turning around, he answered.
She couldn´t hear what the caller at the other end of the line said. Sometimes Connor thanked the caller. Suddenly he said: "... Don´t worry, my wife doesn´t know about it... Yes, she has no idea... Of course I'm sure."
Her heart skipped a beat. Lindsay turned around and walked back up the stairs a bit. She needed a moment to realize what he had just said on the phone. Everything was suddenly clear: the clothes which were missing, the high phone bill and the fact that he suddenly disappeared regularly. He had an affair.
"Oh God", she thought desperately and retched. For one moment she was dizzy and tears glistened in her eyes. She thought about her children.
Then she got up and wanted to go into the kitchen and ask him. "Connor," she began. She had decided to hold her nerve.
"Good morning, sweetheart," he said to her with a beaming smile and reached for the coffee pot. He put it on the table.
"Good... Good…, "she stammered when he was standing in front of her and gave her a sweet, almost defiant kiss.
"I'm sorry, by the way, I got up so early: I couldn´t sleep."
Actually she couldn´t believe this.
"I have to leave immediately because I have an appointment today."
"Connor, it´s Saturday", she disagreed with arms crossed over her stomach.
"I know, but there was no alternative." He kissed her again and asked her to forgive him. Then he grabbed the car keys and drove away. Lindsay was now alone at home.

At the same time Ana was searching for her apartment key in her purse. She and Peter were a couple since three month now and they also lived together. One month ago he asked her if she wanted to marry him. Last night they spent their first night in their new apartment which was bigger than the old one. "What do you want for lunch today?", Peter asked who was looking for a pot in a box.
"I don´t know, maybe...", before Ana could continue speaking the phone rang, "Wait, I'm on the phone…. Hello?", she asked. She had no idea who was calling.
"Hi. It´s Lindsay."
"Why are you crying? Did something happen?"
"No... Yes... I don´t know... Ana, I know I shouldn´t have called... You´re still busy with the new apartment... But you're my friend and... I think Connor is cheating on me."
"What!? Are you sure?"
"There are too many evidences... I don´t know what to do."
"Shall I come over?", Of course Peter had heard what his girlfriend had said. He wondered what had happened.
"I... I...", Lindsay stammered on the other side of the line.
"Don´t talk back. I'm on my way to you."

Ana came by the same day. Connor was a little bit confused when she suddenly stood in front of him and even Peter didn´t seem to know why they were here, but he was sure he would figure out yet. Without saying a word, Ana rushed past Connor.
"What's wrong with her?", Connor asked helplessly and Peter shrugged his shoulders.
"No idea, but it sounded seriously when she was talking to Lindsay on the phone." Peter also entered the house. Meanwhile, Ana was looking for Lindsay.
"She's out there in the garden, if you are looking for my wife," Connor said and still without a word, Ana dashed out into the garden. Lindsay hadn´t seen her immediately, but when she did, she asked Ana for coming with her. She explained how glad she was to see her finally.
"Now tell me everything," Ana began, "What makes you think, he.." No, even the idea was so absurd that Ana couldn´t imagine.
Lindsay made sure no one could hear their conversation and when they arrived at the end of the garden and had a clear view of the city, they sat down on an old bench.
"He... He tells me he´s out for jogging in the early morning, but I know it isn´t true. He´s calling a number in Mystery since weeks and the worst thing is: When he talks to this person, he always says I don´t know about this conversations. I know I react pretty hysterical, but..."
"No, no. That's okay... I can´t imagine Connor would do that... I mean you wanted a fourth baby."
"At the moment I don´t even know if he wants it, too," Lindsay swallowed hard and Ana nodded, although she didn´t want to.
"I know what will cheer you up," Ana got up and stretched her arms excited, "After Peter and I decided to get married I started planning that event and meanwhile all guests know. I called them this morning. Peter and I will get married in a few days in your garden."
"You should have asked before inviting all the people!"
"You see, my distraction is working! Come on, it´ll be a nice wedding and the weather in June will be perfect." She hoped she cheered up Lindsay now. At least her friend wasn´t thinking about… No, Ana couldn´t understand why Connor was doing this!
Together, they went back into the house.

In the evening, Connor still didn´t know the reasons for Ana´s sudden visit. She and Peter had invited him and Lindsay in a posh restaurant in town (Mary promised she would take care about her sisters at home. Of course she still thought about Sam and she was worried about him, too). Connor thought there was something to celebrate. Finally Ana reached with a grin on her face for Peter's hand.
"Connor, did we already tell you the news about our wedding?", Peter asked eagerly.
"Yes, I have news for you... Well, Lindsay already knows, "Ana began and Peter wrinkled his nose: "What does she already now?" Actually Peter wanted to tell Connor they had found a date for the wedding but he had no idea, his girlfriend already invited friends and family.
"It´s a dream to get married here... with beautiful views of the Mystery Mountain... In a summer garden… I told you so."
"That sounds good," Connor said at last and Ana cheerfully told she had invited her whole family. "If you don´t mind."
"Why should I mind?", Connor asked.
"Because the wedding is taking place in your garden."
Connor nearly swallowed his drink. "You should have asked first!"
"I already heard that before," she held out her glass to them, "Cheers to a good time." They enjoyed the evening and after dinner they wanted to go home. But for Ana the evening wasn´t ending: She tugged her friends and her fiancé in a bar and there they began to order a drink after another. Connor had agreed to be the driver, so he was drinking a glass of water a little bit disappointed.
During driving home, Ana giggled incessantly the whole time and even Lindsay stumbled a bit. Connor had never seen her drunk.
He gently helped her to sit at the passenger seat, while Peter and Ana crawled onto the backseat. "You know, honey...", Peter muttered to his girlfriend. Their driver left the main street and Connor discovered a police car in the mirror. He stopped his BMW on the right side of the road and rolled down the window. A policeman came up to his car and pulled out his flashlight. Then he stopped.
"Good evening, Sir," the policeman said, "This is an alcohol control. Please turn off your engine, hand me your drivers´ license, ID and get out of the car."
"First, show us your ID," Lindsay now demanded, "How else should we know you´re a real police officer?"
"Of course, Ma'am. And I´ve bought the police car and uniform on Ebay", the man replied.
Ana on the back seat laughed and although the narrowness in the car she was almost falling off the seat. Her laughter turned almost into the squeal of a zebra. Meanwhile, Connor and Lindsay got out. Lindsay stumbled more or less around the car, stopped next to Connor and watched his breathalyzer test. The instrument in the police officer´s hands beeped.
"Zero blood alcohol level. You´re dismissed", the blond man said," Is she your wife, sir?"
"I fear so." It was difficult for Connor to get Lindsay back into the car. The policeman wished them a pleasant evening and then went back to his car.
The giggling in the car was becoming more and more and Connor was grateful when he finally said goodbye to Peter and Ana at their apartment. Then Connor and Lindsay drove home. Lindsay wanted to be carried to bed by him and he did what she wanted. "Connor, I want to go home," she murmured, when he carried her upstairs.
"We ARE home, honey."
Slowly he put her on the bed and pulled off her shoes. With a tug on his jacket, she pulled him to her and smiled. "Oh, it´s getting hot in here, sweetie", she smiled.
"Lindsay, you're drunk."
"I love you."
"I know, but...", he was still mixed up when she kissed his neck. And she knew exactly how much he liked her in this short black dress she wore. She decided to use this plus.
"Lindsay, don´t…"
"What?", she sounded sadly, "You don´t think I'm pretty and sexy." She let him go, turned around and started crying.
"That's not true. You're the most beautiful and dearest woman on earth", he could talk as much as he wanted but Lindsay didn´t listen. "Don´t leave me," she whimpered.
"I won´t leave you," he promised her, but she was already asleep.

"Mom?", Mary asked the next day, very concerned when her mother was sitting at the kitchen table, "Mom, is everything okay? What are you looking at?"
"These are your sisters´ baby photos," Lindsay replied and looked at the first family picture they had taken in a hospital in Hawaii, with Christina in their arms. She slammed the pink photo album. She didn´t want to show her that she was also looking at a photo of herself and Connor, on which they both looked very happy. It was the picture which was taken on the evening when she married him. On the photo they were also touching Lindsay´s belly because she was high pregnant back then.
Mary thought her mother looked pale and ill. "Is something wrong?"
"It's just ...", she shook her head. She didn´t want to burden her daughter with her problems.
"Okay, I just wanted to ask if I can take the horses for a ride to the Lake. Maybe Nancy and Starlight would like swimming. The weather is hot enough and…"
"It´s okay. Take the horses."
"Mom, are you sure you´re fine?"
"Yes… No…. I think your father...", she began and Mary came closer.
"Is Dad ill?"
"No, Mary, he isn´t ill. Actually I don´t want to tell you, but... But I'm afraid he´s cheating on me."
"Oh Mom," Mary came over and hugged her mother, "Mom, I don´t believe this!" Mary had never seen two people who were more in love than her parents. She couldn´t believe what her mother told. "Hey, I've got a great idea: There is a new Café in Mystery, next door there´s a playground and the weather today is great. What do you think if we go there with Christina and Leah? Sounds good, right?"
"Right," Lindsay whispered, "Let's go. I´m available."
Mary enthusiastically pushed Leah's stroller outside and stashed it away in the car. Lindsay carried Leah on her arm and reached for her purse, when the phone rang.
"Doyle Residence", she answered and registered a woman's voice at the other end of the line.
"Hi, this is Mila. Is Connor there?"
"No... He... He... is..."
"It's okay. I´ll call again later."
Lindsay heard a click and she wanted to tell the stranger she never should call but she didn´t. She couldn´t say anything. With the child in her arms she went out and put Leah in the car. During the drive she didn´t talk a single word to her daughter and Mary didn´t became suspicious. Only when they arrived at the Café and sat at the table Mary noticed her mothers´ tense expression. "Gosh, Mom, you look pale," she noted, "You should see a doctor."
"Don´t worry, I'm fine...," Lindsay said with a dryly voice and she remembered Ana was saying the same. When Lindsay then replied everything was fine, she remembered what had Ana said on the phone this morning: "…Then you better kick your unfaithful husband out of your house or you'll get an ulcer if you keep your sorrow bottled up inside." But Lindsay knew, she wasn´t able to do this. She had three children. She couldn´t force Mary, Christina and Leah to live without their father. The three would miss him terribly.
There was another pause. "Before we left, I had a call from a certain Mila", Lindsay suddenly told.
"I don´t know someone named Mila. She asked for your father."
Suddenly there was silence between the two. Even Mary seemed to be very uncomfortable about this.
"I want you to help me," Lindsay suddenly said.
"Proving something is wrong. We will go home and take a look into your Dad´s schedule."

Back home, they noticed Connor was busy trying to discuss something with Peter on the phone. So Lindsay and Mary began to search for the calendar in his office. They didn´t found it but Mary noted a business card. "Mila McConner. It´s her."
Lindsay snatched the card out of her daughters´ hand and checked the address. The address was located in Mystery and it was the phone number that appeared for weeks on their phone bill. When Lindsay was still staring silently at the card, Mary asked, what they should do now.
"Should we go after him? I've heard, he told Peter he has to drive to Mystery today."
"Okay," she wearily sank into the office chair, "That´s what we´ll do."

As Mary had said that day Connor actually went to Mystery. First, they followed him into a supermarket and they noted the attention of some passers who wondered why they crept, heads down, between the shelves. Then they followed Connor to a hardware store where he bought a bucket of paint. "It's a waste of time," Mary said at some point, "He´s just shopping."
"Yes, maybe he does something forbidden... Driving a car, for example."
"You think it´s a big joke, right?... In addition, you suggested... He´s parking!", Lindsay suddenly exclaimed and sat upright in the seat. They watched as Connor stopped his BMW on the disabled parking area of a vocational school, crossed a road and then entered a shop. He stayed there for nearly five minutes until the door opened and a young woman with too many tattoos on her arms helped him to carry some things to his car. He put the stuff in the trunk, thanked her and shook the woman´s hand. The woman smiled at him.
Lindsay, who watched the scene, was angry.
Connor drove away and the stranger waved when she walked back to her shop.
"What do you do now?", Mary asked anxiously. Lindsay stared straight ahead. "Mom, you should now go into this shop and tell her you´re his wife."
"Let´s go home," Lindsay finally whispered, "I have to go home, I'm awfully bad." During the drive she didn´t say a word. Lindsay was able to hold back her tears difficultly but when Mary noticed how hard her mother constantly swallowed, she had to get rid of something: "It doesn´t mean much to you, huh?"
"Why are you saying this?", Lindsay sounded upset.
"Like I said: I would have shown that Mila, where her limits are."
Lindsay couldn´t say anything. She wasn´t going to argue with her daughter and after what she had seen, she didn´t feel well. Lindsay parked the car outside the house and went back inside alone, Mary wanted to see Nancy and Starlight in the barn.
Lindsay already heard at the door, how Connor who had entered the house recently was telephoning. "...I hope I can do that, I've never done something like this before... By the way, thank you for helping me during loading... If I thought about it? If it doesn´t work, I would love to go on holiday... What´s a perfect place to travel?"
The voice on the phone answered.
"Yes, the sea. That sounds good... Really, your brother owns a hotel near the beach? Do you think you could help us getting a discount?... Well, I think we´ll travel alone."
Lindsay, who heard that conversation swallowed hard. Now he and his new girlfriend wanted to spend their holiday together. "When?... Next week. I know I´m pretty late", he said on the phone, "Okay, then please send me a brochure about the hotel of your brother. I hope my wife won´t notice." He hung up and hurried back into the garage and closed the door behind him.
Lindsay had to sit down on the stairs because she was suddenly dizzy. With shaky legs she then went to the door leading to the garage.
"Connor? Are you in there?", What kind of question was that? She knew he was in there.
"Yes, but I can´t open now."
"Why not?"
"I just can´t!"
She took a deep breath. "All right." But it wasn´t all right. They had a problem. A huge problem...

At night it was so hot that the window was opened. This temperature was unusual for Colorado.
The warm breeze moved the curtains carefully and Lindsay thought about this Mila desperately. Who was she? How did he know her? And what did she have what Lindsay didn´t have? She wondered if she´d find out if she wanted him back. Yes, she wanted him back, because she loved him more than anybody.
Slowly, she turned around to him and patted his arm. "Connor?", she began with a sugary sweet voice and came a little closer. Her hand went seductively on his stomach.
"Not tonight, darling," he muttered and turned away, "I'm too tired..."
She thought she had misheard. Did he really say that?
"Well, you probably already got what you need, "she muttered, staring at the ceiling. Connor raised his head irritated. "Did you say something?"
"No, honey."
"Good night."
"Good night, sweetheart."
That night Lindsay was dreaming of a day when Christina was still very, very small. Connor had come home at lunch because he wanted to see how his wife and baby were doing. Although it was November the sun was shining and the birds were singing happy songs out there. He had to look for a while until he found them. Lindsay was asleep in her bed and beside her the baby was. Christina was, unlike her mom, wide awake and squirmed excitedly. Before she would be loud, her father took her on his arms. "Hello, my darling," he told her. Christina immediately stopped crying when she heard his voice, "Did you tease your Mommy so much that she has fallen asleep?", he swayed the baby back and forth. "Oh, she´s waking up again?", suddenly a small voice beside him asked. "Yes, she is wide awake. Stay where you are, I take care of her."
"Is she hungry? She has just been eating an hour ago."
"She looks pretty happy. She probably wanted to be taken on the arm only."
Christina slept in his arms. At that moment, everything in her dream was black. The idyll was destroyed and Lindsay found herself alone in a large, empty room. "Connor?", she shouted, but nobody answered...

"I have just received a phone call," Lindsay told the next day, when she entered the room where Ana was preparing herself for her wedding, "Your cousin wants to apologize that he can´t come."
Mary was also very curious and came in with Christina. The two wanted to see the wedding dress.
"Yes, my mother already told me," Ana pushed the "nest", which should represent her hair and sighed, "My God, I´m going to marry Peter... Wow. You know, I've always wanted a grand fairy tale wedding with a real princess dress... ", with these words, Ana smiled.
"By the way, the florist called", Ana told, "We can now pick up the decorations for Peter's car. It would be nice if you could do this for me."

In the afternoon Connor, Lindsay and the kids went to the florist to get the decoration for the car. The seller agreed to attach to the two flowers hearts with suction cups on the hood and told them they should drive slowly.
When they were on their way home, no car was in sight and Connor decided he could drive a little faster.
"You´re too fast," Lindsay said to her husband. The indication told her he now drove 160 miles per hour across the highway.
"I´m not," he ignored her comment and at that moment, one part of the car decoration broke. The floral heart stomped on the windshield and then flew across the car. "Mommy, look!", Christina on the backseat yelled.
They stopped, Connor got the flower- heart (luckily it wasn´t damaged) and then they drove back home in silence with only 80 miles per hour.
"Is everything all right?", Connor asked when she had stopped talking. Lindsay stared out of the window offended.
"Haven´t you heard when the lady in the flower shop told us to drive slowly?"
"Everything´s fine," he said and noticed how Ana and Peter came out of the house.
"I don´t agree. If we pick up the wedding cake later... Do you want to destroy the cake, too?"
"Please," Ana begged, "Don´t fight because of a flower decoration!" But too late: Both had left the car and slammed the doors simultaneously. Mary and Christina went to the barn to see Nancy and Starlight.
Peter, who had taken Leah looked at them curiously. Connor and Lindsay entered their house to continue fighting inside.
"What was that?!", he was angry.
"You know exactly!"
"No, I was hoping you could tell me. You are so... "
"Stop!", Ana yelled. The two looked at her in surprise, "You know what, you are idiots! I´m not in the mood to get married! The wedding is canceled!", Ana screamed.
"W-what?", Peter asked shocked.
"I don´t want to become like you are!", she pointed to Connor and Lindsay. Then she burst out. Concerned, Peter followed her and Connor and his wife were alone in the kitchen. Lindsay didn´t want to spoil the most important day in Ana´s life.
"Well done, Connor! Really!", Lindsay said after a long break.
"Can you tell me what you're talking about?"
"You know exactly!" With a serious look in her eyes, she past him, took Leah on her arm and grabbed her purse. The door closed behind her and outside she got into the BMW. When she drove towards town, tears welled in her eyes. She hadn´t deserved this. She should seriously talk to him about Mila. Yes, that´s what she would do when she came home tonight...
Perplexed, she spend the entire day with Leah in town. It was almost night when both returned home. Lindsay wondered whether Connor was still there at all. Perhaps Connor had already left and took Christina and Mary with him, like she took Leah with her when she ran away today. Leah now slept on her arm and she hoped the loud chirping of crickets wouldn´t wake her.
As expected, there was silence in the house. Only when she had taken off her shoes, she noticed there was somebody in the kitchen. Connor was suddenly standing in front of her.
"Hi," he dryly said and fixed her eyes, "Give me the baby." She was unable to disagree. So she admitted he took Leah.
"Daddy wants to be alone with Mommy," he said to the child, who was moving on his arm when they climbed up the stairs. Lindsay looked after them undecided. Her gaze fell on the kitchen table: There was a bouquet of flowers, candles were burning and it smelled like Connor was trying to cook. He hopefully wouldn´t try to ingratiate himself with her. If so, she knew exactly how this would end: She would forgive him anything if he only looked at her with his wonderful gray eyes.
Minutes later she heard Connor creeping down the stairs. "I prepared dinner," he said, "Don´t you want to sit down?"
"No. I'm not hungry."
"I've spent all afternoon to cook dinner."
"Well, now you see how I feel."
"How can I understand that?"
"I guess you burned the dinner."
Connor spun around and reached for the stove. He could hear her laughing softly when he pulled a sheet aside and waved the smoke. Her laughing was the first step for coming closer again, he thought. Lindsay also noted how she reacted and this wasn´t planned. Now it was time for a serious conversation between them. "We need to talk," Lindsay said.
"About what?"
"About what we want."
"I want you."
"You've got me. What do you want now?"
He looked at her seriously. So seriously that she was almost cold. "I know why you act so strange lately", he said.
"Ana told me... Come with me, "Connor grabbed for her wrist and led her through the house. When they were in the hallway, they suddenly stopped and he told her to close her eyes. Then they went on, he warned her of two steps leading down and when they arrived in the garage, they stopped again. "Now open your eyes again."
Lindsay was puzzled. Finally, she saw an object which was covered with a cloth. "What's that?", she asked.
"I wanted to give it to you next week, when the time is right. Happy birthday, honey", he whispered in her ear, "Do you want to see it?"
She didn´t move yet.
"Oh, good. Then I´ll unwrap the gift for you." With a single movement he pulled the cloth away and Lindsay gasped. "Yes, I know," he said, "It doesn´t look particularly nice. I know you didn´t do that for a long time and if Ana ever stops telling you it´s dangerous... "
"It´s… It´s an Italian Vespa... Where… Where did you get that from?"
"I restored it and Mila McConner was helping... She owns a shop in Mystery, where I also bought the parts."
"I was busy for a long time, believe me. Finally, I've never did something like this before. And if you knew how many shirts I've ruined... I'm sorry I have smuggled the basket of dirty shirts in the basement." In the meantime he had once walked around the Vespa and stood next to her again. "Hey, what are you crying about?"
"Nothing," she replied, shaking her head. Relieved, she wrapped her arms around him.
"Well, if you´re not crying then what about a short test ride?"
"I... I need a glass of water. I'm sorry." Still with tears in her eyes, she went back into the kitchen. She slapped her hands over her face. She didn´t expected such a gift. Sobbing, she drunk a glass of water.
"Is everything okay?", a voice asked behind her and she spun around.
"Yes. You know, I never expected... I thought... I thought..."
"What?" He came slowly towards her.
"Oh, it isn´t important. "
"Did you think I was cheating on you with Mila? I promised you something, Lindsay. I love you", he sat down on a chair," So... Are you crying because of that or because of the Vespa?... Is it that ugly? Oh, I knew I should have booked a weekend at the beach of Florida."
"No, the Vespa is great", she laughed. So he was talking to the stranger on the phone about a holiday for them.
"Good. And now that you've been drinking your water", he put his arm around her and pulled her onto his lap, "You´re ready for a short ride?"
She nodded and they kissed long and full of love. Lindsay threw her arms around his neck and ran her hand through his hair.
"Would you mind ...", Ana said when she rushed in. However, she assumed the two had reconciled their differences. Ana immediately noticed something had changed between Connor and Lindsay: The two laughed and flirted with each other like a young couple of lovers. "I'm going to see what Peter is doing."
"You don´t have to", a voice said behind her. Ana turned around and saw Peter coming towards her in a tuxedo. "What's going on?", Ana sounded a little bit confused.
"Marry me here and now."
"But we don´t have..."
"That's okay, I called the priest. He comes in half a hour."
"That means we don´t have time", Lindsay stated and her husband nodded. She took Connor's hand and pulled him toward the stairs.
Excited, Lindsay repeatedly checked how late it was when she changed clothes after her kids were dressed. With trembling hands she slipped into the sky blue, floor-length dress, which she had chosen for Ana's wedding. Here in her house there had never been a wedding. Finally she was finished and the door flung open to leave the room. In the corridor she almost collided with Connor.
"Wow," he muttered, "You look like a princess."
"Thanks," she gave him a beautiful smile. It was the smile he had missed lately. "At first I thought it might be too cheesy…"
"No, you look great", for a moment it was as the time was standing still. Their eyes met and the air was electrified. "Come here," he took a step towards her and gave her a kiss. She returned, trembling under the warm feeling that spread through her. She knew exactly how this day would end.
"Hey, Connor and Lindsay! Where the hell are you?", Peter shouted.
"Give me two minutes!", Connor replied.
"I said immediately," it came again from the ground floor.
"I only need two minutes!"
"Well, we have to go", she was a bit disappointed. Hand in hand they walked down the stairs.

Finally, they met outside under the stars. The garden was wonderful as always when it was summer in Colorado.
"Congratulations," Lindsay said and hugged Ana, "Don´t become like Connor and me."
"Oh!", Ana smiled, "I would be very glad if my marriage is as happy as yours!"
All guests sat down on the chairs in front of the makeshift altar. "This is a shame," Connor muttered suddenly, when he leaned on his wife.
"Do you regret we´re already married?", she asked.
"No but our wedding wasn´t as beautiful as this wedding." When he said that, he heard Lindsay laughing softly, because she knew it wasn´t true. Their wedding was very nice, but on its own way.
"Dear guests," the priest began, finally, when Ana and Peter stood under a rose trellis, "We have now gathered here to celebrate the love between Peter and Ana. If there´s anyone who knows a reason why this couple shouldn´t get married, the person shall speak to me or remain in silent forever."
They waited for a second. "Well," the priest continued, "Peter... Do you want to take Ana to your wife and do you want to love and honor her, until death parts you, then answer with: I do."
"Yes, I do."
Lindsay looked at her hand and saw that Connor's fingers branched with hers. A happy smile spread across her face as he leaned toward her and kissed her tenderly.
"And you, Ana, do you want to take Peter to your husband? Do you want to love him and cherish him, till death parts you, then you answer with: I do."
"Yes, I do", She smiled broadly. Mary in her greed dress got up from her chair and gave them the pillow with the rings.
"With gods help I now pronounce you as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride."
Their guests applauded, when the newly married couple finally kissed. Then all congratulated the two.
"Oh, by the way: Our food is getting cold," Ana suddenly told. She hadn´t really planned to disturb Connors and Lindsay´s reconciliation party and so she consoled herself with the fact that it was the fault of her wonderful husband, Peter.
"Hey, we want to go to Mystery. I still reserved the room at the restaurant... It would be a shame if the room is unused", Peter suggested and the idea was great. So they went into the house to get their keys and bags. Lindsay didn´t hurry. Connor was worried and sat down beside her on the bench in front of a large tree. "Is everything okay?", he asked.
"Yes... It was a beautiful wedding."
"Quick and easy."
She snorted in amusement. "It has been a really nice evening."
"Did you really think I´m cheating on you?", he gave her a gentle nudge and smiled at her.
"I don´t want to talk about that ever again."
"Agree", Connor said, reaching for her hand happily when they finally walked to their house.