It has been a long time since I have written anything for . However I have been watching a lot of DBZ just out of the blue and went back to look at some of my old stories. One of them that I remember always wanting to go back and redo was Makings of a Legend. Well here is the remake of chapter one. Gohan is not nearly as OOC in this story. I decided to tone down the boys anger…but only just slightly. It has also helped that I have been watching through DBZ again…so I feel that I have a better grasp on Gohan's character now and tweeked it just enough to make an original story. Anyway…without further ado…I give you chapter one of The Makings of a Legend version 2.0.

~~~~~~The Remains of the Cell Games arena~~~~~~

It was over. It was finally at long last over. Three years or terror…four for some…had finally ended. The Androids were no longer a concern. Cell was dead…the Earth was finally at long last safe. Piccolo slowly brought himself away from those thoughts and looked down upon his student, his friend, his son. The child was once again sporting black hair, no longer having the strength to keep up his ascended super saiyan power. It didn't seem to affect the child in anyway though. He was laying on the ground, a wide smile coloring his face even as he tried to laugh and pant at the same time.

"HE'S ALIVE!" was suddenly shouted from the side by the small, yet powerful human named Krillin. Every head except Gohan's quickly spun toward the human's direction. Vegeta was quickly at his future son's side, examining him. Piccolo couldn't be happier to hear the good news. He quickly lifted Gohan into his arms and shot into the sky.

"Back to the Lookout! Dende can heal them!" he shouted. Vegeta was quickly next to the namekian warrior with his son held protectively in his arms.

~~~~~~The Lookout~~~~~~

At long last the young hero opened his eyes and glanced around to his friends and family. Trunks was already up and leaning over the 11 year old's small yet powerful form. The lavender haired youth quickly smiled seeing his future sensei and friend alive and well.

"Trunks?" Gohan questions softly. The fellow half breed just smiles and gives a quick victory sign.

"You can destroy my world, you can take away my friends, but you just can't kill me," he remarks calmly as the rest of the Z Warriors laugh lowly to themselves. Gohan just gives the man a strange look before sighing.

"I might take up that challenge if it will stop your horrible jokes," the most powerful warrior on Earth remarks before a sly smile comes to his face. Trunks leans back and shrugs.

"Just can't win…" he remarks, making the group laugh even louder. Slowly Gohan stood and glanced around. Dende flashed him a quick fanged smile and pointed towards a small pile of orange orbs.

"You won the day…you call the dragon," he remarks simply. Gohan nods a little and moves over towards the dragon balls. All seven were glowing with an eerie golden light, almost as if beckoning the coldest or warmest of hearts to make their desires become a reality. Gohan clapped twice, almost as if in the midst of praying before lifting his hands to the heavens.

"Dragon hear me now! Come forth and make my wish come true!" he shouts. The balls quickly took on a brighter hue as the skies around the Lookout began to darken. The orbs then quickly exploded with light as a large snake like object exploded from the palm sized balls.

"You who have collected my balls and awoken me from my eternal slumber, say your desire and I will make it so if it is within my power," Shenlong seemed to whisper. And yet, the Lookout still shook and the skies seemed to rumble, heavy with rain that wasn't falling.

"Please bring back the lives stolen by Dr. Gero and his evil creations' senseless destruction," Gohan called out. Shenlong's eyes took on an unnatural light. For a long moment everyone on the Lookout held baited breath, wondering if Shenlong could grant this large request. The eternal one's eyes finally dimmed and seemed to pierce Gohan's soul.

"Your wish has been granted…what is it you desire for the second?" the dragon asks. Gohan turns to the others and raises a brow. Dende closes his eyes for a moment and then slowly opens them before giving a quick smile that forced his eyes closed again, quickly joined by a thumbs up. Gohan couldn't help but smile wide himself and turns back to the dragon.

"Can you please bring back Earth's greatest-"

"Hey! Hold on a second Gohan! Don't I get a say in this?" a disembodied voice seemed to call from all around them. Gohan's eyes widened and he glanced around him, almost seeming to think Goku had rejoined them in the land of the living already.

"Daddy?" he asks into the void left behind by everyone's shock.

"Yes, its me Gohan. I've been doing some thinking ever since Trunks came back with his warning…and I've decided not to be wished back by the dragon balls," the disembodied voice of Earth's greatest hero said softly.

"What? By why father?" Gohan yelled out into the air. Why was his father doing this now? After all the talk…all the promises…he didn't want to come back?

"All the Earth's problems recently have been my doing. Think about it Gohan…Piccolo came to get his revenge against me before you were born. Then Raditz, quickly followed by Vegeta and Nappa. Frieza even came to Earth, dragging along his father just to get me. And then this entire mess with Dr. Gero's crazy androids. It's me…it has always been about me." he finally finishes. Tears were slowly coming to Gohan's eyes. His father sounded so sad…and yet he was being so selfish at the same damn time.

"B-but…what about mom? What about me?" he shouts, slowly loosing some self control as tears began to mark a trail down his cheeks.

"You're so powerful Gohan! You don't need me around anymore. I'm leaving the defense of Earth to you…I had a feeling that something like this might happen. That's why I pushed you so hard…forced you to fight with everything you had. I had to know for sure that I was leaving Earth in good hands…and my work, my trust was rewarded. I was Earth's greatest hero…and I have helped it for the last time I can by giving the Earth you"

"But what about mom? She loves you so much dad and barely got any time with you! How can you leave her like that?" Gohan questions. Many of the Z Warriors understood what Goku was saying and trying to do…and yet at the same time they felt extremely let down.

"Chi-Chi will understand my feelings about this Gohan. And she also has you…her first and only child to help her," Goku finishes softly. Gohan shook his head quickly, feeling the anger of his newer super saiyan transformation coming back to him.

"She needs her son as well as her husband dad! Quit being foolish! What is holding you to Other World? I never remembered you being this cowardly before the Cell Games!" the hybrid finishes with a growl. He received one in reply from his dead father.

"Nothing is! I just think this is for the best!"

"You bastard…" Gohan remarks lowly. He finally turns away from the dragon and walks off "Wish is yours to use."

Everyone on the Lookout glanced at him in pity, except for of course Vegeta. He was still staring vacantly at the skies in just as much shock as everyone else. Why was Kakarot running? Krillin slowly stepped forward, trying to forget about Goku's decision for the time being.

"Dragon! Can you please turn Android 18 into a human…while keeping her power level?" he questions staring up at the dragon. The dragon slowly shakes his head back and forth. The wind behind those movements almost seeming to cause hurricane like winds around the Lookout.

"That is beyond my power to do," the dragon laments. Krillin looks down for a quick moment and then looks back up.

"Then at least remove her bomb!" he shouts to the dragon. The dragon's eyes alight with a primeval power before dimming once again.

"Your wish has been granted. I will take my leave now…until next time when my power is needed," the eternal one says lowly as his form disappears while the orbs float into the sky before exploding apart in seven different comets that disappear from view. Krillin sighs lowly and turns around only to run into said android he was trying to help.

"Ummm-uh…hi?" he says lamely.

"Don't think I'm gonna fall in love with you just because you did that!" she yells at him holding up a fist. Krillin flinches slightly, awaiting the pain only for his eyes to open in shock as her lips meet his cheek for a second time "but…it is a good start short man."

"R-really?" he asks. The blonde just smiles mystically before leaping off the Lookout and disappearing into the distance. Krillin stares after her and then blushes heavily as Yamcha elbows him with some softly spoken ribbing. Piccolo moved off looking for his student. He finally located him sitting on the edge of the Lookout his legs hanging over the side.

"Hey Piccolo…" the boy remarks depressively.

"Gohan…listen…" Piccolo starts only to be cut off.

"Don't Piccolo…don't make excuses for him. It was a selfish choice and he knows it. I'll be okay…just…you know…give me some time to adjust," the boy finishes, glancing up at his mentor, his hero for so long. Piccolo nods a little and crosses his arms over his broad green chest, dropping his head in a meditative like look. Gohan then looks away again towards the horizon. The two stayed that way for hours, long after all the other warriors had taken off to report the good news to family and friends. Finally Gohan stands and glances back to Piccolo.

"Can you…zap me some new clothes?" he asks. Piccolo opens his eyes and gives a light glare at Gohan for referring to his ability like that. Gohan just continues to stare at him waiting, seeming not to care what Piccolo thought of his grammar.

"What do you want?" the green warrior sighs out. Gohan smiles lightly and pictures it in his mind for Piccolo to snatch. A quick flash later and Gohan glanced down to himself. It was rather simple actually and almost identical to his favorite outfit previous to the Cell Games. It was a simple white silk shirt with ebony long buttons holding the front shut. The sleeves were long and extremely baggy, hiding his hands except for the top half of his fingers. Simple silk pants covered his lower half, baggy enough to flare out at the bottom so it wasn't tight against his skin and colored a midnight black. Simple slip on kung fu shoes adorned his feet, also colored a deep midnight black. A simple shift to Super Saiyan left him looking like some kung fu obsessed punk. He nods in thanks and leaps from the Lookout with a simple wave back to his mentor as he races for home.

"Good luck Gohan," Piccolo remarks calmly. Gohan nodded to himself, seeming to hear his mentor's words even though he was already well out of ear shot. After a quick flight across the continents of the planet he just saved; he finally touched down in his yard. He stopped just short of the front door, staring at the home his father built. It wasn't overly huge…but it was cool in the summer, warm in the winter. It was homey…perfect for a family of thre-…two. Gohan sighs loudly and stops himself just short of shedding tears. This might not have happened if he had been better…had more control. Finally steeling his nerves he takes a deep breath and opens the door. Standing there is his grandpa ox.

"Gohan!" the large man calls out happily. A loud crash could be heard further in the house and his mother exploded from the hallway in all her worried glory.

"OH MY BABY!" she screams, making Gohan wince. His poor saiyan ears…

"Hi mom," he says softly before being engulfed into her bosom for a hug around his head. He sighs into her breast and lets her rock his head back and forth. It would only be a matter of time before she asked the question he didn't want to answer…at all.

"Gohan…where's your father?" she asks softly, pushing him back from her a bit to look into his eyes. Gohan stares back and then his eyes drop to the floor, his head quickly following the path his eyes had just ran.

"H-he…" Gohan takes a deep breath, once again centering himself, "he decided to stay in Other World mom…he won't be coming back this time…ever."

"He what?" she gasps softly. Gohan glanced up just slightly. As he suspected, his mother's world seemed to shatter. Tears slowly came to her eyes, stinging them harshly. Behind her, Grandpa Ox was shaking with unshed tears for his son-in-law.

"It's all my fault mom…" Gohan utters pathetically. He might be in Super Saiyan…but he was acting more like a kicked puppy with how he looked.

"G-Gohan…how can you say that?" she finally asks after a long moment of silence. Gohan's shoulders were shaking now.

"I achieved a new level of Super Saiyan…but I couldn't control the emotions that came with it…I toyed with Cell…tried to torture him…make him suffer for the pain he had caused. He got the drop on me…he tried to self destruct. Then dad…used instant transmission to beam Cell off Earth…to save us all. But he paid the ultimate price…and its all my fault," Gohan finally finishes. He couldn't look up. He didn't want to see the look of betrayal on his mother's face. That was when he felt a slap across his cheek. His hand quickly came to his face and he looked up at his mother in shock.

"Gohan…NEVER say that again. You…should not have been put in that situation in the first place. And how dare you try to mar what your father did. He died doing what he loved…helping people…saving people," she slowly leans down so she was at face level with her son, "and he wouldn't want his son blaming himself for it."

"I…I…" Gohan could no longer take it. He pressed himself into his mother's arms and cried his heart out. He was still crying when his mother laid him down in his own comfy bed. The young hero was still even crying over the loss of his father in his sleep.


Mornings are never kind to people who leave their blinds open for the sun's hateful vengeance. Gohan slowly woke and then blinked as the rays of that bastard sun blinded him. A soft growl leaves his mouth before he sits up in his bed. His nose was then assaulted with the smells of his mother's cooking. His mouth almost filled with saliva. The boy was extremely hungry. He quickly went to the bathroom, washing his face of he tear tracks before moving down the dining room and sitting down. Chi-Chi quickly unloaded a large helping of eggs, sausage, and bacon before her son before sitting herself.

"Now Gohan, do you remember the deal your father made before the Cell Games?" she asks, slowly taking a bite of her own breakfast. Gohan quit eating and quickly let his eyes go to the corner of the room as he slowly thought about all the events before the Cell Games. He then gasped lightly and almost choked on his food. She couldn't be serious!

"Mom! No way!" he finally shouts after taking a quick drink of milk. Chi-Chi's neutral expression goes dark as the fork in her hand bends with the fist she created.

"Excuse me?" she asks in a octave just below her famous screech that could tear wall paper off.

"I can't focus on studies now! I have to master the next level or what happened to dad could-"

"No Gohan! N! O! NO! You and your father both promised after Cell your fighting days were over and you were just going to hit the books from now on! So that's what you're going to do!" she finished slamming her fist into the table, almost snapping it in half. Gohan's shocked face quickly turns violent.

"So what happens next time huh? What if another enemy comes? What if he is too strong for just a Super Saiyan? Are you saying you would rather see the world blown up?"

"That is exactly what I am saying young man! Its over! There are many fighters now they no longer need you! Vegeta can handle the next one!" she growls back. Gohan stands from the table and slams his own fist down, now snapping the table in half. Chi-Chi stares at him in slight shock. Why didn't she remember the power of the Super Saiyan? Her son was still blonde for crying out loud!

"That is completely ridiculous mom! The safety of our planet goes way before studying in everyone's book but yours! Why is it so important that I be a scholar? Hell for that matter why do I need to keep studying if I'm already acing classes that would give most university students a hard time?"

"It matters because my son will not be some fighter bum!" she yells, now standing herself. Gohan glares at her.

"So what was fine for dad is not okay for me then?" he roars, his aura exploding around him making the house shake. The Z warriors across the planet quickly snapped their heads towards the 439 Mountain District area.

"Exactly!" Chi-Chi roars back at him. She knew it sounded bad…but damn it Gohan was so close to be the perfect scholar. With grades like his he could get anywhere…get any job.

"You're as selfish as dad is! WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN TO CHOOSE WHAT I WANT WITH MY LIFE!" Gohan screams at the top of his lungs, his usually horizontal spikes going completely vertical, except for one stubborn lock. The Z Warriors now fearing for the safety of Earth quickly race towards the Son home, thinking the worst of the situation. Gohan continued to stare at his mother who just glared right back. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and turned, leaving the house and rocketing into the air just as the Z Warriors landed in his front yard. Vegeta quickly took off after the boy followed by Piccolo while the rest of them turned to Chi-Chi, who had slid to her knees and started crying.

Gohan finally stopped and turned towards the two warriors following him. He stayed in SSJ 2, glaring in their general direction. Both Piccolo and Vegeta stopped just short. Both sides stared at each other before Piccolo quickly removed his cape and turban.

"All out no rules! First one to pass out buys dinner GO!" Gohan yells before disappearing. Vegeta quickly slams his body to the side, narrowly missing Gohan's club fist to the back of his head. Gohan's body then fazes out of the visible spectrum again. This time Piccolo throws himself out of the way in time to miss a kick before launching himself at the boy. As the pair's arms and legs blurred back and forth with explosions going off around them from the hits, Vegeta dug deep and transformed to Super before leaping into the fray. Gohan was blocking and counter attacking perfectly even though he had two of the strongest warriors attacking all out on both sides of his body. A loud grunt was then heard after an especially loud impact and Vegeta's body exploded away from the combat before burying itself in the side of a mountain causing a rock slide. Piccolo wasn't bothered in the least about the Prince of all Two Saiyans because now Gohan was fully focused on him.

"BURNING ATTACK!" was suddenly heard from above just as Piccolo jumped back. Gohan snapped his head to his 12 o'clock and saw Trunks floating there in Super Saiyan with both palms pointed towards him…just behind a huge ball of light.

"BIG BANG ATTACK!" is heard shouted from the collapsed mountain.

"MAKANKOSAPPO!" was the only warning Gohan had before another beam fires at him. Thinking on his feet Gohan quickly moves into position and kicks Trunks' attack at the Big Bang, slamming both of them back at Vegeta. The Makankosappo was still heading right for him. Gohan glares at the attack and slaps it aside, on a direct course for Trunks. He then explodes forward at Piccolo who only had time to widen his eyes before being slammed by a foot to the face. As he races towards the ground he feels another impact slam him back towards the open air. He finally brings himself to a stop and turns only to find Gohan right there.

"Hi Piccolo!" the boy sing songs "MASENKO-HA!" is shouted after his song and Piccolo's world explodes into pretty bright colors. Vegeta had only just escaped disaster from his son's and his own attack when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He quickly spins and regrets it immediately when an angry SSJ 2 fist has a quick conversation with his jaw. Fortunately for him…Trunks having just dodged a cannon, stopped his acceleration with his own gut. What a loyal son!

"IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE!" Gohan roared above as he stared down on the three warriors before him. Piccolo slowly got to his knees before shakily reaching his feet. Trunks was already up, but cradling his abused sternum. And Vegeta was glaring at the half breed SSJ 2 as he spit blood out of his mouth. The Prince then slowly glances to his other two brothers in arms and raises an eyebrow. Trunks sighs softly and nods before setting himself, bringing his aura out with a yell. Piccolo doesn't give the Prince a response, just takes a stance and prepares himself. Above them, Gohan smiles, "BRING IT ON!"

~~~~~~Back at the Son House~~~~~~

Bulma was in the Son household speaking softly with Chi-Chi about what set this off. Meanwhile the Z Warriors outside were staring off into the distance with shocked faces.

"Can you feel that…holy cow," Krillin remarks lowly. Yamcha just nods his head slowly, his eyes wide with fright.

"Do you really think its just a spar at this point Tien?" Chiaotzu whispers softly to the tri-clops before him.

"I would like to think so Chiaotzu. I mean…I would hate to think their actually trying to kill each other over there," he finishes before closing his eyes. He then opens them and quickly takes off.

"Tien! Where are you going?" the young emperor asks.

"I'm not missing this fight…if it's a spar then it should be fun!" he shouts before a white aura appear around his body like a mini low powered sun and he disappears into the distance. Krillin just sighs before quickly following. Chiaotzu glances to Yamcha and the battle scarred man stares back.

"Their both crazy…" he remarks, before a sardonic grin comes to his face "then again…so are we," he finishes before blasting off after the other two humans. Chiaotzu just laughs and races after them.

~~~~~~The Spar Grounds~~~~~~

Gohan was having the time of his life just trying to keep up with the three. He knew he was hurting all over…but so were they. He had even had to drop out of SSJ 2 because of the intensity of the beams they were firing off left and right. He was just about to defend against another onslaught when all three of them back off. Gohan tilted his head just slightly then his eyes widened in shock.

"KAMAHAMAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" was screamed in stereo by Yamcha and Krillin as two blue balls of pure destruction ripped through the air on a path with the half breed hero.

"TRIIIIII-BEAM!" was another warning as pure gold energy fired out from between Tien's joined hands.

"SUPER DODON BLAST!" was shouted from Chiaotzu as a bright orangeish energy spilled from his fist towards Gohan. The youngest Saiyan on the planet stares at this and utters the only thing that could come to mind.

"Oh fuck me…" before all the attacks met in the center and explode, taking half the mountain range with them. Everyone floated just outside the ball of destruction, watching and waiting. Finally the smoke slowly cleared and all of them stared in surprise as floating there in the middle of hardened glass for miles around on the ground was Gohan with a golden bubble of energy around his body. He was panting heavily however. Right when the shield dropped the first three fighters rushed forward, aura's blazing as they took the fight close range once again with Gohan just barely blocking any of it. Deciding that meeting them attack for attack wasn't working Gohan changed his attack pattern, switching mid-kick to a softer form of combat. When Vegeta rushed in with a punch he found himself redirected and slamming his fist into Piccolo. Piccolo was dazed as Vegeta tried to back off but wasn't fast enough as he was lifted higher into the air via Gohan's foot to his gut before a quick double hand club smacked him into the still dazed Piccolo and sent them both sailing into the glass below. Trunks fearing the worst backs off only to grin maliciously as he heard two sweet words from three of the other four fighters behind him.

"KAIO-KEN X 5!" was shouted by three of the four humans. So caught off guard and seeing his father's technique Gohan was quickly outmatched. Yamcha had a solid kick to Gohan's chin sending him into Tien's double club fist, once again to the chin. As Gohan soared through the air hoping it was over he was proven wrong. He cried out loudly as Chiaotzu drove both feet into the small of his back sending him into the glass just feet away from the still recovering King of Demons and Prince of Saiyans. Gohan slowly crawled back to his knees and then froze when he heard someone.

"Psssst…Gohan" Krillin whispered.

"Yes?" Gohan asks, unsure.

"Night night!" the monk says before his boot met Gohan's temple, making the entire world go dark and his body go numb.

~~~~~~Capsule Corp, West City~~~~~~

Trunks was leaving tomorrow, so naturally the entire Z Gang was out in force at Capsule Corp partying like it was going out of style. Already Master Roshi was drunk and doing a fan dance for the group of friends. Krillin was off to the side 'singing' karaoke, meaning he was way off tune and making up his own words. He didn't realize just how bad it was, simply because Oolong and Puar were egging him on. Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu were off to the side laughing lightly at the two KAME house residences' antics. Vegeta was off in another corner sipping slowly at a beer and trying to keep himself from killing Krillin. Trunks was sitting next to his mother and himself as a baby, letting chibi Trunks pull on his hair. Chi-Chi was on the other side of Bulma smiling and laughing softly. It had been a week since the large blow up at the Son house and everything was pretty much back to normal. Gohan and Chi-Chi had a long discussion about what their screaming match was about and decided that every other day Gohan would study; meaning one day of study, then one day of training, and so on.

The party was such a big event, that even Dende, Mr. Popo, and Piccolo showed up to join in on the festivities. Piccolo looked away from Krillin while holding his ears and then noticed that Gohan was no where to be found. He closed his eyes quickly and then walked off, finding his student staring at one of Dr. Briefs' space ships.

"What are you thinking about Gohan?" Piccolo asks, startling the boy. Gohan glances to his mentor and then back to the ship.

"Just…that I want to escape for a while…" he says lowly. Piccolo nods a little and settles his back against the viewing glass so he was facing away from the ship.

"Cause Trunks is leaving?" he asks lowly. Gohan nods just slightly. Trunks was the first friend that Gohan could claim as his own. It wasn't through his dad that he met him. Plus the lavender haired youth was just like him, a half Saiyan, so the boys could easier relate.

"I mean…I know that the chibi will grow into him…but at the same time it won't be this Trunks…" he finishes softly. Piccolo nods in understanding.

"I know…mainly cause the chibi will have a father…and it will be a time of peace. It's pretty much decided that the chibi is gonna be different," he finishes lamely, wishing he could take away some of Gohan's current pain. They stood in silence for the longest time again and finally the currently blonde haired youth looks down.

"This just sucks…" he remarks plainly.

"Gohan…what will you do if you go into space?" Piccolo asks simply, glancing to the Super Saiyan next to him.

"I've been thinking about that a lot…ever since the spar we had…" he slowly sets his hand on the glass before him, "I think…I would go hunting."


"Yah…I don't believe for an instant that Frieza's empire is finished…nor his family for that matter. They are going to be a threat if they ever decide that we have lived long enough. So…instead of just defending and then using the dragon to undo the damage…why not take the fight to them. Sometimes…" he sighs softly, "sometimes the best defense is a well planned offense."

Piccolo stared down at his student and then closes his eyes thinking. He then opens them and turns to Gohan, drawing the boys attention.

"You've changed Gohan…and I really do think its for the better. If this is something you are serious about…if this is how you feel…then I'm not going to disagree with you. When Goku…made his decision he left you in charge. You're the strongest…so you're our leader now. I can't speak for everyone…but I know that myself, Dende, and Krillin would follow you to the depths of Hell if you just but asked."

"Feel free to include me in those number Namekian," a voice growls out from further down the hall. Both warriors spin to find Vegeta standing there with his arms across his chest.

"Vegeta?" Gohan asks lowly. The Saiyan prince steps forward, staring into Gohan's eyes.

"We'll protect the home front while you're away. Just do me one favor while your gone boy…"

"Anything," Gohan remarks.

"Kill them all…don't leave one of his family behind to pick up the pieces. If your going to do this…you can't be soft…you can't let up. Each hit, each blast…has to count. You have to put down the Cold family and Empire hard or they will just bounce back. Send them all to Hell…leave no regrets behind." he finishes.

"I will, my lord," Gohan says lowly, placing a fist against his chest and dropping to one knee. Vegeta snorts and walks off, not wanting to let the boy know he was just a slight bit touched by that show.


It had been a month since Trunks had left for his own hell. Gohan was in West City visiting Vegeta. He needed to know more about how the Cold Empire works before he left. It was already decided that the boy would leave in a month. He didn't really know how long he was going to be gone, so he promised his mother one full month of none stop studying to make up for it. She wasn't foolish. She knew he probably wouldn't study with a Gravity Room on his ship and all alone in space.

"I can't really say too much about it boy," Vegeta growls out while dodging another of Gohan's punches. They were just doing a light work out, meaning no Super mode and no ki attacks.

"And why not Vegeta?" Gohan asks, sending another kick at his Prince.

"Because I haven't been with Frieza's army for four an a half years. Many boarders can change in that amount of time. Besides, knowing the Cold family like I do…loosing those three would not have stopped their plans for universal domination."

"I see…is there a good place you think I should start my hunt?" Gohan asks, blocking a few punches. Vegeta didn't answer right away meaning he was trying to think hard for some information for Gohan. He would be willing to go with the boy, but Trunks has started walking a little. Vegeta wanted to be here to start the boys warrior training.

"Head for the Planet Rikollo and land on their moon Schoik. It used to be a small space port…lots of bounty guilds there. And where there are murders…there is always rumors and information to be found as well."


It was finally time. Gohan stood before gang plank of his ship hugging his mother softly. The woman was crying gently but finally nodded to him. Gohan quickly nodded back and then glanced to Bulma who was holding Trunks.

"The ship is stocked with 6 months of food…by Saiyan standards even so you have six months. If you run into any trouble at all Gohan…don't hesitate to use the space phone on the ship. I will ask that if your just calling in for your check up you call at regular hours. After 9 o'clock at night I have it set that if you call, alarms will go off around here so that someone gets the phone. We'll know its an emergency if you call then," she says lowly. Gohan nods happily and walks up the gangplank to his ship, looking back only once to wave again. He quickly moves over to the controls and gently puts a headset over his head.

"Control this is the Saiyan Pride, am I clear for launch?"

"Saiyan Pride you are cleared to go…good hunting," Dr. Briefs says over the small speaker. Gohan nods and hits the button feeling Gs press down upon his body as the ship reaches for the stars. When he finally reaches the inky blackness he looks out the view port at his home planet. He slowly puts his hand against the glass, staring down at the beautiful blue ball of home.

"I'll be back before you even know it…" he whispers to himself before moving back over to the control panel and typing in his destination. As he presses enter he hears a soft female voice chime over the speakers.

"Schoik Moon, Rikollo system. Time to destination estimated at 8 days."

~~~~~~End of Chapter~~~~~~

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