~~~~~~HQ Galley, North America, Gaea~~~~~~

Gohan never thought he would enjoy coffee as much as he was right now. He found the drink bitter and tasteless and was set to avoiding it for the rest of his life after the one sip his mom let him have years ago. However, 4 AM had come far to soon for the young demi-Saiyan and he found himself nursing a cup of Joe right next to his equally grumpy grandfather. Broly just kept shooting smirks their way, naturally being a morning person. Before the silent fight between the three could escalate Miguel sat down with his own cup and turns to the three.

"Y'all ready for training?" he asks in an overly loud upbeat manner, showing that Broly wasn't the only morning person. He laughs lowly when two of the three Saiyans just growl in his direction and take another sip of the morning mana gifted to them by the Kami's themselves.

"They better be ready…I don't plan on being a nice girl today," the 15 year old Kris remarks while sitting down at the table across from Gohan. Gohan simply gives her a quick glare before closing his eyes in annoyance once again and sipping extra hard on the dark brew. Kris just gives him a flirtatious wink, acting completely different from yesterday.

"You sure are different today," Broly remarks. The girl tilts her head lightly and then sighs softly and looks away.

"I refuse to be anything but serious on the battlefield…unlike Miguel there…me fucking around has already gotten some of my friends killed," she whispers darkly, making Gohan slowly open his eyes to take in her appearance. Before he can utter a single word on her comment she stands and moves off to do her own thing. All three Saiyans turn to Miguel and he runs a nervous hand through his shortly cropped hair.

"It was before she got put on a team with us. She had a thing for her commanding officer and was flirting with him. Unfortunately…she made him jump when she reached for his crotch," he sighs tiredly and glances away "she was found a few hours later in shock…still trying to pick up all the pieces of his head from a sniper they were hunting. She…really changed after that. Docs say she has multiple personality disorder…only it didn't happen by accident…she forces it to happen. She's a cold bitch on the battlefield…but here at base…or when off mission…she lightens up," the tan man then stands and stretches giving a loud drawn out groan before turning to the three, "Training time ya? Let's go"

~~~~~~Shooting Range~~~~~~

"Before we start firing the weapons all willy nilly down the field we're going to go over a few things about the EM-36 Pulse Rifle. The first thing we shall discuss is what the Pulse Rifle is modeled after," Miguel lifts the weapon from the table and holds it up for the Saiyans to see, "Its basic structure is based off designs for the G-36C, and older obsolete projectile weapon."

"Why the change?" Bardock questions.

"When Cold first arrived and began their invasion in Europe, it was discovered that their armor could stop most conventional fire arms. The only weapons that had much effectiveness were Sniper Rifles. And even then only the Barrett .50 Cal Sniper System was a guaranteed kill shot," Kris says softly, remembering the early days of the war, especially the high cost of lives in the Battle of Berlin.

"So why not outfit all your soldiers with 50s?" Gohan asks.

"To use the weapon to full effect one has to train with the weapon for years. We didn't have the luxury of time with the aliens breathing down our necks. Thankfully a SAS team from the UK managed to get inside a Cold Empire ship and made off with the plans and a few of their weapons. After that a crack team of scientists and Star Wars nerds with too much time on their hands cranked out the EM-36 Pulse Rifle," Miguel says happily, cradling the gun to his chest like a child.

"If Snipers were so effective against the enemy, why not make energy snipers?" Broly asks.

"We just don't have the technological know how. Its been attempted many times…but the power to keep the beams integrity over long ranges is still beyond us," Kris remarks, seeing as Miguel was off in la la land with his gun fetish.

"What about side arms? I noticed you were still using a projectile side arm," Gohan remarks, rubbing at his still red ear. Kris smirks before sighing lightly.

"We can't make batteries or energy converters small enough for side arm use, which is the main reason the science team focused so heavily on assault rifle designs. As Miguel stated, we just didn't have the time. Now then, the next thing we go over is the clips," she holds up a clip that looks as thought it could hold 30 rounds for a regular rifle. She tosses one to each of the Saiyans and all three of them grunt in shock. These things were heavy!

"Why so heavy?" Bardock questions, hefting the thing in his hand.

"Because what you are holding is a battery with enough energy in it to blow apart an entire block," says Miguel, coming back from his gun daze and smirking, "so naturally we had to make the outer covering of the thing able to withstand some punishment. Now then each of those clips holds around 30 shots with a range of 500 yards. It can shoot further…but it has less power after the first 500 yards and the energy starts to arch and bend in weird directions making it less accurate. When out on a mission you are given 5 clips and unlike regular weapons you need to keep these…so expect to always be carrying 25 lbs in weight for ammo alone," he lectures making all three Saiyans nod with indifference. Even if they didn't have ki running through their body they were still extremely strong by human standards. Kris then grabs one of the guns from the table and takes a clip. She slips it into place and a solid sound of metal locking into place let everyone know the gun was hot.

"You want to hear that sound, it lets you know that the clip is in place. If you don't hear that sound, try again. The main reason behind it being so loud is because we have seen the aftereffects of an unstable clip. It arcs weird from the battery and usually blows up," Kris remarks, catching the eyes of the Saiyans making sure they understood this part. She then quickly drew their attention to the weapon in her hand, showing them the different settings on the rifle, "The top setting is safety. The gun doesn't recognize the battery in this setting so there is no accidental discharge. The next setting is semi-auto, this setting means that you will fire one beam for every trigger pull. The last setting is full auto. I think its pretty self explanatory. The last thing you need to do is activate the system itself. You do this by cocking the gun," she says before switching the rifle to semi-auto and then pulling back the lever on top of the gun. A loud ping is heard as the lock slams back into place with a low hum quickly following the ping, "The gun is now live and ready to fire," she utters before turning and vaporizing 10 targets behind her. She then turns back to the Saiyans with a satisfied smirk on her face.

"Who wants to shoot first?"


Bardock and Broly had left hours ago with Miguel. The man was hard to ignore when he was talking about some strip joint back in town. Bardock went because…let's face it…the old monkey was a pervert. Broly went to keep the old one out of trouble. Gohan meanwhile was glaring down the iron sights of his rifle. It was difficult for the young demi-Saiyan to fire accurately. First was the lesson of squeezing the trigger, not pulling. Then the little trick of holding your breath so the rifle wouldn't sway as much. And finally not having the rifle anywhere near his eye. He lets out a soft breath as another few rounds fire from his rifle and peg the target dead center. He jumps slightly when a hand falls on his shoulder.

"Easy Gohan…its just me," Kris whispers to him. He releases a shaky breath and quickly snaps the selector on his rifle to safety and turns to her.

"Did you need something Kris?" he whispers to her.

"Yah…ready for the ultimate test?" she asks softly. Gohan nods slowly, not really understanding what this test would be. Kris smiles to him before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small copper coin, "Assume your stance," she orders. Gohan nods, and quickly brings the rifle to bear and flips off the safety to semi-auto. Kris smiles to herself at how natural Gohan looked when doing it. At least he was taking this seriously.

"What now?" Gohan asks, preparing for the worst. Kris giggles softly and sets the penny on the end of his iron sights. She then reaches down and hit's the mag release on his gun, catching the battery as it slips from its hold.

"I want you to pull the trigger without the penny falling off," she says simply. Gohan stares at her for a moment and then shrugs. He then looks down his sights and pulls the trigger. He watches impassively as the penny dips to one side and falls. Kris grabs the penny and sets it in place. "Again."

"Yes ma'am," Gohan responds. An hour later Gohan found himself smiling lazily as he pulls the trigger over and over and the penny doesn't move. Kris finally sets a hand on his shoulder, making the Saiyan look up to her.

"I think you've got it Gohan…let's head back for some chow," she whispers to him.

~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~

Broly wasn't a man that angers easily, but he was just about to reach his boiling point with these ridiculous tinker toys that the Gaeans call weapons. He was a warrior damn it! Trained by his adoptive father to be the best and bring about their races ultimate revenge on the family of their slaughterer. But now he was holding a dinky little gun in his arms that he felt he could break if he forgets that its in his hands. Kris tried her hardest to make the weapon more comfortable in Broly's arms, but unfortunately the Saiyan warrior was just too damn big and bulky for the weapon to be effective. A low growl spills from the Saiyan's mouth before he tosses the gun on the table and glares at everyone around him. Miguel slowly stands from where he sat and smiles.

"Finally tire of the 'tinker toy'?" he asks. Broly just flips him off, finding this Gaean insult matching his current mood easily. Miguel just snickers before walking off, motioning Broly to follow. Bardock and Gohan both glance to Kris and she just glares at the retreating forms of the muscle bound meat heads before turning back to them and pointing down the range after a quick snap. Broly and Miguel made their way from the firing range to a small bunker.

"What are we doing here?" Broly asks, his anger from his earlier failure leaving him.

"We're outfitting you with one of our new toys. Your body just isn't built for the 36. I'm probably gonna tell Rogers to team you up with Swagger for a crash course with the 50, but when we need superior fire power…you my friend are gonna be toting this baby," the Mexican man says, softly tapping a large wooden crate with the words 'EM-52 S.M.A.C.K.Z'.

"What does S.M.A.C.K.Z. mean?" Broly asks lowly, turning a questioning gaze to Miguel.

"Superior Mobile Anti-Personal Cannon Kill Zone…" Miguel says lamely. Broly's gaze moves from questioning to amusement. Miguel glares at him and flips him off, "I don't name the damn things!"

"That much is obvious, knowing you it would probably be called 'Boom Stick'" Broly laments.

"Nah already taken…maybe 'Bitch Crusher' if anything," Miguel remarks before lifting the top off the crate and lifting a strange vest with a fairly large metal support arm. He holds it up to Broly and the Saiyan warrior quickly slips into it, snapping everything in place. Miguel then lifts a smaller box out of the crate and opens it up to show a pair of sunglasses with a strap attached to the back of them. He hands them to Broly before helping the Saiyan put them on.

"Why the glasses?" Broly asks.

"The system is extremely high tech but rugged as all hell. The sunglasses have an eye track on them which after we boot up the system will track your eye movement. As that is happening the support arm attached to you will have hydraulic fluid pumped in and out of it to help you in your aiming. It will grow harder to move the gun as you get closer to an optimal shooting solution. The more you focus on a target, the better the shooting solution will get," he moves behind Broly and attaches a small battery pack at his waist before plugging in the glasses, "When it first loads up its going to scan your eyes and then have you perform a few tests to make sure the system is accurately recording movement."

"Roger," Broly responds in bored tone as the computer in the glasses begins running him through a few tests. As Broly was doing the tests, Miguel lifts a large solid steel breastplate from the crate and begins to fit it to Broly's front. Just as the test were finishing, Miguel steps back away from Broly and smiles.

"You look like a fuckin tank my friend!" he remarks. Broly just snorts and moves his hand in a circle, asking for Miguel to finish setting it up. Miguel lifts the gun from the crate and Broly finds his eyes going slightly wide. It was a large beastly looking machine that was damn near as tall as he was from waist up. Miguel hands the weapon to Broly and then fits the arm into place, "Alright lets give it a test," he remarks before stepping back a few feet, "Focus on my eyes," Miguel says simply. Broly does as asked and he feels the arm push lightly at the rifle until Broly moves the gun into position. When he does the arm became much harder to move just as Miguel had said it would. Miguel then moves one of his hands and Broly's eyes naturally follow the move with the rifle quickly trailing behind. They do this test a couple more times before Miguel gives a nod and moves forward, "Close your eyes," he commands. Broly does so and Miguel moves the rifle up into a neutral position against Broly's chest. "Okay open them again," he says simply. Broly does and immediately he sees 'neutral mode' flash across the glasses once before it drops most of the HUD from his vision.

"What just happened?" he asks lowly.

"The rifle will always follow your eyes unless you enter neutral mode. It is best to do this to conserve power on long missions. You enter neutral mode by closing your eyes and putting the rifle against your chest like so. The arm will hold the gun in place there. To exit neutral mode you just simply have to close your eyes quickly and move the rifle. Feel free to test it now," Miguel finishes standing back. Broly blinks his eyes and in that blink moves the rifle forward and focuses on Miguel. The snap to attention was almost as fast as a regular rifle, "Very good. Ready to go out and play with your new toy?" he asks, making Broly's lips curl into an evil smile.

"Oh yah," he utters with a primal pleasure only experienced by pyros and psychopaths. Gohan and Bardock glance away from the range when both hear a large metallic sound. Both sets of jaws drop when they behold the new and improved Tank Broly. The large Saiyan gives a grin that could be transplanted on to your worst nightmares and fit right in. Kris lets off a tired sigh and asks Gohan and Bardock to back away. Broly steps into position and Miguel fit's the rifle with its large battery pack. He then taps Broly's shoulder twice letting him know he was good to go without a vocal command. Broly quickly moves his eyes across the targets before focusing on just one. The rifle stops moving and Broly squeezes the trigger. A loud and long whir explodes from the rifle, following large beams of light. Just down range the target explodes into gravel, saw dust, and burning embers.

"Holy shit!" Bardock remarks, almost dropping his rifle. Gohan was just cringing, imagining Broly mid-temper tantrum with this behemoth of a rifle in his arms. Broly scans across the targets, squeezing the trigger and not releasing. The rifle follows his eyes and begins mowing down the entire line up of targets. When the machine finally stops firing Broly's grin was murderous. He then brings the rifle up to a neutral position and kisses it.

"I love her! I'm naming you Betty!" he finishes. Bardock just continues to stare in shock, Miguel begins laughing, while Kris and Gohan simply face palm and groan.


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