I'm Here

Chapter 1

"Summer finally" Joe Lucas shouted that morning as he slid down the fire pole into the kitchen where his parents and brothers were sitting eating breakfast and talking amongst themselves.

"What's going on?" Joe said as soon as he sat down for when he did the family shut up leaving Joe wondering why they were being secretive like this.

"Well honey, we have some good news and some bad news, which do you want to hear first?"

"The good news" Joe said right away knowing that the other one wouldn't be as exicting as the first.

"Okay the good news is that your father and me have work over the summer but the bad news is, we have to send you to Camp Rock" Joe's mom said and Joe screamed no over and over again.

"I'm sorry but it's decided and you'll be sharing a room with some nice boys" His mom said and Joe's head perked up.

"Who?" Joe said hoping it was his brothers Kevin and Nick.

"One's called Shane Gray and the other is Barron James."

Joe nodded not wanting to start anything up again whilst Kevin and Nick sat back and Joe could tell they were surprised that Joe hadn't started a riot yet.

"Oh yeah, you start tomorrow" There mom said and all three boys shouted what hating that their mom hadn't told them this before.

"I don't want to spend my summer at some camp, I'm Shane Gray for crying out loud" Shane snapped at his bandmates Jason Greggory and Nate Adams that morning.

"Come on man, we used to love this place" Nate said sitting up from his place in the limo as he had slept most of the trip over.

"Yeah this is where Connect Three conected" Jason said and Shane shook his head at Jason's dumb mind.

"Yeah not really a best seller for this" Shane said pointing at the sign that was not too far away from them that read: Welcome To Camp Rock.

"Come on you have to do this, if not for the music label then for your fans" Nate said and Shane sighed knowing that he was right just as Jason perked.

"Hey can you make me a birdhouse or something?"

Shane sighed, Jason wasn't actually this dumb, he just acted like it so people wouldn't say he was the leader when it was really Nate.

"Jase, you'll be there too" Nate said just as the limo stopped and he got out straight away leaving Jason and Shane by themselfs.

"So how long till he finds out the truth" Shane said moving closer to Jason and placing his head on Jason's shoulder.

"I don't know to be honest but hopefully soon, I hate lying to him" Jason said just as he got out and Shane followed as Nate handed him his case before there was screams.

"No, no, no" Nate said but the screams got fainter instead of louder and the three boys followed the noise to see three guys much like themselfs but a bit different standing and girls were around them like wildfire.

"Who are they?" Nate said just as the girls began to chant.


"I'm guessing JONAS, what about you Jase?" Shane said but Jason just shrugged and Nate pushed past him heading to get his key and Shane and Jason followed.

Once Joe, Nick and Kevin got away from the girls they made their way to get their keys and inside saw three guys that were much like themselfs as in rock stars.

"Name" The women at the desks said at the same time and Joe and the guy standing next to him that had striaght hair like him but it was brown rather than dark brown spoke together.

"Joe Lucas."

"Shane Gray."

"Okay Joe, Shane you are in Cabin, 12, here's you're keys."

Joe took his key as the Shane guy did the same and Joe moved to beside Nick whilst Shane headed towards a guy with curly brown hair like Nick but this guys hair was lighter whilst Kevin and a guy with striaght brown hair stepped forward and were asked the same question then they answered together as well.

"Kevin Lucas."

"Jason Greggory."

"Okay Kevin, Jason you are in Cabin 21, here's you're keys."

Kevin walked back over to Joe as Nick and the other guy went up who's name Joe found out was Nate then they left and headed toward their cabins.

Joe and Shane walked slightly aprart as both didn't really like each other very much right now but knew they'd have to get along.

"So you're in a band so am I" Shane said and Joe nodded thinking about how he could be relaxing right now.

"I'm the leader singer" Joe said whilst Shane said same back.

"Okay" Joe said just as they reached the room and walked in not talking to each other anymore.

Kevin and Jason however were a different matter as Jason was talking about birdhouses whilst Kevin was thinking about an otter playing the trumpet until they both said.

"I play guitar in a band."

They both started to laugh just as they reached the room and walked in laughing and joking about things they liked and disliked.

Nick and Nate were getting on like two peas in a pod.

"I'm what they would call the leader of Connect Three even though Shane is the main singer" Nate was saying whilst Nick was listening then Nick spoke up.

"That's the same with me and my brother's band JONAS" Nick said thinking about how him and Nate might just get on after all.

It was time to start a fresh all six boys thought as they got ready to spend summer living the apparent dream.